Muhyiddin must ensure every Malaysian has enough money to buy food

Muhyiddin must ensure every Malaysian has enough money to buy food


Muhyiddin must ensure every Malaysian has enough money to buy food

He must not only ensure enough supply of food and essentials, but enough money for the people to buy them, too.

In the live telecast yesterday, Muhyiddin said he was informing the people of the extension in advance so that preparations could be made.As prime minister, Muhyiddin must not only ensure that there is enough supply of food and essentials during the Covid-19 crisis, but also that every Malaysian has enough money to buy them.

The prime minister should be aware of new thinking in the face of the double whammy of the unprecedented health and economic crisis wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed the lives of nearly 20,000 people and infected nearly half a million people all over the world (compared to 81,218 infections and 3,281 Covid-19 deaths in China) and plunging the world into a recession and even depression.

Mitigating the Covid Economic Crisis: Act Fast and Do Whatever it TakesThis is the time for unconventional policies such as “helicopter money”, where everyone gets a no-strings-attached handout and state investment banks to provide unlimited emergency lending to firms.

As advocated by Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas of the University of California, Berkeley, in the eBook chapter on how to flatten both the infection and recession curves: “We are facing a joint health and economic crisis of unprecedented proportions in recent history.”

Democratic and Republican leaders of Congress, along with White House officials, are fine-tuning an agreement for a US$2 trillion Covid-19 economic rescue package that go to businesses, corporations and directly into the pockets of the Iskandar Puteri MP and a DAP central committee member.

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A lot of people are still hung up on PH on twitter....cmon lads move on Songsang planning from songsang brains.. anwaribrahim 🙏 anwaribrahim Yeah, use your own savings in your KWSP. People has been asking for many days already: where are his ministers? So far we only hear from PM, Sabri, Annuar Musa, MOH DG. That AA fella who is tasked to head the food supply is almost silent. It was reported CH farmers are dumping vege. Any comments from ministers? AA?

The place look like Giant Pyongyang North Korea. Funny thing, we are reading news about countries pumping money into the economy. US Senate just approved a USD2.0 t stimulus package, which was proposed by POTA just last week. In our country, we heard about many things, but yet to bear fruits. Daily, we only hear is death rate.

anwaribrahim Cyber loyalist to parti dedak yg sesat trying to compare two gomen.. the legitimate and the back door? Wow.. u r in for desperate time... Mana pemimpin dap yg Kaya Raya Tu? Masa dorg jd kerajaan sana sini tunjuk baik? So skrg apasal senyap? Adoi penghasut betul la malaysiakini ni. Mmg perangai vavi penulis berita ni

Use this.

Task force to ensure food supplies during Covid-19 restriction period | The Malaysian InsightTask force to ensure food supplies during Covid-19 restriction period

Without money, how to purchase anything?🤔 anwaribrahim I'm pro cash assistance, they don't have income, they are poor, hence should be given cash assistance. Not other things, foods or groceries. How do we know their needs? May be they need to buy tank of gas but we gave them flour, oil, biscuits and rice.

Perfect photo backdrop .. Haiwan Joking lahh uu... where is this place ? i want buy rice anwaribrahim You never ask this kind question when PH in power.. Rite? It has been almost five days since MuhyiddinYassin said that the backdoorgomen will lower the prices of the 3-ply face mask! mykpdnhep If can't even fix that high hopes on other issues! Such a slow moving PPBMofficial backdoorgovernment !!

This is wrong. Muhyiddin must ensure Malaysian has enough food when they dont have enough money.

Malaysians in the US told to have enough money to tide over eventsMalaysian embassy in Washington urges citizens to consider returning home now while it is still possible. FMTNews Covid19 Traveller US

MCO extended 2 weeks to April 14Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin makes another passionate plea to Malaysians to abide by the movement control order. FMTNews MCO movementcontrolorder Malaysia Extend 2Weeks Decades of keeping the kampung folks dumb, barely educated and reliance on the government generosity has finally come back to bite the Malay political elites in their overpriced and branded posteriors. Good focking luck educating these bumpkins on the importance of MCO now.

PM praises creative Malaysians in filling time during MCONSTnation: 'Your awareness and sincerity in abiding by the rules imposed by the government during this MovementControlOrder (MCO) period is highly commendable.' - MuhyiddinYassin covid19 coronavirus juststayathome dudukrumah

Bank Negara cuts reserve limits to ensure enough cash in circulation | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — Bank Negara Malaysia said it was ensuring the steady supply of ringgit in the market as part of its intervention during the country’s coronavirus disease (Covid-19) crisis. The central bank said it was using tools available to it to ensure that individual financial... Did you do research and fact-checked before writing this article? Or is it another lie? Bad businesses situation whom wanted to borrow? Syabas BNM_official . Very proactive and progressive.

Keep communication lines open, Malaysian students in France toldPARIS: Malaysia's Ambassador to France, Datuk Dr Azfar Mohamad Mustafar, assures parents that the embassy is always in communication with Malaysian students to ensure their safety and welfare.

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