PM says projects may not be implemented if S'wak voters make 'wrong decision'

'Good ties between state and federal govts are important.'

4/12/2021 1:30:00 PM

PM says projects may not be implemented if S'wak voters make 'wrong decision'

'Good ties between state and federal govts are important.'

The people of Sarawak need to make the right choice in the 12th state election to maintain good relations between the state and federal governments, said Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.According to him, good ties are important to facilitate dealings between the two governments especially in implementing development for Sarawak residents.

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ugut ni... Same old story... This is a orthodox and nonsensical political talk. Please raise your aptitude level… no vote no money? Ugutan berlesen... Sound like threatening je. 🤔 N yeah, ape yg di implemented all this while.. Sad to say, Sarawakian are still sleeping.. IsmailSabri60 gpsutamaswak PM for Keluarga Malaysia!!....what a bullshit!

Hahahah meleeis umno shit mula daaaaaa,… fefaham laaa This is literal blackmail from the PM to me and my fellow Sarawakians. Completely unethical and uncalled for. There should be a free and fair elections for all. Whoever wins, it is your duty to deliver on promises of development - not party related. SHOCKING from you

GPS kena main Belakang

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Setuju Do not threaten the voters as the authority is duty bound for the implementation of projects in this country. Is this legal? For 60 years ,you destroyed Sarawak. Now you are bribing them so you can destroy it further. How much was your house renovation and how much did you give the long houses during the pandemic?

The real gangsta, making threat LEGALLY! Smh. Marhaen Malaysians are doomed So he's threatening Sarawak ? What a PM we have, this is the true colour of our current ministry. Hope Sabah & Sarawak realise this and move on with new decisions for better future. Need one or two more advisor for Sarawak. NajibRazak Jib, pandai Pak Ismail IsmailSabri60 belajar dari kamu. Ini mcm dulu kamu ckp, 'you help me, I help you'...

Sarawak people's voted BN , that's why they are poor until today . Sarawakian, don't support Ismail..

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So are u threaten us right now? Is wrong PM9 IsmailSabri60 to give this kind of statement. This is not KeluargaMalaysia. Be a fair leader. The rakyat not stupid anymore. This is intimidation!!! Hax3, new edited version of Bossku's 'you scratch my back,I scratch yours' It's high time S'wakians start scratching their own brains and find a solution to be free of all irritating itches that undermine democracy! 🙄

Vote for GPS!!! 😂 Pemimpin2 bn dulu & gps sekarang semua pak turut & ikut cakap keluarga bn kleptokrat parti keris!!! Kalo rakyat bumi kenyalang nak negri hangpa betul2 maju, tolak & kubur gps serta semua kroni2 mereka untuk selama2nya!!! Mael piem ke 9 ni bukan piem untuk seluruh rakyat Malaysia ke atau untuk keluarga bn saje!!! Selama ni pun takde mega projek yang keluarga bn kleptokrat buat kat Sarawak & semua hasil minyak & gas sejak dulu ko guna untuk bangunkan infra struktur kat Semenanjung!!!

This has being the consequences after UMNO back in power, and especially we had inept leadership likes our PM. IsmailSabri60 gets a big F for leadership and just as a human being. UMNO/BN punya mentaliti. Dulu, kini dan selamanya. Sebab tu aku mati hidup balik pun tak boleh percaya dengan depa.

Malaysia attains good performance for SDGs in 2020KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia attained a good performance for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2020 with 49 indicators (34 per cent) recording positive achievements, the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM) said. Really? I distrust any figures coming from these govt agencies... sorry... We don't trust u.

Bersainglah secara sihat zahir & batin. Apa yg dlm hati tu suatu hari akan diperlihatkan jua. Allah Maha Besar. So Sarawakian, anda buatlah pilihan bijak. InshaAllah segenap Sarawak membangun secara sihat bersama PH selepas ini❤️ Bermula lah lagi 'ugutan', dan Dayaks yg majoriti di Sarawak seperti biasa akan tunduk 'takut', seperti sejak tahun 1963.

