'One-term gov't' critics are traitors, says Zuraida

'One-term gov't' critics are traitors, says Zuraida

16/9/2019 1:34:00 PM

'One-term gov't' critics are traitors, says Zuraida

The housing and local government minister says it is too early to judge or punish the Harapan government.

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Dah kau pun bodoh nak jual property kat foreigner. Biar je la market buat correction. zuraida_my Now I believed PH deserve 'One-term gov't' because they are traitors to rakyat. People elect you, but you bite rakyat back. Look at Tun, he's old , started mumbling talk. Listen carefully to his latest speech in Russia.

Not attempting to carry out as recorded in manifesto is a real traitor. dia ni JKKK Kampung pun x layak What traitor, Mak Lampir..you work for the people and we are the stakeholders Selling out Housing Priorities to Foreigners is an Act of Betraayal & Treachery This woman is made of pure dumb. Critics are not traitors. Traitors are people who, for example, go against their party leader. Luke what you’re doing. Itu la tipu lagi pasal your tertiary education. Susah nak cover kebodohan tu.

Sadly or rather Shockingly theready are critics in your own party that said you are a Traitor Yeah...go fcuk urself pls when you are not convincing goons about selling our properties to foreigners!! Pengkritik bukan pengkhianat la makcik zuraida_my .. tapi orang mengkritik kebodohan ko dan menteri2 PH yang dungu.

Joker Actually politicianss like you who go against your own KEADILAN party President anwaribrahim are the REAL traitors zuraida_my PTUI Kritik, bukan hina. Jangan bongkak sangat. Kami pilih, next time kami boleh tumbangkan. reading all the comment, just as same reply with previous gomen. so yeah, akan jatuh uol

So we were traitors to the 60 year old regime that we voted out too? Xnk kn kritik dok dlm gua.. Muka pon dh mcm jamban.. mak cik aps toilet!zuraida_my Biarkn je mreka kata apa pun.itu saje mreka blih buat masa ini. Ok that's it, I think its time for Zuraida to go Kamu tu kena sedar diri sikit zuraida_my

BN was toppled by the rakyat because of BN's arrogance. you are heading on that path. Prove them wrong YB ybz99 but don't call them traitors. Can you blame them when you yourself are not a team player within your own party? Kau sepatutnya tolong rakyat, bukannya korporat. Bangsat. Nanti developers buat lg rumah mahal lepastu mintak tolong menteri lagi. zuraida_my

Arguably, ministers deserving of only one term are even more traitorous to the nation. Much noise and no results from this one 🤨 Nothing is forever in politics...the power belongs to the people....shouldn't be to upset Cz politicians fate is in the hands of the voter... Dulu pandai cakap, rakyat mempunyai hak bersuara.. Malah pekerja kerajaan mempunyai hak menyatakan pendapat sebab kerajaan cuma diberi mandat memerintah Dan bukan empunya Malaysia ni..Skrg pandai mengelar rakyat sbg pengkhianat bila jelas kerajaan skrg sdg menghancurkan negara!!

Hhahahahah SF PH has to perform well n to accept valid criticisms. Otherwise, the change of wind is unavoidable. Don't worry makcik, rupa dah ada dah jual nasi lemak 👌 Traitors? U mad woman? Hhahaha Bila la mak cik ni nak sedar diri? Bull. Why dont you listen to the people who voted you in. You n gang are the traitors for not listening to the critics. Why is it so difficult for you all to understand. Wud be happy the likes of you one term govt.

We love our country and telling that PH government is 'One term Govt' is reality on the ground this Malaysia day. It is in the best interest to change the raayat perception. And all sudden we are labelled as traitors.. niameh Remember what happens to previous govt who don’t accept critism? How come criticising Govt is considered traitor. Traitor tu yg jual IC kat pendatang. Pemimpin2 merompak duit negara.

Pui. I voted for PH. For Change. If u dont change. We change you. Easy Jaga la bahasa tu sikit... zuraida_my makin lama.. Makin bnyk statement 'menyusahkan' dari anda... 🤦‍♂️ NO! U R THE TRAITOR! Any non-Malay who isn’t a traitor to this racist, bigoted nation should ask yourself WHY NOT. So people you don't agree with you are now traitors?

Tak sedar diri punya manusia.. ko yg khianat negara.. sembang nak selamatkan sudahnya menjahanamkan negara.. pigidah.. kelulusan pun tipu.. taraf mahfuz bean je la kau.. U know the meaning of traitors? Makcik goreng pisang with an attitude Traitor? Would you call your boss a traitor if u were replaced? An uncalled for statement. Remember PH was voted base on certain expectations and promises. We are not asking you to fulfil all, bit at least some of them. Minimum wage of RM1,500 is a must. Focus on the economy and cost of living issues,not yr internal bickering within PKR

Speak for yourself!

Minister wants Sarawak to explain why PPR units are priced 10% higherHousing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin says higher prices will burden the people. FMTNews

Minister defends plan to offload unsold luxury properties to foreigners | The Malaysian InsightMinister defends plan to offload unsold luxury properties to foreigners Malaysia nak hasil dpd luar masuk Malaysia lah. Bukan nak suruh korang hutang banyak banyak kat bank. Inflasi dah tinggi. Hello atuk chedetofficial PECAT je lah menteri ni cuba nak jual negara Takkan atuk lupa plak? Atuk tak nyanyuk lagi kan? Sense or nonsense I can't stand durian in off season....Traitor!

No meeting with Anwar, no reconciliation, says ZuraidaThe PKR vice-president reiterates she just wants clarifications on certain issues. Stand under Bersatu. You and Azmin not getting my votes. zuraida_my p jual rumah lah.. Under-performing minister yet very cocky.

Under fire, Zuraida says selling unsold homes to foreigners an effort to restore economy | Malay MailKEPALA BATAS, Sept 16 — The proposed Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) for foreigners to resolve the issue of unsold luxury houses is part of efforts to restore the country’s economy, said Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin. She said with the sale of the unsold houses, it... Sini sini bayar saya, bayar saya utk hapus babi yg cemari taman ini, bayar saya untuk tudung pencemaran udara, pencemaran babi Restore whose economy? Nation? Yes? No? Nonok lah

We only need to meet Anwar, says PKR veep Zuraida | The Malaysian InsightMeeting with party's elected office-bearers should not include those appointed to posts, she says.

Govt plans to buy new fire-fighting assets including plane and chopper, says ZuraidaKUCHING (Bernama): The government plans to purchase a Bombardier aircraft and a 'Medevac' helicopter for the use of the Fire and Rescue Department, says Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin.