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Penang schoolgirl rushes to mum’s grave to read out UPSR exam results | Malay Mail

Penang schoolgirl rushes to mum’s grave to read out UPSR exam results | Malay Mail


Penang schoolgirl rushes to mum’s grave to read out UPSR exam results | Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Nov 22 — Receiving her Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) results was a moment Nur Aqilah Afiah Muhammad Firdaus would have loved to share with her mother who passed away two years ago. The Standard Six student from Sekolah Kebangsaan Permatang To’ Kandu in Permatang Pauh,...

Nur Aqilah Afiah Muhammad Firdaus refused to open the envelope that contained her results until she reached her mother’s grave. — Picture from Facebook/Aishah Mat Akat

The poignant story was shared by Aqilah’s grandmother Aishah Mat Akat via Facebook in a now-viral post.

Aqilah lost her mum, Ariani, who died two years ago while she was giving birth to her third child. — Picture from Facebook/Aishah Mat Akat

Instead, Aqilah asked her grandmother to take her to the Permatang Pauh Muslim cemetery located in front of the school to visit her late mother.

Aqilah’s grandmother Aishah described her granddaughter as a cheerful and responsible girl. — Picture from Facebook/Aishah Mat Akat

The eldest of three siblings now lives under the care of her grandmother.

“I just kept quiet to let her do what she needed to do. She always speaks to her mum while praying at her grave. She doesn’t say a word, you can just hear her sobbing,” said Aishah.

“She has taken over the duty of caring for her siblings,” said Aishah.

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Tabah adik 💕💕💕 💔 orang P. Pauh ni n_izzah Kol 3.39 pagi ni.... sapa menyapu sampai masuk habuk kat mata ni 😭 mrszlk Hope u will do well in future. asolihin_azhar sedih gilerr 😭😭😭 U really touched my heart dik. I am proud of you, you mum will be really proud of you at the other side. This is so heartbreaking 😢

🥺 You inner side have something special. All the best for your future. 5apiks What it means to be Man is to experience the incredible pain of loss, so one realizes that we all should strive to be somebody whom someone else will also miss with equal fervour. God was not kidding when he said Humans are His greatest creation. Peace for the Mom & daughter

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Pandai paper ni cari story 👍🏻 1Obefiend Sapa potong bawang ni...semoga berjaya dunia akhirat dik! Very sweet. Gut wrenching. Love u dik.. u’ll grow up and become a strong person Leave her alone man. Can’t believe the journo followed her to be what is a very private moment Be strong little girl. I am sure your mom will be very proud of you.

I don't usually cry but i had to hold back tears reading this..... Pakcik doakan anak dan keluarga sentiasa dipermudahkan segala urusan duni dan akhirat. Jaga solat anak baik2. Byk kan berdoa. Kena kuat tau. Im not crying, you are! Kamu anak yang baik. Tak kenal siapa ibu kamu namun arwah ibu kamu telah mendidik kamu dengan jayanya. Kamu telah membanggakannya dik. Teruskan usaha untuk terus berjaya dan menempa kejayaan pada peringkat demi peringkat. Allah sentiasa ada untuk kita semua.Al-Fatihah untuk ibumu

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Religious Tok Lebai {s} please , your views on this ? 🤔 saltedc75766028 Speechless 😭😭😭 Allah yuftah alaikum 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Semoga allah swt merahmatimu dik, bersabarlah sesungguhnya allah swt amat mengetahui😭😭😭😭😭 Semoga di permudah kan 🤲🏽 Why do I feel like if KyoAni makes an anime out of this it's gonna make me cry real hard.

Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul.. tabahkan hatimu ya adik Aqilah. Allah lebih menyayangi ibumu. Dia ade syurga setelah berjihad semasa melahirkan adikmu. Sorry Girl, be a good girl..for sure your mum will be very proud of you..wish you all the best and take care. Adik telah buat yang terbaik. Semoga adik membesar me jadi orang berjaya. Salam buat nenek adik juga.

Such a heartrending story. I wish you all the best, young lady Nur! This girl is going somewhere.

Penang girl shares UPSR results with mum… at her gravesiteNSTnation The 12-year-old had was accompanied to the cemetery by her grandmother, 63-year-old Aishah Mat Akat, who has been raising the girl since her mother’s death at 35, two years ago. Al fatihah 😭😭😭 painful, take heart She deserves every opportunity to be successful... please anwaribrahim get her a place in a residential school

😢I want to adopt her.. I knew exactly what u feeling girl ... I also have done the same thing Love mum to eternity.... Semoga terus cemerlang. Smg kita semua menginsafi kejadian ini anbas5155 Semoga adik menjadi seorang insan yg berjaya kelak. Insyallah Adik, you've done a very good job. Your mum must've been proud of you 💖💖 congratulations on your achievement

you did well adik,, so proud of youu and obviously your mom is surely proud of you too🥺❤️ So touching

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