Tetap jugak lah org Sarawak akan bg undi pada Taib Mahmud serta juak ² nyer.. percayalah!! IsmailSabri60 MalaysiaPMO dont threathen us, idiot🙄58 years and still we are one of the poorest states in Malaysia. DUMNO or ex-DUMBNO, hancur la country if continue to be in Govt. Same mentality and will never changed. Thank you orang Melaka.

Oii 60 tahun ya 60 tahun…WE the people chose the wrong decision Let’s vote the old folks out , no matter from which party …. Cannot tahan they running country like shit with their “traditional” ideas …. The audacity 😒 You are only Keluarga Malaysia if you fall in line? Ugutan ke ni

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SyedSaddiq same vibes with muar yg tak dpt duit dari kerajaan seperti yg dibahaskan oleh yb di parlimen tempoh hari hanya disebabkan 'bukan dlm kerajaan' This is threatening to get votes! Bloody fools YAB Your threat will backfire tahun 2021 pn masih dok ckp cmni ke, smh Weiiiii macam nak meragut je... Siap lah Sarawak....

duit umno ke agaknye main ugut2 tu IsmailSabri60 ? If our own PM treats this state like this, why is Sarawak even in MALAYSIA Why - it’s not like all these years UMNO KLEPTOS DID ANYHG FOR SARAWAK- BUT KAMU SEMUA CURI BERBILLION $$- THATS WHY THEY NEVER PROSPER - UMNO KLEPTO R PENCURI AND PENIPU!!😈😈😈

did he just threaten the people of Sarawak? 4 days more to go .. .

PM: Keluarga Malaysia sales programme to begin in all parliamentary constituencies beginning Saturday | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — The government will organise the Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family) sales programme simultaneously in all 222 parliamentary constituencies from this Saturday in an effort to ease the people’s burden following the increase in prices of goods. Prime Minister Datuk Seri... Tq Let's see what kind of products and prices offered first. Hope the quality of products is not affected if the price is cheap. Which advisor gave this idea? This is a prolong recession, steep inflation. It is not a funfare.

Know your place lah, without us you are not on pm throne lah A bunch of back door non-performing fellows sits in federal now. Hope for a bigger majority of ‘Wrong decisions’ by S’wakians as that will help to ‘right’ n ‘reset’ the federal government i less than a years time. gengster Hahahaha.. you didn't complete most of your projects anyway.. please just vote them out..

IsmailSabri60 Mr Prime Minister are you giving a ' Threat' to Sarawak voters? You should be investigated by SPRMMalaysia , MKNJPM ,PDRMsia . Why projects may not be implemented? Its not your father,s money or Umno/BN,s money. The fund belongs to rakyat. Wah! threaten ppl sia... Where is 'Keluarga Malaysia' spirit? IsmailSabri60

Why Opposition is not part of keluarga Malaysia? Sarawakians reject him!!!! Sarawakian, show the color please !

PM urges Sarawak voters to make the right choice in state polls | The Malaysian InsightIsmail Sabri says this is to ensure good state-federal relations. What right choice? Turunkan harga Daging Lembu Fresh di Sarawak I thought it’s Family?

It normal they using this tactic lo just like happen in recent contest lol 5G NETWORK, this govt haiz Same old lines every time election comes around What's the status of the pan borneo highway? Does that mean all these years Sarawakian have been choosing wrongly? We promised a better life, a welfare for Borneo people in 1963, but its so sad, we only use them as a bait to secure the political agenda! Poor people, they still believe they can be better with this govt!! 58 years, and stil we treat them as outsiders !

IsmailSabri60 🤮🤮🤮 This is an utter disgrace PM IsmailSabri60 . U shouldn't black mail our own people to give u votes! As u said, we are family ryte, then prove it! Whether its u or opposition, they deserve the rights of development. Remember what we promise to them in 1963 ! Hahahaha! Threats in broad daylight! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Don’t worry IsmailSabri60, the dumb voters there will definitely give their vote to corrupt politicians like you so no need to play such games!

