PKR MP likens drinking Timah whiskey to 'drinking a Malay woman'

'Can't it be given a different brand name?' asks Rusnah.

28/10/2021 9:36:00 AM

PKR MP likens drinking Timah whiskey to 'drinking a Malay woman'

'Can't it be given a different brand name?' asks Rusnah.

| A PKR lawmaker has likened drinking the controversial Timah brand whiskey to"drinking a Malay woman".Rusnah Aluai (Pakatan Harapan-Tangga Batu) said the brand and the imagery used was too confusing and should be changed."Can't Timah be given a different brand name? The mines or...

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not only PKR ,all MP are kindergarden thinking Ohh how laa i have been eating PUKIS cake / kuih dah berapa lama dah. Beli kat pasar malam or pasar pagi.. Makan apa tu? Makan PUKIS.. nak ke? 😊 Seriously Harimau Malaya , tiger beer kah? Kau tu perempuan ke laki, gunalah otak tuhan bagi tu utk kebaikan bukan kemungkaran... satu lagi dalil dan fahaman bodo dari puak ajaran sesat ni, dan tiap2 tahun... kerajaan pusat yg bagi duit pada kerajaan negeri spt kelantan,kedah dan terengganu. Negeri yg dipegang oleh pas!

How do these clowns get voted ? Mula Isu Timah ni keluar sebab Arak Buatan Malaysia diiktiraf,semasa Kerajaan ini ditadbir oleh Parti PAS yg selama ini melaungkan2 utk pengharaman Judi dan Penutupan Kilang2 Arak semasa mereka menjadi Pembangkang. Namun bila mereka Jadi Kerajaan,semuanya bertambah. Then eating burger Ramly meansss.. Oh no

Yes. Change it to 'Ah Moi' name. Sounds better right? Ah Moi whiskey! Can’t imagine what she is thinking or feeling when she eats Ramli burgers or Roti John. 😳 Stop wasting time and money to talk about nonsense in parliament… there are real issues to debate and work on. joker

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What a mentality. Why don't you think that you consume lead because it will be more accurate and acceptable translation for it. MGBA Seriouslah kak 🙄 Abis tu yang ko bersama dap tu sah lah ko bersetuju debgan dasar dap..semua agama sama, bebal Shut up and sit down la if this is how you’re going to talk. Tin kosong.

How do u know is drinking malay woman,do u all drink the whiskey?!So many priority issues of the country u don’t care but u care a name for whiskey which u cant even drink! brainless hopelessminister hopelessmalaysia maybe u got the share from this kilang then u agreed timah! Awat tak buboh nama MayLing ke... Pasai pe suke sangat nk kacau Melayu he...

Point number one is there are no such words like timah or fatimah in their religion. In fact, there's no such thing as malay in their religion. So the words timah and fatimah have got nothing to do with any religion. Parti Pas fanatics as usual are telling lies. So, kalau saya minum Jack Daniel’s aku seakan menghisap batang dia ke? TIMAH JackDaniels politikmalaysia logik

Drinking timah = to drinking tin.

PKR MP proposes distribution of birth control pills to reduce wild monkey populationKUALA LUMPUR: A PKR lawmaker has proposed the government address the increasing population of wild monkeys by distributing birth-control pills to the primates. Don’t mess with nature . God is in control over his creations . uyo Wish we can control the lousy MPs too 🙈🙉🙊

Apa pendapat AMK akmalnasir Thiban_ben ? Saya hairan tengok MP bijak Landau dari PKR ni. Don’t be so disillusioned lar… minum tak boleh, hisap rokok pun tak boleh tapi diam aje. Otak level PUS. So hisap rokok Malborro, Dunhill, Salem, etc. itu hisap apa pula ya? Hypocrisy at it’s worse. Bodoh...terlalu bodoh

