Fmtnews, Tajuddinabdulrahman

Fmtnews, Tajuddinabdulrahman

Non-Bumiputeras control meat cartels, says Tajuddin

Former deputy agriculture minister says he had a tough time trying to push for more Bumiputera participation and had brought in new suppliers from India.

24/1/2021 4:02:00 PM

Former deputy agriculture minister says he had a tough time trying to push for more Bumiputera participation and had brought in new suppliers from India. FMTNews TajuddinAbdulRahman

Former deputy agriculture minister says he had a tough time trying to push for more Bumiputera participation and had brought in new suppliers from India.

-January 24, 2021 9:00 PMFormer deputy agriculture minister Tajuddin Abdul RahmanTajuddin said he had a tough time trying to break the monopoly.PETALING JAYA: Meat cartels do exist and they are monopolised and controlled by non-Bumiputeras, says a former deputy agriculture minister.

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Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, who was the deputy minister from 2013-2018, said the cartels had been operating for decades and had refused to share the billion-ringgit business with Bumiputera companies.He said he had taken several measures in an attempt to break this monopoly so that a few overseas cartels did not supply only two to three local non-Bumiputera companies. “The monopoly allows them to control the price of the meat,” he said.

Tajuddin, who is MP for Pasir Salak and a member of Umno’s supreme council, said he had worked with new companies from India who had agreed to supply meat to Bumiputera companies.“Meat cartel exists. These companies control the export market from India and Australia, and if there are new players they will undercut the price or do all sorts of things to keep the monopoly,” he told FMT.

However, he said he did not know whether meat imported by these cartels were mixed with non-halal meat as raised in the media recently.Question mark over Jakim inspectionsTajuddin said that when he was in the ministry he had suggested to Jakim, the Islamic development department, and the Veterinary Department to hire more officers to frequently monitor the halal requirements here and the source countries.

“It has to be monitored on a regular basis and not after long intervals. Anything can happen (if left unchecked). The halal status may be compromised,” he added.Tajuddin said if effective monitoring processes had been in place, questions on halal certification would not have arisen.

However, Tajuddin said he did not know if his suggestions to hire more officers to monitor meat supply and opening more halal slaughterhouses were followed through after Barisan Nasional lost in the 2018 general election.Recalling the difficulty in handling this sector, Tajuddin said local and foreign cartels were working hand-in-hand and would not allow new players in the market, adding that this made him source for new suppliers from India.

“I also pushed for a new halal certified slaughterhouse to cater for the supply. I did not have an easy time with the veterinary department although I was merely persuading exporters to help our local Bumiputra supplies,” he added.He also questioned Jakim on why it had not hired new officers to monitor the halal certification, adding that they needed to visit the slaughterhouses overseas on a regular basis to check if they were fulfilling the requirements,” he asked.

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Nak cerita supaya disanjung sudah mencuba lah tu 1.We missed the point.The meat must be brought in as halal certified item 2.The cartel is allegedly not doing a right thing and fair business 3.Consuming non halal meat is a big issue for Moslem 4. It is not a race issue but trust.The cartel has not respect to moslem community

NFC itu apa? Bodoh Stupid guy What nonsense, yeah rightevery proposals that comes in we have to allocate certain% to you via proxy And bumiputera gave them halal certification. Again donkey said monkey,monkey say donkey Pegawai kerajaan JAKIM tak pantau kerana kena jampi (jenis bukan bumiputera) ataupun hypnosis, sampai mereka buta dan diam-diam terima rasuah masuk kocek. Sumpah

Kimak ko,asyik nk salahkan orang.... everything is race and religion! from anythg from umno mouth!!!! Dulu dia panggil penternak bumiputera buat mesyuarat &tubuh konsortium lepas tu nak suruh semua ahli dalam tu buat contribution politik... ehem... Talk is cheap. Always playing the race card. Were you not trying to get a cut too? And bring in your cartel?

It is about competing in the business, why there has to be sharing if none of the locals, be it bumi or non-bumi, can’t keep up. Pls stop racial statement! Its been 60yrs+ merdeka. Such statement shouldn't be out from any of us. tak payah lah nak sebok² cerita pasal bangsa² lain, bangsa sendiri pun bukannya betul sangat, tak malu ke?

Only non bumiputera that can become importer during BN times are BN Cronies. Does not matter if your PM are Malay. corrupt leaders bring in their corrupt cronies. If someone can steal billions what makes you think he cares what meat we eat. Bila Bumi tak berjaya, salah kan non-bumi. Dulu bila kerajaan bg project NFC kat Bumi, instead of beli lembu, pegi beli kondo. Bila politician tak dpt project bising, bila dapat project lingkup.

I’m presenting to you the TPEOM TTM-C. The student selects of it any accredited academic subject of the Educational challenge. Science, All levels of mathematics, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Health, Physical Education, Computer Science, Language literacy & grammar. Biasa le bila bumi nak buat pasti kena sabotage..selalunya melalui fitnah dan precepcy

Nak buat Cina gaduh gan Melayu lagi. Nak alih perhatian kes dari partimuda la ni. Non bumi controls the cartel BUT it was the BUMIPUTRAS that allowed them and appointed them Andai benar kartel non-bumi (again DiEhPi?), Why tak didedahnya identiti; Segala hendak dipitalnya story, Rasanya bagai sitcom comedy!

One would source for new suppliers to Kam-Cheng & work with one’s proxies naturally. One didn’t get enough ‘meat’ from cartel; that’s why I hope Allah will punish you to ground for all the lies and evil acts. Show us the list and u think we are stupid that halal meat controlled by non bumi? Po da! OMG...!! Who the hell will ever trust this chap...!! Still got the guts to say this...tak kan tak tahu malu

It must be MCA, right ? oOo balik hisap kuda la iblis tua.. another excuse Memang la Salah yang tidak memerintah! Bentar kaum lain pulak yang Menawal agama Islam di Malaysia! Kebodohan yang tak tertapis Salah Cina atau siapa lagi bang? Yang jaga dekat pintu masuk gomen tu bumi or non bumi? Fucking useless ah they all that they can't control what comes in and out. Isap syabu and ambil rasuah is it? Why can't push for more melei 'cartel' to import meat? Malas or bodoh tak tau nak buat bisnes? Msian no grow meat?

Typical UMNO racist is the last bomb ... Zina = Dua² bersalah. Yang kongket & bagi kongket. 40 tahun xboleh kesan? Bullshit !!! Its 8 GE. 8 government. Or can i say useless 8? Don't think non-Bumis in this country are so privileged anymore. Lambat! Dah 40 tahun kartel ini buat kerja tu. Dont go half baked la. Name those behind also. Not just the frontmens. Ada berani?

Talk cock sing song... Talk with evidence You are always empty barrel See how dirty they are in conducting biz! Why is race even important here? Why even mention who controls what? Cant he just point out the real issue here? Why own failure must blame someone else? BS,,,How bout NFC... the so called project to supply msia with meat.....

Who issue AP and who is the recipient? Always the other race fault. Never on themselves, holy as fuck. Idiot!!! U think the govt will appoint a non-bumi company to import halal meat? Why want to have bumi and non-bumi statement pal. Work as a team for everyone and everybody. Stop this bigotry. We are Malaysians!!

Its all non malay fault, since malayan unions days until today. That’s a bad statement dude. Bumi or non Bumi , name them. Let’s see who they are racial again - nonsense - sounds like that mara computer mall that they started - salah DAP ke tak ni?