POST-GE15 DAY 5 | Hadi: Stay calm, we're still leading

24/11/2022 4:35:00 AM

POST-GE15 DAY 5 | Hadi: Stay calm, we're still leading

POST-GE15 DAY 5 | Hadi: Stay calm, we're still leading

LIVE | 'We're on the right side of history', PAS supremo claims.


Muhyiddin says Perikatan never received election funding from gaming companies

KULIM: Perikatan Nasional denies receiving funds from gaming companies to cover campaigning costs during the 15th General Election (GE15). Read more >>

Islam only in name but doing things which contradict the Quran. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lebai dlm PM tak sudah sudah nak ingkar YDPA..dah diberi peluang untuk uniti Govt tapi Mudin dgn sombong tidak mahu terima untuk kemakmuran Negara.. Msia has no place for racism n religious extremism.Only Anwar Ibrahim led Govt will fully propel Msia to be align with developed nation..No other politicians qualifies that in Msia at the NikkeiAsia CNBCi BBCWorld australian cnni AJEnglish SCMPNews ASEAN

😂😂😂😂 'Multi ethnic' uh asingama kepen Yes. Multi-ethnic. Multi plug? Hey, your guy signed tak sokong to unity Gov. Hahahaha.. kelakar la lebai ini Kamu nanyak?

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Racial rhetoric worries AnwarLIVE | He blames it on 'desperate' groups. What’s worrying is authorities have stayed 🤐 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐 Its only worries Anwar. Other leaders are keeping quite on this. Tats y we need Anwar for tis country. Autotune. Previously, pointing to BN but now PN..haha..

How can a bunch of losers form the government. It does not make sense at all. U-Turn kaa... Eh they need to know what is the definition of multi-ethnic lah ! Extremist videos and speeches not counted? You’re next Lebai Like a thief assuring everyone he does not steal How to stay calm? I hope Lord Jesus will allow Anwar to lead this multi racial country .

FULL OF RUBBISH! WE ARE NOT FOOLS TO BELIEVE YOU! La baru nk kalut multiracial, masa kempen tak fikir

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | No SD signing yet, says MCA sec-genPOSTGE15 | LIVE: The media gathering outside Gate 2 of Istana Negara gets free popcorn while waiting to provide the nation with updates on the unfolding political drama. Grab your popcorn and follow our live blog: Syabas 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Just a simple yes or no answer will suffice. It's already 12.40pm still cannot make up their minds? What flavor? I also want.. got kepci

Ya la. Leading the hatred contents on tik tok Will heaven accept liars, hypocrites, corrupt and politicians? Just wondering. Hadi for PM. ' Party Islam Se-Malaysia ' Meaning 'Total Islamic Malaysia ' headed by HadiAwang multi-etnik apa? Jenis terdesak x tahu malu!!! Rakyat da tolak PN! PH menang majoriti tp sebab apa yg kalah dr mlm kira undi x abis lg da kalot nak bentuk kerajaan? X tahu malu sggh!!! Kompem ade bnde tersembunyi

You can lead as much as possible, as long as you don't cross the winning line, it's ok for the rakyat. Dreams are free,Hadi bawang adeh Btul... masih leading tp leading dengan parti bebas 3 kerusi

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Police escort arrives at Anwar’s officePOSTGE15 | LIVE: Jelebu MP Jalaluddin Alias - who had sided with PN - says all 30 BN MPs have not signed any SDs today. He says the BN lawmakers will not be siding with anyone. Thank you gor BN never support stability This election revealed the 'true face' of Hisham to many Malaysians

Still leading? Where? Leading in diving the beautiful multi racial Malaysia Berambus la. U guys are desperado. And pls after this don’t form muafakat 2.0 or Ummah 2.0 to guling gov. Enough Haha aku tweet pun sampai ada ugut macam2, lagi sembang multi-ethnic. Don’t remember seeing any Indian/Chinese MPs from PN tbh

Huh...baru skrg mau bilang multi ethnic. Sdh tau rakyat tdk terima PAS dan ideologi nya. Padan muka. haha multi ethic acik kau Multi-ethnic but mono-religious. Also multi-stepping over the rights of non-Muslims. 👍 PN is multi ethnic? Laugh me die. 0 Chinese 0 Indian PASPusat multi ethic ka 600 B

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Agong: Let me decide, respect voters’ decisionPOSTGE15 | LIVE: The King has called on all sides to respect the voters' decision. 'We have to be rational, we have to move on,' His Majesty says. 'Let me make a decision,' he adds. This is a highly respected decision by UMNO+ BN to exclude itself from PN and PH coalition, being the big losers. They can become a strong opposition and get credited by rakyat for the good job done membangkang. Then in next GE they, UMNO + BN will be strong again! Mana gambar? Not too late. No one has majority. Depends on istana now. Whoever istana chooses, he will be given the priority to go and get support. Since gps said wait for istana, if istana choose PH, then Dsai. If istana choose PN, still not enough even witb gps, since bn dont support anyone

Ketinggalan bas, kesian How are you guys multi ethnic without GPS? Wah Multi-ethnic sngat, ckup2 la tu tok hadi Asyik menipu je Bullshit! Kerusi anda bukan kerusi paling banyak. Mana yg leading nya? 😂

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Agong: Let me decide, respect voters’ decisionsPOSTGE15 | LIVE: The King has called on all sides to respect the voters' decision. 'We have to be rational, we have to move on,' His Majesty says. 'Let me make a decision,' he adds. Then he should step down as caretaker PM, yes? no? What nonsense is this Right Move

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Anwar summoned to palace for audience with AgongPOSTGE15 | LIVE: Anwar Ibrahim has been summoned to the palace at 4pm according to sources close to the PH chief. Meanwhile, BN has informed the King that none of its MPs have given support to PN. Good news indeed...gonna celebrate! Is this trueI'm nervous Hope for the best, majority of Malaysians have chosen PH. Hope YDPA sees the stats