NIP: No action will be taken against undocumented migrants - KJ

NIP: No action will be taken against undocumented migrants - KJ

24/9/2021 3:12:00 PM

NIP: No action will be taken against undocumented migrants - KJ

'The priority of the ministry is to provide vaccinations to everyone.'

This was the promise made by Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin today."The priority of the ministry is to...Unlocking ArticleRead more from this author Read more: »

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Blank cheque. Unlike other departments KJ makes sense. This is not the time to take action. Hopefully there is someone with the brain to gather all their data and make used of it

NIP to be expanded to cover all, including children | New Straits TimesNSTnation Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said apart from vaccination for teenagers in Malaysia, the ministry is also evaluating data on vaccination for children under 12 years of age. Covid19 NIP Adults Children Vaccination Stop recording vaccinators doing the job. Stop insulting vaccinators.

No action against undocumented migrants at vaccination centres | New Straits TimesNSTnation Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, during a special press conference today, said the ministry remains committed to inoculate everyone in the country, irrespective of their immigration status. Immigration Covid19 Migrants PPV Khairykj Thank you for the clarification much appreciated, please convey this to the Home Minister he did not get the Memo.

More than 155k employees laid off during pandemic - SaravananNo action was taken against the employers as retrenchments were legal. So? U just reported?! The question is what r going to do?! Talk n forget?! Only 155k ... ? Your goverment very much under reported c19 cases by lower testing. Ah neh, ny man in the street will know it is more than 155k with the closure of so many hotels and SMI! Go do a proper job.

Reporting undocumented migrants to authorities will discourage them from getting jabbed, says group | The Malaysian InsightMedical association dismayed over statement health workers need to notify security forces if group shows up at PPVs.

MMA: Making health workers tattle on undocumented migrants sends wrong messageOn the order to inform if these migrants come for vaccination. 'Jangan katakan bahawa Qasim sebagai Imam Mahdi!' Oleh itu, saya katakan kepada anda bahawa tunjukkan kepada saya siapa yang lebih layak menjadi Imam Mahdi? Adakah anda mempunyai bukti? Mengapa semakin banyak orang yang menuntut ini?

Implement long overdue Sabah IC to help resolve undocumented migrant issue in the state, says KitinganKOTA KINABALU: Sabah STAR insists that the Sabah IC system should be implemented as soon as possible to help in resolving the issue of undocumented migrants in the state.