Parliament reopening: September is soon, Takiyuddin argues

Parliament reopening: September is soon, Takiyuddin argues

17/6/2021 2:37:00 AM

Parliament reopening: September is soon, Takiyuddin argues

Minister says, MPs should also focus on Covid-19 issues when Parliament reopen.

However, he said, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in his decree did not specify an exact date when the House should be in session."His Majesty did not say when (Parliament) should be held, just that it should be soon."The Prime Minister has said that Parliament will re-open in September.

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"Now we are near the end of June. There's July and August, and September is soon and we will have Parliament then," he was quoted as saying by Malaysia Gazette. Read more: »

Singapore got Pfizer vaccine quicker because Temasek Holdings had a stake in BioNTech, says KJ

KUALA LUMPUR: Among the reasons why Singapore was ahead of Malaysia in procuring Covid-19 vaccines was because Temasek Holdings and other investors had invested US$250mil (RM1.06bil) into German biotech company BioNTech, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

takiyuddin61 br kenal sapa mung ni...pembelit rupanya..ingat berjuruh orgnya kesian... moga Allah berikan kita hidayah... Pas bukan lagi seperti masa arwah TGNA... bodo piang nak mampuih punya taki taki rumba Geng Menteri ni, bab cucuk vaksin nak cepat sama mcm front liner. Dah dapat vaksin, buat 1001 alasan tak nak bersidang di dewan rakyat pula. Bagi lah sistem yang ada 'check & balance'. Perbelanjaan melawan Covid-19 tinggi, wajar lah diteliti.

Takkan org lebai mcm ni tak faham maksud segera..dlm quran pun ada sebut ttg apa itu segera Takiyuddin needs to resign soon - by September 2021! SaveMalaysia Taki, tak buka parliament sampai Sept so nak bincang & bahasa perkara2 penting yang sedia ada sekarang nak buat kat depan rumah PiiiM atau depan rumah Hadi atau depan rumah hang?

Are u the king takyudin? Sapu bawah carpet dulu Dah rasa seronok jd mentri, elaun besar, layanan vip, tak sanggup la nak terlepas kddkn...bukan senang nak jd menteri di peringkat persekutuan. Buat la pru bbp kali, tak merasa pun.. Your PM can't even get his name right and you want us to believe your timeline wont change again? Go on, tell us another one KerajaanGagal KerajaanBodoh

King never specified when Parliament should reconvene, says law ministerLaw minister Takiyuddin Hassan says the prime minister had already announced that Parliament would only reopen in September or October. FMTNews Agong Parliament But King can specify when he want Datuk just nak share the meaning of ASAP to convene parliament as requested by YDPA maknanye camni ..When you have the chance [in the next day or before tomorrow or this week] .. bukannya next month or the next following month. Ada makna lain ke ASAP ni? Boleh dikatakan Menteri ini menjawab titah Agong dgn logik yg menderhaka, Raja2 bertitah secepat mungkin bukan berbulan2, PM umum bukan khusus September tapi dgn kadar jangkitan Covid 19 pd 2000 org. Tindakan perlu diambil pd Menteri daripada parti penunggang kopiah dan serban .

Girl : Dear, I’m pregnant Boy : Oh no, do worry. I’ll married you Girl : Great 🥂. Let’s plan.... what’s the date? Boy : Wait until our child is 18 years old first... Girl : -_-“ Ingat kan YB Dap pakai songkok derhaka ni... rupanya lobai Pas yg derhaka Titah Diraja..anjirrr TakiyuddinDerhaka Celaka punya samseng

Org tak pergi sekolah macam ni la! Taki biadab Eiii kang aku sebut Taki Taki Rumba rasa berdosa lak 😒 The worst your of opportunist who give their religion a bad name because they use it for political expediency. Boleh tahan ketegaq Don't talk cock sing song la. Open July pun boleh. Apa salah?

King did not say when Parliament should convene - TakiyuddinMinister says, MPs should also focus on Covid-19 issues when Parliament reopen. Of course, who else is gonna focus? Not the government for sure Taki, u and your team had failed us. Everyone is hungry, lost of income and hopeless. Pls open up and let the parliament works. Stop being crazy. takiyuddin61

☝️Makan mi... tiga bulan Taki ni sebenarnya penakut. Dia takut bila parlimen buka, kerajaan skrang ni jatuh dia dah tak jadi menteri. He knows PNipu want to die already. No more gaji buta. Biadap sungguh puak lebai yg tak nak kehilangan kuasa! Manusia spt mereka adalah bala negara PASPusat This guy clearly has hidden agendas with PN or for himself. Why so significant must be in September, it was mentioned as ASAP. Tak faham bahasa ke!!

ppl keep watch on covid cases from today onwards ppl. there will be attempt to increase cases to justify emergency extension. like die in car crash, falsify docs say he/she also have covid19 Bebal! PAS punya rubber timeline. If September is soon, February 2022 is also soon by your logic Fake Ministers in the administration..

