Opposition parties need to unite to defeat BN - Amanah

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Opposition parties must unite under one big tent to deny BN victory in GE15.


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Ckp je la nak Masuk kem Atuk... Kan senang

Dasyat betullah BN ni.Mereka terpaksa bergabung semata mata nak jatuhkan BN.PRN Johor hari itu ada orang kata BN dah tak kuat hihihihi

Tol free janji tu

Do that, rakyat will no longer vote PH. They vote you because they fed-up with UMNO. You lost so many PRN now because rakyat don’t trust you anymore for what Mahathir, Bersatu did. They don’t look at Mahathir, Bersatu, they look at PH. Wake up la KhalidSamad

dah jadi anuar musa ke khalid..ni mesti madey dh pujuk..xmadey, midin..

Demi kuasa, bukan nk tlg rakyaat....

No need

Kerajaan Johor & HRHJohorII always think for the goodness of rakyat.. tq for helping us

It's obvious...frog how

If you 'unite' with the wrong people, they will abandon you for 6 kupang if you do not give them 7 kupang.

Elephant broker comes again… amanahbarua

Amanah needs new leaders

Amamah is weak! This is called lazy politics.

Please stop adress diorang ni dari “Amanah”. Sebab diorang ni bukan amanah pun. Termasuk laa anak Pak Samad ni …

Lupakan pengkianat pru 14.

Tak habis2 menjilat Atok. Cukuplah 22 tahun + 22 bulan dibawah Atok.

PH needed united inside & strong it ! No for “Big Tent “

A frog is forever a frog.

Last 3 States elections opposition all united also LOST

and to be betrayed later after the victory to reinstate BN

Don’t dream again….Rakyat are tired of your dramas after PRU 14….They won’t be cheated again🙏🏼

My stand be only with PH no need to big camp unless they join PH

Broker khemah besar. Harap rafiziramli bagi tazkirah skit

Takkan nak berganding dengan si pengkhianat

This is where you’re wrong YB KhalidSamad Opposition needs to show unite and regain the trust of the rakyat. If the boomers amongst you can’t do that, step aside for PmtgPauhP044 rafiziramli and others who can and are willing to.

Very true but impossible we all racist due to education system failure not towards unity, we will c Malaysian will be fail , r u all sincere about Malaysian or selfish

opposition was the most cocky when it had power and chose to focus more on taking revenge against previous government and not do shit. not to mention the biggest lying cheat scammer DR M that played on people's hope and fucked them over when he liked.

PH need to get UNITED...BUT certainly not with Bersatu.

Change your opposition leader first, get someone who is firm with decisions and can make good ones and is a true leader..not one who keep saying tht he got the numbers bt fail miserably..

Fark bersatu & pejuang

And get fucked over by the same people again?

What unity you talking about We saw how robust your dam unity in GE 14, just work hard to to convince the voters. Period!

What's the point of a Big Tent if it's full of holes? When it rains...it won't do the job. Some parties are already tainted....what's the point of flogging the dead horse?

After defeating BN and form a govt, then there will be squabbles among the ruling parties just as they did at the last GE...we cant afford to have another sheraton move...this big tent idea is only to enable some politicians esp from amnah to become ministers again

We did unite n win 2018. We know what happened after that that!!

Opposition parties need to unite to defeat BN - then fight amongst themselves to defeat each other. Fixed that for you.

...that or die.

nk sokong kutty kerala ke tak?🤣🤣 nak sokong pas ke tak? nnt amanah keluar dalil plak🤣🤣 super2222mangkuk pH pun berguling bangga🤣🤣

KhalidSamad Defeat BN then what? PN, PAS are no different than BN. This big tent is only for you guys to be minister nothing about people..

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Malaysia Latest News, Malaysia Headlines

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