Penang PKR wants Bersatu reps to vacate seats under anti-hopping law

Penang PKR wants Bersatu reps to vacate seats under anti-hopping law

23/5/2020 8:29:00 AM

Penang PKR wants Bersatu reps to vacate seats under anti-hopping law

Penang PKR Youth chief Fahmi Zainol reminds Chow to abide by his promise to make defectors vacate their seats.

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PENGKHIANTS like AzminAli Zuraida_My Saifuddinabd afifbahardin should be 'heavily punished' by the voters by voting them down. Teach them a lesson. The law is just a lame-duck! MuhyiddinYassin PPBMofficial pakatanharapan_ KerajaanPintuBelakang PENGKHIANAT Bodoh punya melayu Anti hopping law is only as good as the paper it is written upon. When the turncoats do NOT have any integrity and conscience they can even vote against a bill in Parliament whilst staying within a party.

Kenapa ko nak usik Bersatu. Time reform garment dulu tak bising pulak Bullshit...there isn't any anti-hopping law anywhere in Malaysia yet Aku dah agak dah. Penang punya akta bukan bodo2 ya. Hg hop pi tempat lain ja out u go. Re-elect terus Let those frogs resign their ADUN post, then another can take their place

A law should be in place so as to tackle party hopping which is becoming rampant n not good for the nation. Yeah finally... BERSATU doing a great job of overthrowing their DUN seats themselves, tqvm! That’s how it should be for all elected representatives. You lobbied under a party and win, greats you want to leave for another party? Sure... give up your seat and join the other party. Run again as the other party and see if you will win.

This is what I am talking about!!! Padan muka beruk 2 ekor YB Chow..end their political career once for all. Tht 2 greedy and ungrateful bastard cannot be allowed to be in the political arena anymore. Anti-hopping law, while good in theory, I believe is unconstitutional. Can the learned syahredzan or limweijiet enlighten us?


Bersatu reps should vacate Penang seats, PKR tells CM | The Malaysian InsightThey have withdrawn from Pakatan Harapan in the state. Berambus laa kan The least they must do is to declare themselves as Independent and throw their full supports to pakatanharapan_ Joining a PH party is not necessary, JUST YET!

2 Adun Bersatu perlu kosongkan kerusi Pulau Pinang, kata PKR | The Malaysian InsightKetua Menteri Chow Kon Yeow didesak ambil tindakan terhadap dua Adun yang menarik balik sokongan terhadap Pakatan Harapan. maslah dua tu melompat ke mcam mana enekmen definisi lompat parti tersebut? sbb tidak pernah lagi berlaku mungkin dr aziz bari bole bantu perjelas kedudukan yg berlaku? Meroyan nampak

Both Penang Bersatu reps rescind support for HarapanThis comes after the duo was appointed to agencies under the federal government. sampah Add two more to the list of political prostitutes. Did their voters tell them they can prostitute themselves? Next election you guys can say bye bye and probably all Bersatu parasite reps that won on PH ticket. Can’t wait for next election to get rid of rubbish

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Tian Chua says up to PKR to decide fateThe PKR vice-president says he has already responded to the show-cause letter. Really? You decide your own fate... either you are loyal to the Party or you resign... Go lah.. Follow yr boss Azmin• Isn't it funny when Azmin leaves you in the wilderness to fend for yourself? As he did Baru Bian and Maria Chin. Has he been in contact with all of you recently? PN is known as a pro-Malay coalition. And so... What now? Some hard self reflection will help.

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