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Perak MB welcomes smartphone donations

Perak MB welcomes smartphone donations

17/6/2021 2:41:00 AM

Perak MB welcomes smartphone donations

IPOH : Having a smartphone is better than not having one at all, says Datuk Saarani Mohamad .

pic).The Perak Mentri Besar said the smartphones, which were a donation from YTL Foundation to the state, were good enough to be used for online learning.“I am not sure why someone would question it because it is free.“YTL came to us, wanting to collaborate and donate the phones to the B40 (lower-income) group so students can use it for online learning and not get left behind,” he said during a press conference held via Zoom yesterday.

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“State education executive council member Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud has checked the phones and they are suitable to be used for online learning.“The phones have 1GB RAM and 8GB memory and also come with a 12-month data plan,” he said, adding that it was not nice to reject the good gesture by YTL Foundation.“If not for the YTL Foundation, thousands of students will be without,” he added.

The state government plans on giving out 20,000 smartphones to students from the B40 group to complement the “Tuisyen Cikgu Saarani” programme.Saarani said about 100,000 units of phones have already been distributed to students nationwide.“Many students are using it now. I am thankful to YTL Foundation and the state welcomes more companies who want to collaborate or make a contribution to us to help the needy,” he said.

When contacted, a 17-year-old student, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was waiting to receive the smartphone from the state.“I was told that I should be getting it soon. I don’t mind if the phone is ‘low spec’ as long as I am getting one that will aid me in my studies,” he said.

“Currently, I am using my sister’s and my mother’s old phones for my online classes.“The phones can be slow at times, sometimes due to bad Internet connectivity, but it’s still workable,” he added. Read more: The Star »

Annuar Musa issued RM2,000 compound notice for violating SOP

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Annuar Musa has been issued with a RM2,000 compound notice for violating Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP).

How about donate your salary.. And so it was a donation....ok beggars can't be choosers Nampak tak beza antara Muar dan Perak...Muar muda Perak tua, yg lain pk sendiri.. Gov wants donations, taxes, our money, everything. Apa jadah ni?

Ipoh stadium vaccination centre closed on Wednesday (June 16) as no appointments scheduled, says Perak MB IPOH : The vaccination centre at the Indera Mulia Stadium was closed on Wednesday (June 16) because there were no appointments scheduled, says Datuk Saarani Mohamad . 😳 Ipoh folks are a lucky lot .... they got vaccinated so fast that no more appointments are outstanding.... 👏👏👏 Wow

Low spec phones: Why ask for chicken when given free sardines, says Perak MBSaarani Mohamad clarifies no state funds were used as devices were donated by YTL Foundation. We asked for a Menteri besar but was given an A$$hole instead. Why give obsolete device? Wow

Donated smartphones given to students good enough for online learning, says Perak MB IPOH : The smartphones given out by the state are good enough for online learning , says Datuk Saarani Mohamad . Saga blm is also good enough to move around..why dont you use it as your kenderaan rasmi? Don't insult the poor. SPRMMalaysia kena siasat YTL

Spesifikasi telefon pintar diberi kerajaan memadai untuk PdPR, kata MB PerakSebanyak 13,000 daripada 20,000 unit telefon pintar jenama YES sumbang Yayasan YTL sudah diedarkan kepada pelajar B40 yang layak di seluruh Perak yang turut disertakan pelan data setahun. FMTNEws MB TelefonPintar YES Ingatkan kerajaan perak atau MB sponsor, rupanya guna YES juga.. Lowballer

Perak to test 2,000 at Covid-19 hotspots in bid to find asymptomatic patients | Malay Mail IPOH , June 16 — Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Saarani Mohamad said the state is targeting to screen 2,000 people using Antigen rapid test kits (RTK-Antigen) to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the state. Saarani said the RTK-Antigen screening will be carried out at the locations with high Covid-19... That's the way. Come on! Not only in Perak. All states should just do the same if you want PM’s plan to succeed.

Better to have a simple phone, than none at all, says MB | New Straits TimesNSTnation If YTLFoundation did not donate the phones, it meant thousands of the B40 children would not have a device to follow the PdPR ( online learning ), but now they have it. PdPR Online Learning Smartphones Apa haprak punya menteri jawab macam ni...dapat tajaan peribadi ke dari ytl? awwwwww thats sho shweeettttttt but read one of the complaint the phone only 1GB RAM....