Putrajaya told to stop political appointments to university boards

Putrajaya told to stop political appointments to university boards

25/7/2021 7:42:00 AM

Putrajaya told to stop political appointments to university boards

We have always been against this unhealthy practice, says the Malaysian Academic Movement (Move).

In a statement today, the academic pressure group told the government to remove these political appointees from the universities. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

All those entering Malaysia must verify vaccination certs, says Dr Adham

JOHOR BARU: All travellers entering the country – including Malaysians – must verify their vaccination certificates with the authorities here, says Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba.

Terminate all ministers n deputy. Look at the hospitals,. ppl are dying, frontliners already burnt out..it's time to ignore politicians..care for the healthcare workers, supplies, community. bernamadotcom 501Awani BuletinTV3 tv1_rtm bharianmy theedgemalaysia staronline Politicians should be politicians. Let academia handle education. Let business professional handle government linked companies. Then no conflicts of interest, less corruption.

Left hand and telling right hand to stop? Hahahaha Putrajaya wont care, they only care who support them, thats the situation now? What to these guys only know playing politic game.. the rest you can see what happened to Malaysia economy now and their perfect pandemic plan!! Public Unis r .....chuckle ....

netraKL And it continues to fall on deaf ears.. Time Maszlee Malik lagi banyak political appointee. Termasuk ketua penyamun Rahman kat anak syarikat KPT bagi Vellfire kat Maszlee. Kah kah kah kah nak tergelak aku baca Joke.

List of Klang Valley vaccination centres allowing walk-ins to be out soon, says KJPUTRAJAYA: The list of vaccination centres (PPVs) in the Klang Valley allowing walk-ins for those who have yet to receive their appointments will be made known soon, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

Did the foreign investors found out our public universities are not functioning as it should be and the graduates produced are below par? One of the possible factors that our educational systems are regressing, graduates with pathetic thinking and analytical skills. agreed Question is, will they listen?

Appointing political appointments are so disgusting as using these garbage in sitting at the main board. They know shit in running an education entity. No wonder now, we are having mushroom varsities. MalaysiaBoleh educationMinister Who can tell Putrajaya. Putrajaya told to stop; by who? Hahahaha.

Hospital Putrajaya tumpu rawat pesakit Covid-19 - Utusan DigitalUMnasional putrajaya covid Bagaimanapun tumpuan juga diberikan kepada kes-kes kritikal lain.

MOH reviewing Medical Act, contract system to include improvements, including two-year contract | New Straits TimesNSTnation 'We are now reviewing (the system), including offering a two-year extension for contractstaff, as benefits like (EPF) contribution, as well as enhancing the Medical Act 1971.' contractworkers medicalstaff DrAdhamBaba Pls convert all to permanent staff.

Khairy explains why NIP not affected by Pharmaniaga selling SinovacThe GLC has already fulfilled Putrajaya's 12-million dose order. Government should still pay! They have a budget. Otherwise where is the money going?

Stung by Guan Eng's salvo, MCA defends party-linked newsman's NRC appointmentIt is high time DAP sec-gen casts aside his combative spirit and attempts at politicising everything, says Chan.

Unhappy with Putrajaya’s offer, doctors’ group to proceed with strike | The Malaysian InsightUnhappy with Putrajaya’s offer, doctors’ group to proceed with strike