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MySejahtera now allows users to buy Covid-19 test kits and submit results online

Update your app today!

30/7/2021 10:01:00 AM

Update your app today!

A new tab for Covid-19 Self Test will be available through the app's latest update.

PETALING JAYA:TheMySejahtera app has been updated with enhanced features in the ongoing fight against the spread of Covid-19.Users will now see three new tabs on the app’s homepage, namely Covid-19 Self Test, Emergency, and Health Facilities.Clicking on the Covid-19 Self Test tab displays three different self-testing kits available for purchase, namely the Salixium Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kit (RM39.90), Gmate Covid-19 AG Salive for Home Use (RM39.90) and JusChek Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test (RM29). Users will then be led to a pharma e-commerce platform to view more details about the product and make payment for purchase.

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Users who click on the Emergency tab will be prompted to make a 999 call, while the Health Facilities tab aims to help users locate the nearest health screening facility. Users will need to turn on their location to perform the search, after which they will be provided with the names, addresses and phone numbers of the closest clinics.

According to MySejahtera on Twitter today (July 30), users areto close the app after updating and then reopen it to access the latest features. Read more: The Star »

Covid-19: 19 new clusters reported on Friday (Sept 17), 11 linked to workplaces

PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry has identified 19 new Covid-19 clusters, taking the active number to 1,387.

SELangkah is much better tbh

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