Prototype for 3rd national car ready, says Dr M

The prime minister says the government is working to ensure the vehicle is sensitive to the environment and helps to prevent mistakes by the driver.


The prime minister says the government is working to ensure the vehicle is sensitive to the environment and helps to prevent mistakes by the driver. FMTNews chedetofficial

The prime minister says the government is working to ensure the vehicle is sensitive to the environment and helps to prevent mistakes by the driver.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the government will not be funding the third national car project. (Bernama pic)“We have the capacity, but we need the investment,” he told reporters after launchingMahathir urged urge the private sector to produce cars that could also be exported, adding that the government would not be funding the project.

“We don’t want to pollute the environment. And because cars are used widely in large numbers, we must ensure the new cars that we build do not pollute the air.Last year, it was reported that a Bumiputera-owned company based in Cyberjaya was set to take charge in the development of the third national car.

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chedetofficial Most people vote PH not for this... How is this even going to solve most of our problem? Economy? Automotive market is quite small in Malaysia. Current Proton and Perodua also only strong in Malaysia. It's gonna be another waste. chedetofficial u memang bodoh u ingat kami pun bodoh kan?

chedetofficial chedetofficial If the economy remain as is...who would be able to buy the car? What assurance can be offered to ensure that no more bail out like what happened before...if it ever took place in the first place chedetofficial Atok is stuck in the past. I think we should hire Carlos Ghosn.

chedetofficial Look at Korean cars 20 years ago vs their quality & global presence in current state. We can do what we want but when u appoint clowns w/o any knowledge, skills and passion, it's going to be a waste of $$. We just want to b jaguh Kampung. Amazing chedetofficial Another bullshit from Pakatan! Malaysia doesn’t need another national car! Malaysians need better infrastructure and transportation system! We don’t want to subsidise another white elephant! Pakatan today is just like BN.

chedetofficial Itu sebab deny Sabah Sarawak 20% oil royalty. chedetofficial The whole country gotta pay the price for one man’s hobby all over again . chedetofficial soon proton 3.0 will be in big debt and the government will use rakyat's money to bail out again. same like MAS and Proton. chedetofficial The foray of AzminAli going overseas looking to bring in investments brought zip and now it's 3rd National car..what a waste of travel bills..and had the balls to seek credit from a Felda peneroka for all his efforts..just dont cut it to be a MEA Minister

Dr M: Two more national cars, national motorcycle in NAP 2020 roadmapKUALA LUMPUR: Two more national cars and one national motorcycle will be developed under the National Automotive Policy 2020 (NAP 2020) roadmap, says Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. chedetofficial Do you still consider Proton a national car ? In economic terms, its called brand-bastardisation fakeproton chedetofficial darellLeiking Do you still consider Proton a national car ? In economic terms, its called brand-bastardisation fakeproton He never learned. Look where s Proton now. Toyota level? Ferrari?

chedetofficial berapa keroni dah untong wehhh chedetofficial The money being spend to develop the car could be put to better use. What’s wrong with these politicians? The brains took a wrong turn? chedetofficial The market isn't even big enough for the current 2 car companies, and they want another. This funds is probably much better used to uplift the lives of the B40 communities

chedetofficial It better be electric if it is to be 'sensitive to the environment' chedetofficial Yup Proton is no longer a national car. chedetofficial Can't wait for DSAI to replace this old chap chedetofficial Mahathir's obsession.....the treasury needs to budget the amount of taxpayers' money needs to be written off.

chedetofficial Not d flying car now, is it? Good reason 4 DrM 2 stay on pass APEC 2 ensure rd car prjct proceed smoothly.

PM: National motorcycle under New Msian Vehicle projectNSTnation: Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the proposed new Malaysian Vehicle Project will emphasise R&D; and the incorporation of the latest technologies in order to be competitive in both domestic and global markets. New Modenas ke?😂 Lubang buat duit lagi...last kerajaan baru yg kena pulihkan apa yg telah kau buat...Sekali Ni...rampas semua harta benda anak beranak ...jangan bagi Muka lagi.....

2 cars, 1 bike under Malaysian vehicle project | The Malaysian InsightGovt to build on previous efforts to advance auto industry, says Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Can have this project but no cronies involve. Purely business ok

PM: No guarantee policy lasts forever if leader or govt changedDr Mahathir says the people have the responsibility to topple the leader who implements bad policy. Thank you, Tun. chedetofficial for all u have done during GE14. It sucks that u know what a selfish nation we are. How did we become this way? Bad leadership values from 2004 to 2018? How easy it is to be wrecked. Sounds familiar ..... ' Don't change the skipper ' Then...we shouidnt change the leader. Let the leader continues to be our PM even after Apec

Leaders must show capability and integrity, says Dr MKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Leaders must exhibit a high level of capability so that their integrity is not easily challenged, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. So many in Malaysia has asked for the leader to step down and keep his promise but he hasn’t, is he capable and has integrity? PKR was fighting for 1 man 20 years ago and they are still fighting for 1 man today. they have been complaining about seats since day one and they are still complaining about seats today. PKR is only about power for themselves. Integrity is delivering promises made. Have you old man ?

Virus-hit Jaguar rushes car parts to UK in suitcases, say reports | Malay MailLONDON, Feb 19 — Indian-owned Jaguar Land Rover is rushing through deliveries of small car parts to Britain from China, where supply chains are hit by the deadly coronavirus, the Financial Times said today. “We have flown parts in suitcases from China to the UK,” said JLR chief executive Ralf...

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