PN likely to contest all 28 seats in Malacca polls

PN likely to contest all 28 seats in Malacca polls

22/10/2021 2:50:00 PM

PN likely to contest all 28 seats in Malacca polls

Muhyiddin says Bersatu, PAS, Gerakan will negotiate seat allocation.

MALACCA POLLS| Perikatan Nasional chief Muhyiddin Yassin has thrown the gauntlet, announcing that his coalition will likely contest all 28 state seats in the upcoming Malacca polls.He said this had been agreed to in principle by the peninsula-based N parties, namely Bersatu, PAS, and Gerakan.

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Dari undi Pn byk katak..baik undi Ph atau Bn Perasan boleh menang? they wl know how 2018 voters will vote. but oklah tu, nak bagi lawan je even we know the result already. sayonara phancinkkkkkk Back door boys except in Ssbah Wish you & your alliances all the worst ie may you lose all the seats!!! Ni kira macam pilihanraya test populariti lah sebelum General election… nasiblah melaka

Bekas PM yang gagal bercakap ni weyy 😅 Contest is one thing, winning is another... syazwan_TA gi mampus AbahCow & the geng This guy is playing Russian Roulette with BN, u either with me or died together!! Is this the leader you need for the country? True colour review!!

Perikatan to vie for all 28 seats in Malacca, says Muhyiddin | The Malaysian InsightEx-PM’s comment comes after Ahmad Zahid Hamidi confirms Umno will not work with Bersatu in polls.

Suck cock first Harap hilang deposit semua kerusi bagi 28 calon ni hilang deposit semua wahai warga Hang Tuah laknat !! PASPusat mcm mana nj? Pengerusi PN nk tanding semua ni. PAS dpt berapa kerusi? then PAS nk sokong UMNO atau PN ditempat PAS tak bertanding....DPPMalaysia PN likely not going to win even one seat

hello time to wake up. my prediction bersatu will lose all Banyak betul parti Melayu. PN contest 38 seats also no promble.. 'In any election vote any party whatever even independent Mak Limah BUT NOT UMNO,PPBM, PAS, Parti Kuasa Rakyat' savemalaysia PN has been a big liability to the nation. The sooner we get rid of them, the better. We have hurt enough as a nation. Please do not entertain their aspirations anymore as their aspirations were, are and will be our sufferings.

Finance Ministry reveals Muhyiddin-led PN revived TSGP pipeline projectZafrul says no cancellation compensation will be paid to China. Bersatu is a silent killer If you cancel ECRL. I will vote for you both MuhyiddinYassin tzafrul_aziz Rm500 ticket siapa duduk ? GE14 lied to by Daim and chedetofficial . But guanenglim did nothing ! Tax payers will be impoverished maintain this mega White Elephant

Good...and lose all deposits PRN ni akan memberi petunjuk siapa ada peluang cerah menang PRU akan datang Not easy to win even one seat All politicians who does not under High risk- high infectivity of Covid-19 on recurrence of PRN-election triggering yet another Covid-19 Surge r idiotic, no-brainer and not pro-rakyats but selfish. MuhyiddinYassin IsmailSabri60 HishammuddinH2O DGHisham Khairykj

Penduduk Melaka, bagi la mereka hilang deposit!!! sure. go ahead. Hope PN will lose all seats..TAKBIR!! Hope Melakian know what to do. who is the KM for PN? Royal Rumble let’s go!

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So ambitious 😂 Mahiaddin's Pas-Umno-Bersatu will contest all 28 seats. And so will Zahid Hamidi's Umno-BN. Is this a joke or what? Under PN got what party? PN more likely to lose at all 28 contested seats in Malacca polls! Long time didn’t have such good news… 28 deposits lost... might as well save that go makan makan 😅

bring it on!!

PN Melaka muktamad agihan kerusi minggu ini - Utusan DigitalRundingan sedang berjalan antara pimpinan Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), Pas dan Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan).

PRN Melaka: PN sedia hadapi 3 penjuru | Harian MetroMelaka Perikatan Nasional (PN) sedia berdepan pertembungan tiga penjuru pada Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Melaka, jika Barisan Nasional (BN) terus berdiam diri mengenai kemungkinan kerjasama antara dua parti berkenaan.

BN-PN boleh kerjasama selepas PRN - Utusan Digital'Saya tidak melihat terdapat kecenderungan UMNO bergabung dengan DAP walaupun kerajaan dan pembangkang telah memeterai perjanjian kesefahaman (MoU) sebelum ini,' Politik ni bukan boleh pecaya sangat. Umno telahpun membuat ketetapan untuk tidak bersama PN dan akar umbi umno amat menyokong keputusan ini. Maka, parti2 lain dalam BN perlu mengikut jejak umno untuk tidak menyokong PN kecuali parti2 tersebut mempunyai kerusi parlimen yg banyak tapi malangnya tiada No dap