New investment policy will be tabled to cabinet tomorrow - Azmin Ali

New investment policy will be tabled to cabinet tomorrow - Azmin Ali

20/4/2021 2:12:00 AM

New investment policy will be tabled to cabinet tomorrow - Azmin Ali

The new policy is to attract more high-quality investors to make Malaysia a high-income nation, he adds.


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PETALING JAYA: The government is committed to uplifting the welfare of workers while saving lives and livelihoods, says Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

Table to parliment lo !! KerajaanGagal Please wear your face mask properly Mr Minister KerajaaanGagal Porrrrdah Is the Cabinet functioning under the Emergency declaration?🤔🙂 Nk tanya? Bagaimanakah cara korang jadi jemaah menteri bila badan perlembagaan spt parliament belum dibuka lagi? Parliament yg menentukan hala tuju bukan jemaah menteri yg tiada mandat dan mencuri democracy!

Masuk parliament lah bodo As you can see here in the comment section AmeerAzmin amiraaazmin, nobody likes your father. Pui AzminAli - the only policy we should have is bring in investments. Who would want to invest in a country if bad labour practices stop exports to UK and US. Who wants to invest in a country where you have to bring in foreign workers and expertise.

Why reinvent the wheel? Hope after G15, these ppl are penalize and jail

New investment policy to be tabled to Cabinet on Wednesday (April 21), says AzminKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): A Cabinet paper on the country's new investment policy will be tabled on Wednesday (April 21), says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Azmin Ali.

What !!!! ...Can have cabinet but not parliament? End this disgrace of a forced government KerajaanGagal TamatDarurat Kebinet mana AzminAli ? Absolutely bullshit. First, this so-called new policy is suddenly presented after he was heavily criticised of poor performance. Secondly, we’ve heard high fucking income nation since the yesteryears of Najib’s rule but nothing so far took place. Stop this stupid rhetoric.

KerajaanGagal Backdoor investment for a backdoor government? Azmin is definitely good at it! Pengkhianat tiada siapa akan percaya. Hancurlah kau *Put on the table, next to his cabinet. daruratCOVID19 Under emergency still hv cabinet ? Wow, didn't know tt Bodohnya assmin dh setahun lebih kot covid ni.

New investment policy to be tabled to Cabinet tomorrow, says Azmin | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — A Cabinet paper on the country’s new investment policy will be tabled tomorrow, says Senior Minister cum Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. He said the new policy was to attract more high-quality investors in an effort to make... What backdoor cabinets? Failure cabinets!!! Azmin use your brain. Now Malaysia needs a quantities investor to help the rakyat, it doesn't matter a high quality or medium quality. Rakyat need to work to survive. Cause of u back door government, do u think foreign company will dare to come to invest.

Where responsibility? TamatDarurat BukaParlimen After 1 year plus. Where my rights .. . BukaParlimen

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