Mcm tu lah amnomore Beendduk duk ulang setiap kali pilihanraya. Kesian org sebelah sana. Trans Borneo Highway? Spoken of every year but..... Hope Sarawakians understand where you stand despite MA63 with these subtle threats.

Is that a threat? Mcm ugutan tapi who cares Keluarga la sangat It's more like a threat Wow sound like black mailing the sarawakians. endless dictation. A govt servant making threats towards the citizens who pay for his lifestyle .. a new low in M’sia Tahniah kerajaan bn BN and PH are both shit. both fingering sarawak till jesus comes back.

kalau mcm tu, duit royalti minyak tu kena bagi banyak sikit le Wondering what will GPS do in this? Kononnya kingmaker tapi skrg kingbeggar? IsmailSabri60 apa cer? Mcm duit bapak ang je..n mcm dipilih rakyat je...🤣 Yup... B4 now..... Soon it’ll be 60 and yet the same for sarawakian. If you guys wish the same for another 100yrs or more then vote them again but don’t ever dare to complain. Just keep your mouth shut and accept the same fate‼️

Dah hampir 60tahun Sarawak bawah BN tapi take maju2 juga. Apa cer pan highway? Rakyat memilih BN dari sebelum merdeka pun projek tak banyak bergerak. What’s the difference Same old threats. Since 1963, what has BN done for Sarawak? So have the voters been making the 'wrong decision' for almost 60 years?

Open threat to citizens is a dumb move. Is it your money financing the project? Ini ugut ke ni?

Datang dah perangai Zionis Israel... The 'I help you, you help me' or rather the more accurate 'I have warned you so you must help me first, then I see if I will help you or not' mantra is a must every time there is an election but the EC doesn't see this as an election offence. wot the f*** is wrong with him

Openly treathen Sarawak!!! Useless IsmailSabri60 Way to go. ! Threaten destruction and marginalisation. Sarawak produces many votes ! Why this sounds like a threat? Hello abg jo. BN ugut pengundi? Hmmm.. What’s new 💅🏼 NumanAfifi That's the whole point. Advisor ajar statement mcm ni ke?

West Malaysia Malays are still amongst the poorest in Malaysia after ALL these years ! How come? Something clearly wrong with BN Nak tengok majoriti rakyat Sarawak masih berjaya diperbodoh BN atau tak? Nak bgtau la jgn percaya sgt la dgn apa org Umno ckp..dulu 3k selesai. Sebab tu dh 6 dekad merdeka, taraf hidup masih kt takuk tu je. Salah pilih rupanya. Wakil rakyat yg kaya raya 7 keturunan.

Ini la Nasib orang sarawak, dimana guna konsep “ you help me I help you”. People always become the victim of political supremacy. Sejak memerintah cakap benda sama...hakkk phhuiiihhh Wow blackmail. IsmailSabri60 begini ke PM malaysia, sempat nak ugut lagi kami rakyat Sarawak? Pakyu! Apa jadah punya Keputusan nie.. Kalah state election ke tak... Decision for state development should not base on state elections... Ini apa punya statement nie... Pak mael.... Ini keluarga malaysia lah.... Ini bukan cerita low yat ngan mara mall...

IsmailSabri60 dah berapa lama BN tadbir Sarawak? Apa yg rakyat dapat?

You mfk MCHCCB Mask off Are you not going to tax us for not voting you, what a crap Sejak merdeka Sarawak pilih BN. Sarawak dapatkah apa yg BN janji? What 🐂💩 is that? abuse of power One bad pm after another 3rd world countries, Malaysia. Leaders become richer, Nations become poorer. ShazGhaF A threat? Bribery? Both? Corruption is legal in this country. Oh, only for them.