King: Reconvene Parliament as soon as possibleKUALA LUMPUR: The King has called for the Parliament to be reconvened as soon as possible. Emergency lifted or extended? I think the failed PM will still delay to reconvene the Parliament because no dateline was given. More aggressive action needed to make Parliament to reconvene immediately. Would we consider ignoring the advise of Raja-raja Melayu as derhaka?

Bila. Dh kuasa.. Maka dah Mabuk rosaklah parti yg bercirikan agama... Yep, Taki is the missing link between the Neanderthals and us Homo sapiens Dia x paham kot..1 ogos darurat tamat..bermakna parlimen kena buka..bukan tunggu bulan september atau oktober😑 isle.. takiyuddin61 mmg sial dari dulu hingga kiamat

takiyuddin61 pala bana kau...gila kuasa! Sampah lg ade harga banding muko kimak ni SMH... You want people to put a dateline on your head isit? If you don't achieve the dateline you all kena ban from politics.. Ok x mcm tu? You r a disgrace to democracy.. YDPA lg besar ke kau lagi besar? Ko g menari taki taki jelah yuddin kt corner tu... GERAM!

Wahai entire PN government, why not you guys terus resign before September. Entire nation will be very happy. Let others to do better here. So don't waste your time and our nation time. If can go to Sheraton again ya. Here PN can decide how to resign with full of dignity 😉 Hahaha! Period 2-3 months he said fall into category 'soon. When a superior tell you ASAP, he meant immediately ..

Mohon Raja2 Melayu tarik balik gelaran Dato dari Kabinet,Speaker & Duta Khas jika masih dolak-dalih dgn titah utk segera buka Parlimen.. BukaParlimen

PM: Parliament will reconvene in September or October once Covid-19 is under controlPETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has given his commitment that Parliament will reconvene in September or October, subject to strict standard operating procedures (SOPs). PNipu dan PNakut Controlling covid19 If PN removed earlier, then Parliament can reconvene much earlier.

When someone says he wants it ASAP, it means Now!! Tau Taki? Ape ni ASAP pon tak paham. Now, la ni.. Not September PASderhaka The good thing about PN grabbing power and PAS members becomes Federal Ministers is the whole world can see how incompetent they are and they have proven what the term “Penunggang Agama” is all but true.

Government can tolerate this kind of “esok lusa” attitude. In private sector, you're fire. gila kuasa. Taki gila! Takiyuddin, You are a minister without sense, just a simple instruction from the king, you also can't understand to execute it. Are you having a hidden political agenda or you think you are above the law. You better heed to the King's advice.

Derhaka ni. Taki taki Taki taki, rumba Haisshh, kalau ia pun, biar la gaji lobai utk oktober masuk dulu

‘What does vaccination milestone have to do with reopening Parliament?’Zahid points out MPs have already been vaccinated and Parliament could be held virtually. Politik adalah seni untuk menjadikan keinginan diri sendiri nampak seperti kepentingan nasional zahid2.. tumpukan perhatian kepada kes court mu tu.. Najib really trying hard to save UMNO n BN by making clever cadangans. Then there’s their president making these kind of statements then ruined things. Srsly, UMNO weakness doesn’t really came from najib, but these clowns

You need to learn more about malay language YB... As a ministry, you are so shameful Just get on, expedite with the necessary paperwork and amendments ready by end July and open in August lah... No excuses pls. Parliment should have been opened loang time ago, infact should have not been closed. Like other countries, at least leverage technology to keep it open. Cukup makan gaji buta! Draining Malaysians hard earned tax payer money!

Omaigowd. What a loser. MYbe otak dia lambat pickup. What hpnd to hybrid sittings ASAP means within the very near n foreseeable future. Waiting till Sept is not within that definition IMHO. Even then, what's the assurance that it will reconvene? PN logic, soon = 3 months. If this were said by DAP, these people would have riot and throw all the words to label DAP as traitors for disrespecting the King.

Segera buka parlimen seperti dititahkan Raja. Bincang solusi segera ! Ini soal nyawa rakyat . Jgan kurang ajar So, the monarchy is just another tool for this government? Hmm…

Prioritise vaccination for teachers before reopening schools, urge educatorsIPOH: Teachers at all levels should be vaccinated as soon as possible before the government deems it safe for schools to be reopened.

