Penang Bersatu reps forget they were elected on Harapan's platform, says Marzuki

Penang Bersatu reps forget they were elected on Harapan's platform, says Marzuki

23/5/2020 9:53:00 AM

Penang Bersatu reps forget they were elected on Harapan's platform, says Marzuki

The state Bersatu chief says they choose to prioritise positions while abandoning the people's mandate.

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cheerfulyip Mana Prinsip All ex umno the mentality is the same! It’s a joke to begin with. But rakyat have learnt - once bitten sure twice shy. Zero trust now with existing politics and politicians. Everone who left, forget . Because they knew once left got best deal ever . People r sick an tired of all the state lalangs...

syahredzan Dua2 ni asal kerusi pkr, bertam tu dulu pkr kalah 1,600 majoriti dgn bn. Telok bahang kalah majoriti 800 je dgn bn. Ptut klu letak pkr pru lepas mmg menang dah tp bg laluan kat bersatu. Lepastu khianat, mcm gampang. Mng pun sbb bn dgn pas pecah. Zolkifly tu da la ex pas. They were thrown under the bus. Boom 💥

syahredzan Come GE15, the rakyat — now more mature and more informed and have seen the problems — can put an end to jumpers and backdoor politics by voting right. Not based on emotions, or just wanting to be part of the hype. We won once, we will win again. GE15 There is only 2 words ... These assemblymen who jump ship has ‘No Conscience’. Total disregard of trust their voters placed on them is disgusting. After getting the vote they continue to chase their own cheese. Same goes for the great 11 at Federal level.

Clear those bastards out quick! Looks like the Agong's decision to appoint losers of GE14 as Federal Government is causing more damage than good. Would all these confusion be happening if the Agong had carried out his first decision? No. Why did the Agong change his decision? syahredzan Well that’s just two more names to add to the list of candidates NOT to vote for in GE15 innit?

They didn't forget, they had selective amnesia! 😷😷😷 Bersatu buat malu. Never trust this umno DNA. Jangan lupa menang sebab kencing Forget Bersatu. Just bleeping forget this sorry excuse of a party. Let's just be mindful of the personalities who stood their ground during this upheaval. Name only Bersatu, They never come in satu; Instead they are seteru, Only make use of you and aku!

There must be a law by the EC that the voters can take action against their elected rep for jumping ship. Voters are been playout Show your support first, the we can talk Come the next round, all these opportunists n traitors should not be elected back in office. Spit on them ! All pengkhianat forgot tat laa kan.

Let them go where they want, GE is not far away. At least we know who are fighting for righteousness and who are not. Just make sure they are not elected again. Show them the door. Let them have this short term enjoyment Demi rakyat konon. Even the current PM has forgotten that.

Both Penang Bersatu reps rescind support for HarapanThis comes after the duo was appointed to agencies under the federal government. sampah Add two more to the list of political prostitutes. Did their voters tell them they can prostitute themselves? Next election you guys can say bye bye and probably all Bersatu parasite reps that won on PH ticket. Can’t wait for next election to get rid of rubbish

Bersatu reps should vacate Penang seats, PKR tells CM | The Malaysian InsightThey have withdrawn from Pakatan Harapan in the state. Berambus laa kan The least they must do is to declare themselves as Independent and throw their full supports to pakatanharapan_ Joining a PH party is not necessary, JUST YET!

Penang PKR wants Bersatu reps to vacate seats under anti-hopping lawPenang PKR Youth chief Fahmi Zainol reminds Chow to abide by his promise to make defectors vacate their seats. Nanti kedua dua monyet takut hilang jawatan akan U turn KICK THOSE BASTARD AND CALL FOR RE-ELECTION. ONCE THEY LOSE THEIR SEAT, WE WAIT AND SEE WILL THEY BE OFFERED POSITION AGAIN? 👍🏼

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