We have such a RacistPM, wtfish !!!! Blackmail? And he is supposed to be Malaysian’s PM? I need to check if this classified as “blackmail “ Old logic of fear. If a project is worth implementing the government of the day will implement them. ugut siut what an amateurish way to secure votes....signs of a 'leader' with rooms for significant improvements

That sounds like a threat and a ransom. Perangai lama dah kembali….Tahniah PASPusat That's blackmail. I thought he is PM for all 😅 Ugut nampak?🤔🤔🤔 Abis duit cukai yg bayar gaji PM & ahli² kabinet tu RAKYAT SARAWAK tak bayar ke?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

🤭🤭🤭wat kind of manifesto alarm isit ' uguuuut ' la tu kan lidah pembangkang… paham paham lahh GPS: sarawakian make a wise dicision, dun forget I m the member of government~ dun forget how we fight with WM to gain more right and benifit for Sarawak~ see, this is our chance to earn more right and benefit👍

I'm Sarawakian, surely I will not vote GPS! Jangan nak ugut Sarawakian. Selama ni Sarawak masih sama mcm dulu. 5G dapat dulu? Tipu saja. Umno's trademark old school threats used by mahathir those days.wonder why these guys don't move according to times.never learn from najib's time. i hope the people sarawak actually makes the 'wrong decision'. then lets see what he has to say

Eh! Pilih asihkah, project pun masih kadu jalan. Damned if we do, damned if we don't as a Sarawakian It is the sarawakians' democratic choice who they want to elect. Not up to turtle egg to threaten them Lol!!!

Wow!!! That's sound like a threat to me! Is this the way a PM makes a statement? Wow statement!! Wrong decision no telor penyu makan ok🤣 A true leader lead, not threaten What a fucking country we live in, ruled by tugs Stay tune for the PM to make a public announcement that: His message is MISUNDERSTOOD. What a clown 🤡

Emotional blackmail? kerajaanGagal kerajaangagallagi kerajaanUgut And the Sarawakians will fall for this again ... As usual People will decide who the government is, and government should implement projects for the good of people. No one project cannot be done by another government. Simple logic no? Tuh apai dik, mail

Gangster much? Wow! Terbaik la ketua keluarga malaysia 👏🏻 Wow 😮, prime minister blackmailing Sarawak people by saying no developments will be there if they don’t vote PN or BN… Good job 👏🏻 prime minister… Wow. Our PM has been reduced to using blackmail. Disgusting Moronic statement... Cakap Keluarga Malaysia tapi main ugut macam ni. Jangan sampai aku koyak poster keluarga malaysia yang meloyakan aku tengok kat jalan tadi! Konon lah keluarga malaysia sangat

Org sarawak ni rasanya kalau kempen senyap sunyi atau x kempen pum dia pilih gps juga Sarawakians, before PH as govt BN had been govt for 60 years that give you nothing them out This is literally blackmail. The people of Sawarak deserved development regardless of the outcome!!!!

Not expecting any class from this 💩 anyways. Openly threatening the people now huh? But not like the projects ada jalan when you bunch of 💩 have been the gomen all these while also 🤡 y’all just pocketing money through your so-called projects 🤡 As if Sarawak really needed PN for all the project. Belum bangun ni PN!

Still this sarawak people will vote for BN... And at last he will say KELUARGA MALAYSIA 😂😂😂 To hell lah. You think that money is yours kah? Cam pundek je ugut No matter who or what they vote for, they DESERVE to be given all the projects, developments, investments. Its their right to receive all that, not your right to give or not.

It is PM Malaysia and the funniest is that his son pleads with the Malaysians to give his father the chance to be a good PM. PH sign la MOU some more... see this ☝ Blackmailing or threatening? Pathetic It comes down to 'ransom' again much for Keluarga Malaysia

What is this? PM make this kind of remark. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Conduct unbecoming of a PM. Wow since when mael become mafia The subtlety of a bull in a china shop with apologies to the bull. Aiyah vote also project never do IsmailSabri60 are you threatening the people of Sarawak? People of Sarawak, make a wise decision, which is NO to PN.

What does this really mean? Threatening the sarawak voters? Blackmailing now? To threaten the voters is not a smart idea........

Emotional blackmail. 😫 IS THAT A THREAT IsmailSabri60 Do we see this kind of remarks made on elections around the world? mana MACC? Oh pls how many times using such lame excuse? Stupid ppl will still believe though…