‘Pants-opening incident': Activist lodges police report, MIC denies claim

Sungai Siput cops are probing the matter under criminal intimidation.

28/11/2021 2:28:00 PM

‘Pants-opening incident': Activist lodges police report, MIC denies claim

Sungai Siput cops are probing the matter under criminal intimidation.

However, Sungai Siput MIC denied any indecent incident occurred.Sungai Siput district police chief... Unlocking ArticleRead more from this author

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King undergoing health checks, follow-up treatments at IJN, says Istana Negara

PETALING JAYA: The King has been undergoing health checks and follow-up treatment at the National Heart Institute's (IJN) Royal Ward since Saturday (Jan 22), says Istana Negara. Read more >>

Mic now king of lion .. . Disgusting behaviour. Kes YB PartiAmanah gangguan seksual tu dulu dah setel ke..?

Police deny they did nothing to resolve Ipoh fight; policeman lodges report | New Straits TimesNSTnation Perak police have denied allegations that two policemen did nothing to resolve a fight which resulted in the death of a man at Flat Ashby Road, Sungai Senam, yesterday. Dah macam negara oversea ea, kat malaysia bunuh orang terang-terangan, siang plak tu. Aku syak suspek tu mesti gengster kawasan situ sbb org ramai tengokkan aje.

Informing authorities is key in tackling sexual harassment in ent industryCommunications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa says he has asked police to find out if reports have been lodged.

Police detain man who snatched woman’s handbag after road accident | The Malaysian InsightArrest made after 56-year-old turned up at Shah Alam district police headquarters to lodge a report.

Police to look into claim ATA whistleblower beaten by police in Johor | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 — Malaysian police said on Saturday it will look into a claim a factory worker of Dyson supplier ATA IMS Bhd was beaten at its station but that it had not received any formal complaints. British home appliance maker Dyson told Reuters that it was ending its contract with ATA...

No report received over factory worker allegedly beaten during custody, say Johor policeJOHOR BARU: State police have not received any report on allegation that a former electronics factory worker was allegedly beaten by the police last June, says Comm Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay.

Sarawak DAP denies refusing to negotiate with PKR over seat allocation | New Straits TimesKUCHING: Sarawak DAP has denied claims that it had refused to negotiate over election seat allocations with PKR in a transparent manner, for the upcoming 12th Sarawak election. Don't keep this kind of rubbish PKR shd be awared after Sheraton move, DAP is just an opportunist, when there is a gain, they will come to you. If no, you will lost his respect. This how it happened after PRN Melaka, their real face.