Najib 'shocked and disappointed' over unfavourable ruling

16/8/2022 1:10:00 PM

Najib 'shocked and disappointed' over unfavourable ruling

Najib 'shocked and disappointed' over unfavourable ruling

Ex-PM says he was hoping to 'show the truth of the matter'.

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? 🙄 I am shocked and awed as well Malaysians are reeling with shocked you are still breathing fresh air instead of the stink at Sg Buloh Forever in shock syndrome If he's not Tun Razak's son... Guess where should he be place by now Kenapa si Najib ni liat sangat tak nak masuk jail? ‘Unfavourable ruling’? Who do you really think you are in this world but a small dot? You have been ‘favoured’ for way too long - because really, you should be in jail NajibRazak - trust me, (maybe) God is STILL favouring you! Sheeeesh!

Syiok when stealing billions, overseas shopping and abuse of power but shock when the judges had enough of the delaying tactics? Thives are always like tht Moment terindah badan kehakiman negara..ingat cap ayam ker..suka suki lu arah sana sini..dah kena cop budak2 punya bukti.. Perhaps money really can't buy Everything

Upset Najib hopes final appeal will show truth | The Malaysian InsightEx-PM believes earlier trial judge was heavily conflicted. Show la the truth. Don't keep delaying it. Nie x. Lawyer sakit, Kucing sakit--banyak alasan Truth is the money went to your accnt and you use it....and you scammed the rakyat.. Go show your truth on FB

You had the best time shopping with all the Sri money, now you are shocked?..😂😂😂 I am shock and dissapointed too that your case is taking so long Masa dpt 2.6B, dia terkejut dan gembira.... I am shocked that my grandchildren (yet to be born) will be burdened due to your follies. Can always go to Bamboo River Resort to stay for a long time to de-stress. No need to be shocked ....

can express your shock in the socmed. We willing to hear it Who the hell ajib raja penyamun thinks he is that the court ruling must favour him!!! You go fly kite in bamboo river resort ajib!!! To the white hair lawyer, may you be screwed upside down & inside out by ajib soon!!! Yb masih ada ingat ke dalam kes anwar adakah adil cuba tanya diri sendiri

We are also shocked and disappointed that the case took so loooonnng😜 “Terkejut”, “tak tau” Tu jelah dia tahu.

Selection of Bangladeshi agencies not swayed by 'support letters' - SaravananSelection not influenced by letters from anyone, even the PM, he declares. 😂😂😂

we wont b shocked if he gets a royal prdon after being found guilty.. All the while we were shocked and now you are shocked... Sent this aristocrat to jail… Tak payah nak Najib! Kamu memang nak bazir masa je. Mahkamah sudah tentukan tarikh untuk mula, tapi kamu ni last minute nak tukar peguam kamu. Itu masalah kamu! Seterusnya, sy percaya dia dgn team lawyer akan cari pelbagai alasan untuk postpone lagi! Tengok la kita!

I'm shocked and disappointed it took so damn long for justice to be served, more like We hope justice is served eventually...he will do anything to get out of this... this will test our judicial and integrity of the witnesses...after all he probably has the cash stashed somewhere as contingency This man must be put away for good having denied the RAKYAT their rights by absconding billions . Not fair at all even if he is imprisoned .

Such a spot on decision . Nobody should ever be given the opportunity to undermine the judiciary in any way. He has been walking around like an innocent convict denying so many people who were innocent actually but never had legal rep. He has abused the RAKYAT too. The amt of stress and waste of tax money wasted on this villain is too much 😤 pls dear judges , get rid of this problematic man

Quick. Rant in fb. 😂😂

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If he's gone in earlier, he should be able to fight for PM10 in GE16. No? More people are damned bloody happy. goodbye for a loooooonnnnggggg time Unfavourable to few, but favourable to many….kakakaka sibuk la ko shocked. sepak kang orang tua ni. Wonder how much bribes he tried to offer the judges So the so called “Bossku” gonna get spanked now ? Will the videos be publicly uploaded ?

Najib ‘shocked’, but majority of the rakyat syiok lah. Mahkamah penuh corruptions adakah terang2 hakim yg ada conflict of interest boleh jatuh hukum..gila keadilan dimalaysia nei..tahap paria..

Najib harap rayuan terakhirnya dapat tunjuk kebenaran | The Malaysian InsightNajib harap rayuan terakhirnya dapat tunjuk kebenaran Dah lama benar dah kebenaran masuk Sg Buluh selama lama nya semoga 2526Ogos nanti, keputusan akhir akan memihak MALAYSIA...sabar YB NajibRazak masih BANYAK helah lain yg belum anda pakai...gunakan semuanya hingga ke titisan hasil makan duit haram pasti akan disukai Dajjal dan semua hamba abdi pentaksub anda.. ahmadmaslan khasnya

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