Philippines, Ambassador, Lebanon, Dies, Covid-19

Philippines, Ambassador

Philippine ambassador to Lebanon dies of Covid-19

Philippine ambassador to Lebanon dies of Covid-19

2/4/2020 11:52:00 AM

Philippine ambassador to Lebanon dies of Covid-19

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN): The Philippine Ambassador to Lebanon Bernardita Catalla has succumbed to complications from Covid-19 on Thursday (April 2), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.

“Service to the country has been the hallmark of Ambassador Catalla’s distinguished foreign service career, ” the DFA statement said.Catalla served in key posts in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.She also served as a passport director “where she delivered frontline service to millions of Filipinos, ” the DFA said.

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Prior to her assignment in Lebanon, Catalla was the consul general in Hong Kong, “looking over the welfare of hundreds of thousands of overseas Filipinos.”She also spearheaded the voluntary mass repatriation programme of the Philippine Embassy in Beirut since December 2019.

“Bernie, as Ambassador Catalla was fondly called, has always lent a helping hand, to her family, friends and colleagues, ” the DFA said.“Her ever ready smile and infectious laughter may have been extinguished but her dedication to our country will always be there as a guiding light for all members of the Philippine foreign service, ” it added. - Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

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