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NST Leader: Consensus isn't working | New Straits Times

#NSTleader Asean needs to get tough on Myanmar.

13/6/2021 7:52:00 PM

NSTleader Asean needs to get tough on Myanmar.

April 24 came and went like any other day. After all, human memory can only hold so many bytes in recall mode. But April 24 was no ordinary day for Asean .

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Singapore got Pfizer vaccine quicker because Temasek Holdings had a stake in BioNTech, says KJ

KUALA LUMPUR: Among the reasons why Singapore was ahead of Malaysia in procuring Covid-19 vaccines was because Temasek Holdings and other investors had invested US$250mil (RM1.06bil) into German biotech company BioNTech, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

people are dying everyday but asean is helping the killer Allah has told Qasim in his rehmani dreams that, if we want Allah’s help and wish to be successful then we have to protect yourselves from all forms of shirk, otherwise we will never succeed.Learn more at or search ‘Muhammad Qasim Dreams’

KKM kesan 24 kluster baharu Covid-19 | The Malaysian Insight15 daripadanya melibatkan kluster tempat kerja.

24 new Covid-19 clusters in workplaces, community | The Malaysian InsightThere are 761 active clusters nationwide currently.

24 kluster Covid-19, 15 babit tempat kerjaSelebihnya tujuh berkaitan komuniti dan dua membabitkan pusat tahanan. FMTNews Covid19 Kluster KKM Please wake up Pada masa-masa kebingungan, cobaan dan ketidakadilan, seluruh umat Islam memerlukan keyakinan dan keimanan yang kuat. Mimpi Muhammad Qasim memberi kita harapan dengan pertolongan Allah yang telah dijanjikan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW melalui hadis. Lawati

NST Leader: Group Seven think | New Straits TimesThis weekend’s Group of Seven (G7) leaders meeting in laid-back Cornwall in southwest England may suggest that the world’s richest industrialised nations are coming together to save the post-pandemic world. This is a false reading.

G7 leaders take on China and plan to stop new pandemics | New Straits TimesCARBIS BAY, United Kingdom: The G7 on Saturday unveiled US-led plans to counter China in infrastructure funding for poorer nations, and a new accord to prevent future pandemics, as the elite group sought to showcase Western unity at its first in-person summit since 2019.