Najib sues Tommy Thomas, govt over wrongful prosecution

Najib sues Tommy Thomas, govt over wrongful prosecution

26/10/2021 12:47:00 PM

Najib sues Tommy Thomas, govt over wrongful prosecution

Ex-PM contends former AG had committed misfeasance in public office.

Najib Abdul Razak has hauled former attorney-general Tommy Thomas to court over the former prime minister’s alleged wrongful prosecution for several criminal cases.Through law firm Raj, Ong & Yudistra, the former prime minister filed the lawsuit at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 22. The legal action named Thomas and the government as defendants.

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Are we living in some alternative reality ? This man knows no shame. We have had enough of your lies... YOU will be held ACCOUNTABLE! For the sake of our country, there MUST be a clear message sent to ALL who wish to emulate YOU !! Which prosecution was wrong? Best form of defence is attack, Bagusssss.. kepala dia atok saka tu disaman jugek.. hahaha

Padan muka tommy thomas kahkahkah..gelabah beruk lar sekor2 🤣 Democracy vs autocracy How is it wrongful if a judge was able to give a guilty verdict on the src case? Verdict was given.... Pending appeal... What u want to sue? Wasting time.... If appeal over rule then u can proceed with sue lah... Kept harping want to clear many times gives excuse to postpone hearing....

What about Wall Street Journal? Have money can sue anything, even if you don't like the judge's face. Good, about time

Najib gets court greenlight for extended passport releaseIt's been extended until Dec 6. Our court had just become the biggest joke now and glaringly siding the ones in power. There is no logic to him having the need to go to Singapore, none. Just as there isn'a need for his daughter to give birth to her child which I assume won't be Malaysian by law, in Singapore. Just give it back to him for good since he seems to have more privileges than 99.99% of the people who are law abiding, honest & hardworking anyway. No need to have more such sandiwara, no need to pretend the law is unbiased, no need, just no need .... Get rid of this corrupt system!

What's is going on with Malaysia jurisdiction Convicted Criminal now can sue for wrongful prosecution after found guilty WTF A balance between a free ctry&democracy over abuse of court process?How many filings have been done by lawyers to try to usurp,delay justice&making the court process a mockery to say the least! Can’t our AGC or CJ do something about these abuses rather than quiet/doing nothing?🤷

Can Rakyat sue the promises by politician in exchange for a vote? See? Once out of Malaysia, he’ll make us look stoopid! 🥲 Siapa suruh bagi balik paspot hah?!! Let's wait for his appeal at the Court of Appeal. Patience of highest degree required! Wah...macam dia adalah victim... Buying time..buying time.

He will portray that he is innocent NajibRazak Boleh tak kita saman NajibRazak sebab curi duit semasa jadi PM? The audacity!

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Dulu kes bunuh altantuya shaariibuu terlepas rompak wang negara dah salah belum masuk penjara sikalang mau sue lagi ini orang betul betul tak tau malu..sikit pun tak malu sudah mencuri merompak membunuh anak branak semua perompak busat Hahaha as I said enjoyable movies always at the and will be more psyched!

This is Malaysia. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh. That's why people don't even bother to become whistleblower. 😏 Keep voting we'll see more of this His SRC case went thro due legal process and he was found guilty and sentenced. malaccans must take note n vote these people out… So now let's all worship devils not god

Sue the FBI also. Please. Just for the sake of character survival. Making it looks like he's innocent all the way. Wrongful prosecution? Haven't Najib been convicted? A convict talking about wrongful prosecution! What a joke.

Najib dapat kebenaran pulangkan pasport lewat - Utusan DigitalSelain Ahmad Zahid dan Najib, turut diberikan kebenaran untuk mendapatkan semula pasport antarabangsa masing-masing ialah Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor yang juga akan ke Singapura untuk melawat anak dan terbaharu, Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah yang akan ke… Oops!!!... my foreigner-friends often comment.. Malaysia is 'MAS'.. 'Mana Ada Sistem' Sekarang is 'MAU' 'Mana Ada Undang' News says is all, crooks& double-standard governance reflecting -ve image on Malaysia. IsmailSabri60 anwaribrahim guanenglim HishammuddinH2O

The only way is to do not give a single vote to even any single person in that camp. PH may have many flaws but let PH wins all in GE. We juz have to. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Stole billions with a Babi from Tanah Malu Apa Melayu was a National Service!! Fking Thief!! Wah here he comes .. all guns blazing fuck this najib cunt la

Can we sue Najib for being a wrong prime minister? Best jadi kaya and berkuasa nih Scandal. Today's Malaysia is a failed state. Najib itu bangsat yang sudah disabit kesalahan dan sepatutnya disumbat dalam penjara Sampai bila sistem kehakiman negara membiarkan diri diperolok & dipersenda oleh Najib Razak?

Najib allowed to leave for Singapore after Melaka elections | New Straits TimesNSTnation Datuk Seri NajibRazak has been given the green light to travel to Singapore after the Melaka state elections next month. PRNMelaka

Three High Court judges give Najib greenlight over passport release extensionKUALA LUMPUR: Three High Court judges who are hearing Datuk Seri Najib Razak's 1MDB-related trials have allowed the former prime minister an extension of his temporary passport release on Tuesday (Oct 26). Why? What so special? If visit is so important, it should only during giving birth(😵‍💫) - later dates are just reason - kami rakyat pun nak travel kalau macam ni … Excellent, a right decision. Gd luck. All three under his payroll. God Bless Malaysia

Mahkamah benar Najib pinda tarikh berlepas, pulangkan pasport ke Singapura | Harian MetroKuala Lumpur: Tiga Mahkamah Tinggi berasingan hari ini membenarkan permohonan Datuk Seri Najib Razak untuk meminda tarikh pelepasan dan pemulangan pasportnya ke Singapura bagi melawat anak perempuannya Nooryana Najwa yang dijangka melahirkan anak kedua pada awal November. aku harap anak dgn cucu kau mati bersalin sial