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Neelofa and family given RM60k in compound fines; says it's a good n | New Straits Times

#NSTnation Apart from the couple, 20 of their family members who attended their wedding held at a hotel were also compounded RM1,500 each for failing to ensure physical distancing. #Neelofa #MCO #CMCO #SOP #Covid19 #Compound

27/4/2021 12:38:00 PM

NSTnation Apart from the couple, 20 of their family members who attended their wedding held at a hotel were also compounded RM1,500 each for failing to ensure physical distancing. Neelofa MCO C MCO SOP Covid19 Compound

KUALA LUMPUR: Famous celebrity-cum-entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, her husband and family members have been slapped with compound fines totalling RM60,000 for defying Covid-19 prevention Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ).

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Cops call for calm after neighbours fight over gardening, parking

SHAH ALAM: Police have urged for cooler heads to prevail after a video of a clash between two groups of neighbours went viral.

Neelofa & her family are rich. RM60K is chump change for them. Stricter fines MUST be imposed like RM60K each, community service for all involved for 10 years each & prison time of 6 months each. That'll teach everyone not to f**k with the law TrustNoOne Good God.. The absolute state of justice here is pathetic.

Not bad. Only 10k more than the burger seller. Just loose change for the happy couple. RM60,000 is celah gigi dekat dia. Should be RM6,000,000. Baru ada akai

Noor Hisham: 20 new Covid-19 clusters detected today | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: Twenty new Covid-19 clusters were detected in the country while 14 ended today, said Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. Cluster kilang tapi kilang ada tutup ke ? Jawapannya tidak . Output kena jalan everyday , yield harus dicapai !Kukuhkan ekonomi they said. Malaysia boleh

Dr Noor Hisham: 20 new Covid-19 clusters, eight in workplaces across the country | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 19 — The Health Ministry logged 20 new Covid-19 clusters today, including eight workplace clusters and six “community” clusters. Another four clusters involved educational institutions, while the remaining two were categorised as “religious” clusters. In a statement... And still no work from home order? Vaksin Elekk,kes naik

Blood clot cases after AstraZeneca jab are rare, says Dr Noor Hisham | New Straits TimesNSTnation 'Till April 25, only Denmark has stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine, while 44 out of 99 countries that had approved the vaccine for emergency usage continued using it with conditions.' AstraZeneca Vaccine Covid19 NIP

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Government needs to revisit SOP, says Dr Noor Hisham | New Straits TimesPUTRAJAYA: The government needs to revisit the standard operating procedures ( SOP ) in place, ensuring continued adaptation to the new normal to minimise the spread of Covid-19 in the community. We shall apply the SOP set out during MCO1.0, where army and police are working together to stop the crowd. MCO1.0 is the real movement control order, which has been done properly before. It's sad that the govt stop applying the same while the of cases hit almost 5k daily. We all know MCO 1.0 doing the good job but gov refuse to do it. Making useless SOP to collect money from it look tasty for the gov. Tan Sri, You have a good point plan here and your perspective is effective but will the government accept your proposal to review their SOP. Frankly speaking rakyat has totally lost confidence in the government administration. Hope you will success. Good luck.

MyUBAT diperluas permudah urusan pesakit - Dr. Noor HishamKementerian Kesihatan memperluaskan Sistem Pengurusan Pembekalan Ubat bagi Sistem Perkhidmatan Nilai Tambah Farmasi (MyUBAT) ke seluruh fasiliti kesihatan kementerian.