Overwatch 2's 'Different Version' Error Is Actually Easy To Solve

6/10/2022 8:51:00 PM

Overwatch 2's 'different version' error is actually easy to solve:

Overwatch 2's 'different version' error is actually easy to solve:

If you’ve gotten the ‘different version’ error while trying to invite your friends, there’s a workaround for that

.player, including those who had previously purchased Overwatch , need to provide a phone number that fits certain requirements in order to start the game.being able to log into the game problem-free, which some players speculate could either be because their country necessitates identification in order to purchase a prepaid phone, or because Blizzard has only banned known prepaid phone plans., such as missing cosmetics, missing match histories, and buggy cameras.

“We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we are working hard to resolve the issues you are experiencing.” There are a lot of outstanding bugs in Overwatch 2.Though what remains of Blizzard’s heart seems to be in the right place—the developer hopes the requirement will cut down “both cheating and disruptive behavior”—players like Richard are forgotten.The camera can be placed at the wrong level on the Highlights screen, certain maps are disabled, and various challenges aren’t awarding tokens.” Advertisement While Blizzard works it out, Richard and countless other low-income prepaid phone users are hurting.Some players have reported falling through the map while spawning in Bounty Hunter Arcade, which is my favorite one.Prepaid phone plans like Cricket and Mint Mobile allow people to pay the cost of their usage up front.Blizzard has had to issue refunds for incorrectly priced poses and skins.We just don’t have an exact ETA on that.

.Some companies like AT&T even advertise prepaid services directly.If you are a prepaid phone owner who really wants to play Overwatch 2 , you are looking at $50 more a month to get a Blizzard-approved phone.

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Ye u resolve it by going to the your Home Screen or whatever u have that u play on and u press the uninstall button Type '/invite' and the battletag of the friend you want to invite SavedYouAClick Literally just got this bug thank you for that timing Worst launch since cyberpunk

Overwatch 2's Phone Requirement: 'It's Like Being Punished For Being Poor''It's like being punished for being poor.’ Overwatch 2’s phone requirement creates a barrier for a game that should be free-to-play for all: My country is at war yet I have no problems? It's simply an anti-smurf/cheater measure Or creates a way for you to enjoy the game without being flooded by Smurf accounts But, you know, that narrative doesn’t give you clicks huh

Overwatch 2's Phone Requirement: 'It's Like Being Punished For Being Poor' [Update: Gone For Most]After players expressed frustration and shame regarding Overwatch 2's phone requirement, which didn't allow for prepaid phones, Blizzard has announced it will no longer apply for a 'majority' of players: This been getting crazy. Kinda makes sense since people use those app's and generator site's.. But's it's also limiting companies, I've heard too many stories where can't use their number.. While I'm over here using a pre-paid number (so must be more region based) It was supposed to be a joke, Blizzard. idc about the number tbh but i care about my skins that i dont own anymore

You Can't Play Overwatch 2 Right Now Because It's Under AttackBlizzard president Mike Ybarra tweeted that there's been an external attack on the Overwatch 2 servers Real 'dog ate my homework' energy here. Maybe they can use their diversity program to solve the problem That's ok. I didn't want to play a 6 year old game with a slap of new paint anyways.

Overwatch 2 Was Barely Playable Last Night, But At Least The Memes Were DankOverwatch 2’s servers might’ve been horrendous on launch but its memes were well worth the wait It's fun Wow I can’t believe it’s a F2P jumbled mess that overcharges players to enjoy basic shit like new characters. Whod’ve thought? Cos DDoS

Overwatch 2 Goes Live; Immediately Faces DDoS AttackThe free-to-play sequel to Blizzard's hero shooter, Overwatch 2 has launched today, on most major platforms. This means on PC 2 actually PS5 🤯

You Can't Play Overwatch 2 Right Now Because It's Under Attack [Update]UPDATE: The game director for Overwatch 2 has announced that the game has suffered a second DDoS attack: 'Sir.... a second DDoS attack has hit the OW2 servers...' i guess raid: shadow legends it is