‘Proposed amendments to Act 333 on drunk driving to be tabled next Parliament sitting’

‘Proposed amendments to Act 333 on drunk driving to be tabled next Parliament sitting’

29/5/2020 1:19:00 PM

‘Proposed amendments to Act 333 on drunk driving to be tabled next Parliament sitting’

The proposed higher fines and longer imprisonment would enable the AGC to prosecute offenders at the Sessions Court.

-The government views seriously cases of fatal road accidents involving drunk drivers and will take immediate steps to ensure the proposed amendments to the Road Transport Act or Act 333 can be tabled at the next Parliament sitting. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

When is the next sitting? Please close down all beer breweries, 4D shops, massage parlours, stop child marriages, close down gambling heaven Genting, ban mat rempits, boleh tak? Ruu355... Bila ah... PAS tau buat apa? takiyuddin61 MuhyiddinYassin It's not about d Rights but it's merely for d SAFETY of the PEOPLE.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We all know Drink Driving will NEVER STOP. Too many cases & with Campaign there is still NO assurance. Push for a BAN on Alcohol and all this will STOP permanently ☑️

Non of PAS proposal had ever deemed constructive, achievable, acceptable to other party....all were just paralleled to it's religious theory.... kalau buat sidang parlimen secara penuh pada 18 mei, dah tentu boleh luluskan undang-undang. tapi ada yang takut sbb tak ada majority? 🤭 Amendments to Akta 333 was Anthony Loke’s work. Where is PAS’ initiative RUU355? Pompang pompanng habuk pun tarak!

2021 Wow faster than PH’s 22 month minister anthonyloke Nak sidang lebih sehari pun takut, nak bentang SELUAR DALAM PAS? takiyuddin61 akta apa bole guna ni 😂 As of today because MuhyiddinYassin has sacked Mahathir's group of MPs, there's no more Federal Government in Putrajaya. This terrorist PASPusat 2015-2020 is speaking on behalf of which Government?

No issues if trying to tighten the laws. But what about all the rest that kill MORE people each year than drink driving Mat rempits? Speeding commercial vehicles? Overloaded vehicles? Human trafficking? People who run red lights Excessive speeding Throw them all in jail. Sepatutnya bulan March 2020 tapi......

Next week pun boleh la...cepat la bentang Mari doakan kita boleh bentang lagi awal dari bulan 7, amin 129

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