PM, Umno president on the same team in facing GE15 - Hishammuddin

6/10/2022 1:30:00 AM

PM, Umno president on the same team in facing GE15 - Hishammuddin

PM, Umno president on the same team in facing GE15 - Hishammuddin

Umno leaders need close ranks, strengthen party’s position, he says.

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Shut up lah Hishammuddin.... nothing more than an expired condom HishammuddinH2O KerajaanGagal IsmailSabri60 is 'chained' and led by KlusterMahkamah umnoonline otherwise kena 'sacked' from umnomalaysia ! Adui!! DrZahidHamidi HishammuddinH2O IsmailSabri60 Regardless of whatever team you are, GE15 is a battle between: MALAYSIAN against UMNO/BN. Your days are numbered.

So sure can win ah? SameTeam UMNO who you gonna fool? Same team pun sibuk nak score sendiri, nak nama naik. Best lagi score goal sendiri. I guess you are the only one left out without a team.

Speculation rife Parliament will be dissolved before BudgetThis comes after Umno set a deadline for polls to be held this year. Then no need budget lor Bukan semalam kaaa ….🤪🤪🤪

It ain't over till it's over: Ismail Sabri on PAS-Umno talksUmno's No 2 Mat Hasan will continue negotiations, PM says. Hahahaha Sabah and Sarawak are the only hope. Wake up fellas, before you guys are tainted with PAS up in your world.

Perjumpaan Khas UMNO hangatkan bahang PRU15Perjumpaan Khas Bersama Presiden UMNO dan Perdana Menteri diadakan hari ini menghangatkan bahang PRU15 yang dijangka berlangsung tidak lama lagi. this country belong to UMNO ke X habis² lagi nak jumpa ker...alahai...

Mahathir: Bersatu will pay for 'betraying' Harapan by losing in GE15Ex-PM also lambasts Umno for prioritising political expediency over people's welfare. chedetofficial awak pun apa kurang nya. you will pay You played a major in that 'betraying'.. Awak pun sama jugak

Bubar Parlimen: UMNO jangan tunjuk kuasa, kerusi cuma tinggal 37“Peringatan pada pimpinan UMNO tak payah fikir mahu bubar. Kamu 37 kerusi saja, tetapi mereka mahu tunjuk mereka masih berkuasa.

Umno holds special meeting involving 191 divisionsThe meeting is also attended by leaders from Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings. UMNO Zahid & Co desperate manoeuvre to keep themselves in the limelight of their of power the country is in their hands. Much pressure on PM & Agong.✌️ Semak lah drng ni Minority at the mercy of majority!! 🇲🇾 belongs to all yet they think pompously with ketuanan supremacy mindset, plotting n scheming to take 🇲🇾 backwards for 100 years!! Evil n corruption embedded in their souls. Wake up RAKYAT, save us from UMNO's tyranny!!