PAS agrees with Umno not to push for GE15 to be held soon

PAS agrees with Umno not to push for GE15 to be held soon

14/6/2021 12:34:00 PM

PAS agrees with Umno not to push for GE15 to be held soon

The focus should be on efforts to fight the deadly coronavirus, says PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin Hassan.


EMCO at Mentari Court in PJ ends a day ahead of schedule

PETALING JAYA: The enhanced movement control order (EMCO) at Mentari Court has ended a day ahead of schedule to the great joy of those staying there.

As I know power crazy people and their political aligned parties are the ones that will do anything to destroy people's mandate and trigger elections, everyone knows who did this in the last one. It is like pot calling the kettle... Backdoor gov reps don't walk the way they talk Typical hypocrite behaviour of pas as they will support anyone who will let them share the power & wealth.

Just open the Parliament You fools would agree to anything to stay in power! Umno also agrees to kick you out..haha But they didn’t say not to push you out from the government 🤧 Kiri kanan dia selam. Of coz la, both parties at the losing end! Pas mestilah agree bola tadak...takut duit free masyuk tergendala...pirah...bodoh

I cannot believe what PAS said. Because they using religion to gain power+$$$$.

PAS backs Tajuddin’s call for help to curb Covid-19 instead of holding GE15 | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — PAS has called upon all political parties and NGOs across the board to assist the government in managing and resolving the grave emergency posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said the party agrees with Umno’s elections... Hahaha, sendiri gaduh, sendiri mau PRU, lepas itu sendiri cakap fokus masalah Covid! Ini lah kerajaan PN - UMNO, MIC, MCA, BERSATU, PAS, GPS PAS backs call to hold off GE15 to hold onto their positions and perks There - I fixed your headline for you

Bulan2 dapat RM85 ribu!!..Tak kan nak lepas!!

What's the point of emergency if it can't help people - Umno YouthEMERGENCY | drasyrafwajdi says there is no point for the government to be granted emergency powers if it does not use them for the benefit of the people. The conference of rulers will also be meeting on June 16 to decide the future of the emergency. drasyrafwajdi hallah hallah hallahh...... acah² pembangkang pulak mamat bodoh ni..... drasyrafwajdi sounds like the opposition, behaves like the opposition but is not the opposition. drasyrafwajdi I thought all you umno fellows know very well it was never meant for helping the rakyat apart from protecting the elite group or party! Otherwise the country & people wouldn't be in the bad situation like what we are experiencing now! This is factual based on data & science.

Umno man takes jab at Wan Saiful over vaccine registration deadlinePuad Zarkashi says the Bersatu information chief, who loves 'science and data', should not assume Malaysians are idle. FMTNews Vaccine A popular sentiment by Puad. Data says otherwise though. The registration deadline idea is dumb tho'. I know what he's trying to impose but coming from such position is dumb. Hire someone else to make such statement.. Please note that when we have committed shirk, Allah will not help us. Learn more at Uncle in Selangor klang valley still waiting for vaccination under phase 2

Emergency useless if not used to help Malaysians, says Umno Youth chief | The Malaysian InsightAsyraf Wajdi Dusuki says govt could order banks to offer an interest-free loan moratorium to all. There's a need for national coalition to help combat these crisis. MAGERAN was a sound idea, although rejected, similar body should be created to unite various factions & expertise. Otherwise it'll be an endless blame game which rakyat loves to put oil into. We are all to blame

Tidak wajar teruskan darurat jika rakyat tidak dibantu, kata ketua Pemuda Umno | The Malaysian InsightAsyraf Wajdi Dusuki berkata Putrajaya perlu menggunakan kuasa darurat untuk kepentingan rakyat.

Umno leaders use football analogies to tackle Takiyuddin on 'emergency goalpost'Umno leaders use football analogies to pan Takiyuddin on 'emergency goalpost'