No action against Yapeim D-G over anti-PH speech

Deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs says Abibullah Samsudin will be evaluated based on his performance.


Deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs says Abibullah Samsudin will be evaluated based on his performance.

Deputy minister in charge of Islamic affairs says Abibullah Samsudin will be evaluated based on his performance.

Fuziah Salleh said the government cannot take retrospective action against Abibullah Samsudin or other civil servants over their political loyalty prior to the May 9 change of government last year.

“If there are those who vote for Pakatan Harapan, you are not fit to work in Yapeim,” he was heard saying.

Fuziah said under the PH government, civil servants are free to support any political party.

“Should there be any action taken against any civil servant, be it in Yapeim or any other agency, it will be based on their work performance and not political inclinations.”

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This why many PH voters are pissed off Mr. DM, it’s not about punishing for not being loyal to PH before. It’s about breaking the law. Can a gov employee campaign for a political party? Can a gov servant threaten gov employees. Telling them not fit to work is that. So why are we going after Najib? Break the law u pay.

Hah performance ? Than action can be taken immediately He's lucky if he still being retained after what he said. If not, dia balik kampung, tanam kangkung lah Don't bite the hands that are feeding you. That biased conduct of the DG already affected his role and performance! Apa lagi ? Evaluate what, he should be demoted immediately.

skumar176 This deputy minister needs to have his head examined. No one, especially a person in authority, should influence his subordinate how to vote. Idiots like this minister have caused moral and ethical standards to go so low. Wtf fuziah99 mujahidrawa .. Dlm peperangan, kita akan kalah jika ada musuh dlm selimut. Tu punca perpecahan, punca pecah belah. Tu bukan demokrasi, tu tindakan bodoh namanya. Sia² PH diberi mandat memerintah klu taktik cmni pun xtau nk handle.

Please someone from PH remove this stupid guy.. Takkan leader from PH x nampak.. Aduss come on wake up anwaribrahim AnwarIbrahim2 Ratu_Naga chedetofficial adrianlimcheeen PPBMofficial mujahidrawa SPRMMalaysia SyedSaddiq maszlee MukhrizMahathir

MACC arrests deputy director of DBKLAzam Baki says RM1 million cash was found at the suspect's house during a raid. Now this is fuckin news No rest for those pursuing the wicked, corrupt and immoral! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Performance apa yang sampai dapat bonus rm400,000 tu? Mmg bawah PH tak patut ambil tindakan atas perbezaan sokongan parti tetapi mengugut atas perbezaan sokongan parti adalah perkara yg berbeza & patut diambil tindakan! He can be musuh dalam out..PH supposed to uphold honesty. there are so many capable leaders

Pernah dengar pepatah, anak harimau jgn dipelihara? apa benda nak evaluted lagi pasal performance kalo dah terang2 benci pada PH. He has repent. Huhu He deserves a second chance.. Abibullah patut resign ja kalau dia ada maruah lagi. This is the bolehland. Ada penyelewengan d yapeim, rugi 12 juta, so resign bro jgn tunggu lagi

MACC arrests City Hall deputy director | The Malaysian InsightHe is picked up on suspicion for receiving a RM200,000 bribe. Wow pangkat sangat besar 😂

Elok haram ni resign lah, dia x kn x fhm lagi, dia keja staff meluat dan low moral, yapeim ni berniaga dan x blh rugi, staff kn strong utk buat untung, resign lah , mujahidrawa fuziah99 Please remove him before we rakyat remove PH! All of a sudden, after yapeim caught the YB lying about using orphan's fund to pay legal fees, all sorts of 'scandals' came out. YB fitnah yapeim can. Tipu la yb.

Tak malu Yeah good, no action. If tht's the case, then why cooperate with DAP under the coalition of Pakatan Harapan? Isn't DAP part of the coalition? Isn't DAP the very same party tht the moron badmouthed publicly? PH amalkan Islam yg memaafkan. Ok la tu. Ha ha ha . CH Semenyih Rantau also anti PH. Proven.

Dah tukar kem? Mcm Tony dan Deepak. Selamatlah. Yg ambik risiko berjuang disuruh duduk diam, jgn harapkan balasan. Muka tebal ...

Guaido’s deputy arrested in Venezuela | The Malaysian InsightEdgar Zambrano have been detained by the country’s intelligence agents.

Apa ini !

MACC nabs DBKL deputy director on suspicion of graftFive other individuals were also arrested and remanded for further investigation.

MACC arrests DBKL deputy directorKUALA LUMPUR (May 9): A department deputy director at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) was arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) at a hotel in the city early today.It is learnt that the man was picked up on suspicion of receiving a bribe, believed to be amounting to RM200,000, from several contractors as an inducement to approve a project involving City Hall.MACC deputy chief commissioner (Operation) Datuk Seri Azam Baki said the MACC, during its raid, also

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