PAS-Umno alliance to restore relevancy, not to help rakyat - Zairil

PAS-Umno alliance to restore relevancy, not to help rakyat - Zairil


PAS-Umno alliance to restore relevancy, not to help rakyat - Zairil

 Penang DAP veep says they were political foes which contested against each other in almost every election.

"How do their grassroots feel? That they have to be sacrificed for the sake of their political masters' ambitions?" Zairil asked in a statement.

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi expressed hope that the union between the two parties would not break halfway, that it needs to be enhanced, nurtured and defended forever.

They are not interested in a more inclusive Malaysia, nor can they offer a better model for development, Zairil (

"Instead, their model is based on racial sentiments and slander," said Zairil, who is also DAP national assistant publicity secretary.

is now issued by the Finance Ministry, currently led by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Their animosity, however, caused a major breakup and an emergency was declared in Kelantan, and power was seized by the federal government.

"If PAS can so easily give up all of Umno's misdeeds for the sake of power, this unity between the duo has made PAS Umno's biggest pawn. Not surprising if history repeats itself," he said.

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All POLITICIANS alliance to restore relevancy, NOT TO HELP RAKYAT - Rakyat PAS and Umno's willingness to spread slander to incite Malay sentiments clearly shows their cooperation is only meant to restore their political relevancy and not to help the rakyat, Penang DAP Zairil Khir Johari said today. Where is their idea of raising the standard of living?

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