Politicians should halt their cheap publicity stunts

2/4/2020 4:19:00 AM

Politicians should halt their cheap publicity stunts

COMMENT| On March 30, I posted this message in a Facebook thread: “Let me implore all our politicians to cut their cheap publicity stunts by advertising their photos and names on Covid-19 relief items. Many ordinary folks and NGOs, in the thousands, are also helping those in need without resorting to publicising their noble deeds.

Saya tak keluar parti, masih ketua Wanita PPBM, kata Rina Harun Beruas dilanda banjir kilat lagi YOURSAY | ‘Nice try, Daim, but we don’t buy it’

“My message goes out to all politicians, irrespective of their affiliation. These cheap stunts look stupid and sickening to the public and should be embarrassing to those who indulge in it. If you are not ashamed of yourself, we are ashamed for you.”This was in a thread of a FB friend who had earlier posted several photos of DAP members in Kuching distributing face masks at a health centre in the city.

One of the photos he posted was that of a mask with the name “YB Lim Guan Eng” on its wrapping.Perhaps I was too quick and too harsh on the DAP people in Kuching, some of whom are my personal friends. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

🤦🏻‍♂️pls la don’t do this even the poster also from tax payer money Now is not the right time to play politics. Ni YB kawasan mana? Tolong bongkar sekali hahhaa....yg bangang pun sokong, padahal dua2 sama bangang...tp biasa la sampah ni lordvader99999 Derang tak terpikir ke last2 bungkusan tu ended up kat mana..at least for me dibuat bungkus sampah je..

All same la.. Adoiii. Let them be. Janji bagi bantuan. Rather than doing nothing X abis2 perangai menunjuk dan kejar glam org2 politik ni.. siap gambar bagai.. Dah kenapa ... Ini kah cara orang Islam?sedih, sangat sedih... sbnrnya ni sarcasm dr annuat musa, jgn bodoh la oecaya dia nk buat sblm ni dia never. semenjak dia lihat ahli dapigss n pkr buat, dia buat la mcm ni biar jadi, apa rasa kamu peee ehh gituh.

Harap harap beras ini bukan pakai duit kerajaan. Kalau pakai duit kerajaan tapi letak muka tak handsome dia. Then someone make a Police report. Abuse of Power. Semak btllah geng2 politik ni.klu nak bagi,bagi jelah.tak payah stiker2 sgtlah.membazirkan duit je. Perangai orang Umno dari dulu kini dan selama-lamanya tiadak akan berubah, nak sedekah kena letak gambar Anuar AP Ketereh.

Agreed. Looks cheap at difficult times like now. Sekarang satu Malaysia mintak dia belikan satu bag nasi tu...tengok dia nak simpan tak imej dia...nak sangat advertise kan... OPPa umno Style~😆😆 raishussin As usual this arsehole media like to see people from pakatanharapan_ PakatanNasional and barisanasional to exchange hatred twists and words...what a bloody media. I believe the editor and owner is full of sh%$

pepatah melayu ada mengatakan 'semut di seberang sungai kita boleh tengok tetapi gajah di depan mata kita tidak dapat lihat' 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ please stop to spread hatred liao..we under the sama flag and anthem now its time for us to united to fight Covid19 lorhh KitaJagaKita Oklah. Pictures on donations are only allowed for Pakatan Harapan politicians.... PN please take note.

If sincere in helping be sincere. Again what can you expect from clowns like this. Instead of padi, they shd give out toilet paper or sanitary napkin with their face all over Haha hoi bodoh knp letak muka MN? Knp tak letak muka teresa, maria chin, nga, muka2 ph ada ke orang nak percaya media pariah ni... hahaha.. tunggu mati jelah

Shameless. Give with your heart and don't expect anything in return. Shows the kind of person it is who is giving. Such poor characters of politicians needing to publicise their existent using taxpayers money. Idiots will vote for them greater idiot politicians. Cheap skates This not Cheap but A STUPID Stunt👎

EXs who lossing their authority should shut up rn. When it comes to their side all swines act like it was nothing. Before, even students got school beg with disgusting faces. really can’t expect much from this bunch, squarely better not to; haven’t the people gotten enough for the last 60 decades ? Re-branding it, is not like changing out the core ?

Same old stupid mentality that never change...when people badly in need your action is not acceptable in the name of Islam Don point fingers. The opposition will do the same maybe even worst. Normally cheap indian politicians would do that FT minister .... be humble and keep your ego away. Ego is destructive.

That's how they inspire to rule Msia from now onwards..via 'stunts' that will jeopardize efforts put in place by PH..Clowns,Goons,Delusional makeup PN Govt.. umnoonline KEADILAN PartiAmanah armadabersatumy bersih2 PASPusat DPPMalaysia youngsyefura fahmi_fadzil MukhrizMahathir KhalidSamad He is Secretary General of BN. Using Government Funded food packets with his face on the packaging. Does he think he’s an Angel or is he behaving like a crook ? PM shouldn’t keep him as Minister. Goodness!

letak gambar ni saja...yang ahli PH punya mana...kahkahkah... U know that I know that. But the village people know that? They don't even care corruption. As long as given then money food or even tell than this are God punishment for not vote for them. All the politician the same...during this time politics should be together be it gov or oppositions...here the proof

UMNO mmg mcm ni ye 🤔 That is not promoting yourself in a positive way, for me that is downgrading your name. You still want to make people look at you while people need to look after themselves n their love one. Learn fm earlier idiots. Yes...quite low class and they still live in 70s or 80s 🤦🏻‍♀️ U will know the quality of a politician if this type of publicity hits the masses. Another idiot

Cap Otak Masuk Air

PKR youth chief slams Zuraida for sanitation 'publicity stunt'CORONAVIRUS | The minister showing up in PPE during disinfection exercise is a waste of resources, says Akmal Nasir. PN ministry really are joker. Polar bear making her rounds Biar betul.... Putin pakai hazmat suit pun tak ada job title taruh atas dahi.....

PKR Youth chief censures Zuraida over sanitation 'publicity stunt'CORONAVIRUS | The minister showing up in PPE during disinfection exercise is a waste of resources, says Akmal Nasir. Apa ini? Siram pokok ke? True. We need Ministers to do their real job. Not interfering with real workers doing real jobs. She wasted some PPE too for her stunt.

Ex-deputy Health DG slams minister over disinfection ‘publicity stunt’KUALA LUMPUR: A former deputy Health director-general has lambasted Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin over a publicity stunt that put many people at risk of Covid-19 infection, while wasting public funds. zuraida_my The fact that she’s a minister, making the whole govt look like idiots. Well, its a backdoorgovernment with a 'TRAITOR' Minister ybz99 zuraida_My chosen by MuhyiddinYassin PPBMofficial Government! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ RajaMohdShahrim Shame on you mak lam! zuraida_my

Civil service saves gaffe-prone Perikatan cabinet | The Malaysian InsightSome leaders have been criticised for their “political stunts” during the MCO.

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