This is why msia continues to go backwards by voting for MP that speaks nonsense 'Timah Whiskey' means DRINKING MALAY WOMAN.‼️😮 she from PKR ⁉️🤨 OMG KEADILAN anwaribrahim Where did you find your MP from? So this is the bozzo who said this!! KEADILAN Puan Rusnah Binto Aluai, sepatutnye kamu tutup mulut aje - jangan buka nak komen2 nanti nampak kebodohan terlampau. Apa kalau ngam Ramly Burger kamu telan Ramlee ke?

anwaribrahim seriously?! Sila kutip your kawan here & school her, la dey! A non issue, why get involved in this kebodohan? Did she really think we are this dumb? Not a single self respecting Melayu Isley will ever think of spending so much on a drink. Never! Teh tarik FTW! Embarrassing for PKR. anwaribrahim

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Apa punya sempit laa kepala hotak minah MP PKR ni.. anwaribrahim Low cheap debate!!!! Judging by her face and words, I wouldn’t want to even speak to her, let alone drink her She's hallucinating? What's she talking about? Perasan ke? Buat malu pkr aje anwaribrahim What a joke for our leaders to be have such teenage thoughts.

Such stupidity! This is a dramatic own goal by PKR....... anwaribrahim you keeping her? Don't try and spin your way out of this. She stupid. Drinking a Malay women Damn she is already drunk just by mentioning TIMAH......keep up this ignorant hysterical chants....TIMAH brand value on the rise with awesome marketing

Opposition MP ordered out of Dewan over heated row on ‘talking to elephants in Tamil’KUALA LUMPUR: An Opposition MP has been ordered to leave the Dewan Rakyat for 10 minutes after a heated row involving 'talking to elephants in Tamil”. Your place not in Parliament but beside animal in jungle translate animal language! 😂 For Tamil sake , you all once a band of brothers, why quarrel?

A quote that don’t make sense, drinking Malay woman? Do we hv brain test for MP to check their IQ or comment sense n logical thoughts. GE15 tolong buang lah mp ini yg otak di lutut. Apakah kata suruh rakyat henti makan burger Ramli, nanti macam makan daging lelaki Melayu. Dewan bahasa tolong betul bahasa mp ini. Timah ini galian bukan wanita Melayu.

PKR MP demonstrates the stupidity and narrowness equal to PAS! This speaks of the quality of PKR and questions the suitability of PKR to lead pakatanharapan_ whatever the leader is, it attract the same useless and narrow minded members! PH = BN = PN = PAS! Mcm2 Mak siapa ni Please leave belong to Taliban

It’s just yr opinion and thinking. You ever drink before? What is your experience on the Timah drink? If you equate people being drunk on drinking ‘Timah’ (or any liquor for this matter) then you it’s lop-sided. Adoi...bodohnye MP ni...memalukan negara je 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mean to say I am drinking white women every time i consume a Scotch Whisky? What nonesense is this

MP SPEAKS | Ops Lalang, 34 years onRemembering all the men and women who were detained.

Apparently, language anxiety is a recognised psychosis. Go figure. Kutip kat tong mana MP ni? Thats the evidence of our education system need revamp… else we will produce more such “brilliant” talent What is wrong with our politician level? Low class ? por dan kebodohan berpisah tiada Speechless 😶 All low quality MPs must be removed incl this one. Bagaimana boleh confused Timah dengan nama wanita Melayu? Tak faham. Mungkin yang berfikiran kabur bisa confused, seperti MP.

So petty, why bring up. You 'drank' malay woman before.... Les

MP SPEAKS | Withdraw Employment Bill for failing to meet ILO standardsIt does not incorporate definition of forced labour and 10 other indicators.

well...I wouldnt put it that way... PAS created the chatroom. PKR enters the chat Is drinking dutch lady liken to drinking woman too? PKR ni memang Bodoh dulu kini &selamanye Sigh!🤔. Don't expect that to come from a menteri... So bija timah is what? PKR_MALAYSIA Quality of politicians these days ….. (speechless) how in the world they got themselves elected?

i give up. Biji Timah an insult?

🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️? Dont be narrow minded lah.... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Year 2021 kot.... Seriously.. This lady is disillusioned! Is she saying if a person drink's 'Dutch lady milk' than that person drinks the Dutch lady! What kind of comparison is this from this lady? Hello.. PKR, what you say! This isn’t an English literature class lollll

PKR is this the standard of your MP....? Her stupidity has no boundaries🤣🤣🤣🤣..lmfao Speaking from experience? So, exporting bijih timah is like exporting ...... OMG. Sape ni? Is she right in the head? Anwar & PKR really embracing Keluarga Malaysia, trying to look and sound like PAS.

Face of stupidity Does she consider eating Hot Dog as eating dog meat? Dutch lady? Why do you need to show your foolishness to all? Melombong timah is like mining malay women then...stupid. We don't live in imagination, Timah & Fatimah is totally different. Please don't be stupid like PAS. PKR reformist don't need this kind of quality, sorry!!🤦🤦

This is like the best publicity in the world What's the taste like?🤔🙂 And I thought the dumb ones are only from the ruling parties. Sorry for the ignorance. 😂 Really struggle to figure out what all these people thinking.

PKR_MALAYSIA - what kind of MP is this? Would expect better quality and class. How are you different from PAS or DUMNO now? Memang PAS sukan macam ini anwaribrahim Dear DSAI you need becareful to choosing the right candidate for the Mp from your party. Think twice when speak out. This is Hot topic Where did you get your education from? 😂

anwaribrahim YB, why does PKR still have this level of MP in its ranks? Please consider a more capable and intellectual individuals for candidacy for the next election. Gracious, what a disgustingly prurient mind you have. Please be serious. Many women in Malaysia has TEH in their names. If I drink teh, do you say I drink women. Also many Chinese have surname TEH. Please grow brain lah PKR. Do you know that many dirty words can be formed with the letters 'PKR'?

We were drinking Dutch Lady for a long time! Malaysians are now laughing stock!!!! like Dutch Lady brand,how many yrs already xkan we say we drink her milk? ur brain ok? Aiyoo such a stupid statement by PKR MP !

Bijih timah tu 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. If this was an Indian lady who said this, I’d sue her for embarrassing my race. Damn bad la the state of our so called leaders. Disgustingly stupid. Like I literally need to take a shit to calm down. Drinking a Malay woman 🙄 Cannot comprehend this. Too much stupid for a day

Macam mana dengan samsu, kalau minum samsu… macam minum air samsudin ke? MP Cerdik 😢🤦 So disappointed with this MP, bodoh sangat, move on la… timah, timah, timah…. Banyak lagi benda yg lebih baik untuk dibincangkan The word 'stupid' and 'idiot' flushed into my head when I saw the news. anwaribrahim This sums up the problem with PKR, there are still too many rotten wood from UMNO, if you truly believe in a progressing Malaysia country away from all the religious and racial politics, you will try to clean up your party before the next ge.

Stupidity has no limits Adoi awat la bodo sangat... Kalau minum Johnny Walker kira minum lelaki mat salleh la ? 🤦🤦🤦

PKR & PAS in a new coalition now? anwaribrahim pls yb we need smart and educated MPs who counts on science and data and not this fantasizing sort in parliament Stupid! She wish anwaribrahim are you really ready to lead everyone from all race and culture in Malaysia? If PKR also cannot differentiate Timah and Fatimah?

Will DAP 🐖🐖🐖 SUPPORT? jenuh la PH-PKR Tangga Batu nak divert isu ni utk PRN Melaka.... :) What did I say about Anwar bringing out beer factory issue at the start of FMCO? I got blocked by him, of course but it seems PKR is the one continuing this Timah nonsense... Is this still a conversation about essential vs non-essentials, PKR cybertroopers?