Najib again pushes for GST, but says people must understand issue first

He says Malaysia needs a comprehensive plan for the economy, adding that populist policies won't benefit people in the long run.

21/5/2020 6:25:00 PM

He says Malaysia needs a comprehensive plan for the economy, adding that populist policies won't benefit people in the long run. FMTNews NajibRazak

He says Malaysia needs a comprehensive plan for the economy, adding that populist policies won't benefit people in the long run.

-May 21, 2020 11:24 PMFormer prime minister Najib Razak says Pakatan Harapan had a ‘populist policy mindset’, which caused it to reject good BN policies like GST.PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Najib Razak again championed bringing back the goods and services tax (GST) in place of the sales and services tax (SST), particularly in the current global economic situation.

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He said the nation needed comprehensive plans for the national economy, aside from economic stimulus packages, adding that populist policies would not benefit the people in the long run.In an online interview with The Outlook Asia, Najib stressed that the people needed to first understand the benefits of GST and why it is necessary.

“When the government introduces a policy, we must first explain it to the people. If not, the people might suddenly be angry with the government.“In a democratic parliamentary system, we need the people’s support, and the people must be guided and educated (about the policy). Hopefully, people will accept that we need to replace SST with GST.”

He highlighted that other nations were taking similar measures, citing Saudi Arabia which recently increased its GST rate from 5% to 15%.He said the people needed to shift their focus from populist policies, highlighting that Pakatan Harapan had a “populist policy mindset”, which caused them to reject good Barisan Nasional policies.

“They said that GST, which is actually good, was not good.“They caused the people to be afraid that it would burden them when GST can actually stabilise the nation’s finances, and decrease the nation’s deficit and debts.“That’s what I call populist policies aimed at merely winning elections, but detrimental to the people in the end.”

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macai pn kena kencing atas kepala 🤭 His dreaminggg...keep on dreaming bosskurr... First of all the Rakyat was nor against GST. Under you, GST was badly implemented, badly managed and plenty of leakages. Imagine going to a banana leaf outlet customers are charged GST at 6% Stealing also won’t benefit the rakyat.

After all the positions in GLC still tak cukup for PN ke? Still need to suck the shit out of the rakyat so that your kids can enjoy a good life, huh! Sad news is there are still so many rakyat BODOH you can still fool! Need to pay interest for 1MDB The issue in Malaysia is bossku Tak tahu malu Kita tak nak GST atau SST atau apa2

Surely GST is needed to give 60% discount to thieves who steal billions. Diam lah kau NajisRazak! 🖕😂🖕 Dok diam2 teman maklampir kat rumah. Alahai diamlah kau. Ada hati nak berckp. stfu Makcik Kiah ok? The issue is u didnt return the tax refund to businesses. Kutip smua gst kata nak refund, tp tak rufund kpd peniaga. Peniaga pun charge lg byk sbb nak tampung kos. Guna duit gst nak cover hutang2 smp lupa nak refund?

We have run long enough with you, it still had not been easy. Harder in fact. Shameless penyamun, tak sedar diri. The main reason for him to advocate GST is bcoz PN government need more RAKYAT money collected through GST to meet an obligation to pay up 1mdb debts in near future. MuntahHijau dengar cakap NajibRazak nih. Talking as if, he is still, the prime minister? Everyday talk rubbish. In court, I don't know I can't remember. Abah ko.

Kembalikan kleptokrasi, kembalikan GST. ki ki ki Sah, tak sah, sah, tak sah. Takpe lah...Asalkan PN kerajaan Melayu Islam yang BN, PAS, MCA, MIC dan yang sewaktu dengannya mahu.

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