He don't even understand the meaning of soon? This is the quality of Ministers that we blessed now Rakyat demand June 2021 The letter states parlimen segera bersidang which means immediately and not as soon as possible. Tak paham bahasa malaysia ke The level of competence displayed is found wanting. Period.

this show the govt is out of control. Is he disrespecting the King ? So is 2022 nnnniiissshhhh Semua dah vaksin pun kena tunggu September ke? Arguing with YDPA. Soontember

kerajaanderhaka Delaying the inevitable on technicalities. All we asks is a bipartisan functioning Govt for our sake - the rakyat. ASAP September 2022 kah saya syor kita lucutkan kerakyatan 'pemimpin' politik yang derhaka kpd Raja kita. I think this guy needs a slap from YDPA What u expect from PAS? Only religion , sex and buy Mercedes is their expertise

Scared for his Bagi la dia nk kutip gaji utk 2 bulan terakhir. Sampah nya menteri undang² ni. Dia punya tamak nk kuasa tu tk cover langsung. Apa yg takut sgt nk bersidang? Semua MP dh vaccinated kan? Dlm dewan parlimen dh ada penghadang antara meja. Ikut la SOP. Dh tua pon bodoh ni masalah dia.

I hope the people of Kelantan realize why the development of Kelantan is way too slow. This is due to selfish PAS leaders like takiyuddin61 who is only interested of his own welfare! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Did he just spit in the face of the Conference of Rulers? I'm doubting the effectiveness of their meeting Which year? BukaAtauDerhaka Terrible September is soon? So basically 2022 also soon, sooner than 2023 right? Duhhhhhhh nanti ckp kita akan buka jugak drpd tak buka langsung. Tengok2 die buka 30 September

Lek lu… what’s the rush? syahredzan Ni la dia pejuang melayu, kalau depa derhaka takpa

Jangan jadi cilaka. Tak lama lagi dah tu.. If delivery in 1 hour compared to 12 hours. Soon as possible or i don't give a damn kalau bukan PAS sape lagi penderhaka pada Raja Raja kita🤬🤬🤬 Kalau nak tengok macam mana rupa derhaka, inilah muka dia. Kemaruk kuasa ini 🤔 This guy PAS Takiyuddin is trying to test Agong patient , 1 st he say Agong cannot decide , then now , he says Agong did not mention when Parliament to opened , PAS is playing up doing everything to test the limits of the Agong , we will see

Macam ingkar titah saja. Soon is 3 months? No wonder Malaysia is always behind soon… SoonOtakau!

Just because the Agong didn't give an exact date doesn't mean you can delay it anytime you want. Although the word 'soon' is kinda vague, it definitely didn't mean next September. The last vestiges of a regime that obviously does not know it's not needed and persists to believe their own propaganda Does he has the power to announce it or hes speaking individually?

Hantu ah hantu Open when Darurat end! So 2nd or 3rd August Parliament must convene BukaParlimen This clown will do all his best to spin around. Never had any sense of urgency in time of pandemic. Asalmualaikum ada sapa2 baik hati bank in sedikit dkat saya untuk sya beli pmper n susu je untuk anak yg usia 11 bulan 152023637622 mybank muhammad aiman..jejas pndapatan

Derhaka!!! nak hold utk apa lagi? 'As soon as possible' is interpreted by the current Menteri Udang as:

Polis tolong tangkap si derhaka Inilah derhaka kepada perintah raja Bodoh la menteri dari PAS ni Why this people even our king already said and this fellas still don't want to open parliment? Something really fishy is going on...tak sempat nak cover all the wrong doingsor ,what Menyusahkan orang ramai Tak rasa berdosa ker takiyuddin61

KerajaanBodoh BukaParlimen A minister don't know how to analyse graphs, charts and numbers while this one doesn't understand English. We are in the hands of doomed leaders. No wonder la… Malaysian Timing Mah~ This is why other country is overtaking us… Because, Dinner at 7pm mean 8pm Our soon means Sep Our Wawasan 2020 mean 2040 This is how we show confidence to foreign investors that we are serious with their money~ 👍🏻

Dah la gagal, nak mengelat pulak. Dengan agong pun buat main main. Siapa undi PAS lagi lepas aku tak tahu lah betapa bengapnya korang ni. I never voted this hypocrite party filled with stupid politicians.

hannahyeoh AzalinaOthmanS This is nonsense. Kings decree and he's arguing. When tbsy demand the king to announce emergency. They say all have to obey. All we not all being held captive. Are they not working against the kings decree KerajaanBodoh BukaParlimen Far queue Far cough 😷 kerajaanderhaka PASderhaka

eh, what if YDPA and the Raja-raja want to see you ASAP? Now is mid June You tell them, wait, September baru boleh jumpa. Sebab September is coming soon BukaParlimen takiyuddin61 awat bongok sgt hang ni dapat tepuk songkok atas kepala dia ni seronok bak hang takiyuddin61 kalau shopee habaq kat hang your parcel is arriving soon tapi bila track kata will arrive lagi 2 bulan lebih in September tak ke mengamuk dibuatnye.

Apa laa takut sangat dengan Parliment ni?