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Nightclub fined RM25,000, 19 partygoers RM5,000 each in Labour Day raid

Police found patrons going against Covid-19 SOPs.

2/5/2021 11:08:00 AM

Police found patrons going against Covid-19 SOP s. FMTNews Police SOP Raid

Police found patrons going against Covid-19 SOP s.

-May 2, 2021 4:06 PMIn the 1.15am raid, police rounded up the partygoers, aged between 19 and 44, for breaching Covid-19 SOPs. (Bernama pic)BUKIT MERTAJAM: A Labour Day themed-party at a nightclub in Icon City here turned sour after the outlet was fined RM25,000 while its 19 patrons had to pay RM5,000 each for violating Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

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In the 1.15am raid, police rounded up the partygoers, aged between 19 and 44, for not wearing face masks and failure to maintain physical distancing.It is learnt that the nightclub operated through RSVP replies and a limited number of patrons.It also had themed parties before with its Facebook page pledging to follow Covid-19 SOPs.

Central Seberang Perai district police chief Shafee Abdul Samad said 20 people were rounded up, one of whom was a 21-year-old male cashier who was ordered to pay a compound fine of RM25,000 on behalf of the nightclub operator.He said the case was being further investigated under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

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Separuh lagi duit raya Polis lupa ke? MalaysianCitiz3 Why only 25k, should revoke the business license. Double standard again from a failed government. Boleh buat rayuan tu naik kan jadi 50k Kerajaan melayu islam sayangkan club nampaknya. Kompaun pun 25k je. Better assign these people that flout SOP to handle covid19 dead bodies on top of the fine on them. They are not scared of covid19 as they do not take the pandemic seriously.

PDRMsia DBKL2u Clearly Double Standard!! Why Only Rm25k Not Rm50k? TSMusaHassan KDNPUTRAJAYA dhzhamzah zulkiflibujang AnnuarMusa Eh? Dah ada discount? Abg buger kena RM50k ye PN Pas?!!! Sial Jual burger denda Rm50 ribu , kelab Malam Rm25k. Alhamdullilah hidup Kerajaan PN.

Police Covid-19 compliance team nab man with RM10,000 worth of fireworksKUALA LUMPUR: A police team on Covid-19 compliance surveillance duty stumbled across a man with RM10,000 worth of fireworks.

Why this pub only get fined 25k while burger seller was fined 50k...

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Sibuk bincang gaji minimum, gaji menteri RM30,000-RM60,000 jangan lupa, sindir ZahidPresiden Umno itu berkata, ketika darurat dilaksanakan adakalanya kelibat menteri dan timbalan menteri tidak dapat dilihat kerana Parlimen tidak bersidang. FMTNews Umno ZahidHamidi GajiMinimum Jadi rakyat yg biasa2 ini mmg nampak dua tiga menteri saja yang berpeluh peluh peluh bekerja padahal kita ada berpuluh puluh puluh puluh lagi dlm cabinet yg entah buat kerja ke tidak. ada yang bergaji DUTA tapi hampeh! Agaknya bila skim saraan Ahli Parlimen diluluskan pindaannya bagi kenaikan elaun MP. Klu tak silap waktu zaman penerintahan BN..

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