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Penang jogger caught defying MCO pleads not guilty

Penang jogger caught defying MCO pleads not guilty

30/3/2020 7:22:00 AM

Penang jogger caught defying MCO pleads not guilty

GEORGE TOWN: A cardiologist has pleaded not guilty to charges of obstructing a public servant from discharging duties in enforcing the movement control order (MCO)that took effect on March 18.

Ong is also charged under rule 3(1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020.On Thursday (March 19), Dr Ong was stopped by Penang Island City Council enforcers for jogging in City Park here and refusing to return home.

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Magistrate Jamaliah Abdul Manap set bail at RM8,000 for the first charge and instructed Dr Ong to surrender his passport and report to a police station once a month.She set bail at RM5,000 for the second charge.DPP Yazid Mustaqim Roslan prosecuted.Case mention has been set for June 9.

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I got a video I took ppl jogging this afternoon He could've said sorry and just leave. But he chose to be an a******. Typical selfish n self-important twerp here. Despite d age and seemingly `educated' profession. He obviously felt that rules n regulations don't apply to him. And gross misunderstanding of `his rights'. This comes from watching too much lawyer-type TV shows.

Thus was not from a week or 2 ago? Saw an avid jogger near my home being scolded by a couple in a car on their way to the market. The uncle jogger understood the purpose of MCO and the need of social distancing (he always jogs alone). But the couple..was in a car seating next to eachother.. going to the market...

Bodoh sombong... He is not guilty of keep staying alive Please give the maximum sentence as possible. Seriously. We really dont need this. Dear Dr, By jogging openly, you are setting a precedent for others to follow and defeat purpose of MCO. Secondly, the authorities are fully stretched. By cooperating, the manpower can focus on more urgent needs. Think of others please.

have a nice (fully paid by tax payer) staycation People like him always think they are more superior than the rest There are gonna be someone who will provoke racism in the comment segment here 🤷🏻‍♂️ What happened to his 3lb grey matter? Really; WTF happened? MovementControlOrder StayAtHomeAndStaySafe TrustNoOne

Trying to show his intelligence .. but ended up burning his money unnecessarily .. going to court, another big bundle of money spend ... A PhD doctor or real doctor? Keep Up and weldone. Put him in police custody. Lesson for him. Appreciate PDRM Judge shouldn't have fined him. Just assign him to a hospital for mandatory service ok la.

Don't waste the time & money fighting your case in court. By right should joint our medical frontliners fighting the invisible war The judge and the people sentenced U GUILTY There are so mny crimes of theft n bag snatchers that caused so much harm to the public n you can’t catch them, nw u arrest someone for jogging? Health measures are social distancing. Did he break that? Law is to protect but exercising it needs good judgement

Dr. Ong Hean Teik. Remember his name.. We all wanna jog and get those fresh air too my super intelligent doc, but we all sacrificed all those and listen to the oders by the government so that we can make these go away faster and stop the infection. Please heed MCO. Being clever is a blessing. Should not be otherwise

Why not guilty? This is not fair! Is it because he is a doctor? If everyone give the same reason as him, the whole park will be filled up. We just need to follow the rules and protocol. Why can’t he?! govt needs to set example via this guy. MY masih ada Demokrasi. Pilihan anda? Si Dokter buruk ni. WNS need to revoke his medical license

Why so stubborn? It’s an overarching rule enforced, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. It make sense to us, joggers and hope you understand. Just apologize and go home! Why make it hard for the enforcement officer & prolong the situation? assign him go front line lah . Sombongnya pak cik ni 😂😂 mesti dia rasa diri dia je betul

hahaaa..trying to be smart questioning the law. Looks like will hv to pay heavy penalties. If you just walk away that day and just apologize, it could be different story already. Wrong place to show off your ego Arrogant person. Toxic ego will not help you run away rom the law He deserves it....simply padan muka

Selfish doctor. The case is being heard in court now, let the law takes its course. Kiasu He's not fit to be a man This dude need to be made an example of. I say $10,000 fine and 3 months in jail. Next time you best listen uncle! We must fight for Dr Ong. Obviously, this is a racist act on the enforcer. If it were an iman praying alone in the park, would he have done the same things.

Well done An ORDER of PKP/MCO ...for Malaysians Good.. .. we fight Covid-19 ... .. we must obey, except stipulated No exception we fight together United & Obey we SUCCESS.. NST_Online fmtoday malaysiakini 501Awani MuhyiddinYassin chedetofficial Put him on the frontline as punishment 😒 Whatever reason he has, he doesn’t demonstrate a good example as a health professional and responsible citizen to defy MCO. Worst is doesn’t show any remorse, better put him in jail to teach him and public a lesson. Same goes to other stubborn joggers regardless expat or local!

Why you became a cardiologist when you yourself failed to take good care of your health too. The pandemic attacks everyone regardless of your occupations and professions. And simple rule, stay at home and you act as if the pandemic wont touch you. stubborn lock him up and throw away the key Lock him up

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