Muda denies forging memberships, will ratify 'hiccups' ASAP

This is after a PKR grassroots member was registered without consent.

11/1/2022 9:45:00 AM

Newly-registered partimuda has been accused of signing people up as members without consent. This is after PKR member zhenfeng5 received an email from the party saying that his membership had been approved despite never having applied.

This is after a PKR grassroots member was registered without consent.


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partimuda zhenfeng5 Ha3. Muda2 jadi liars. Dah tua nanti partimuda zhenfeng5 I wonder would you then replied saying it was technical error or someone with almost the same name but miss one two alphabet or human error or …. Back in the late 90s, there was an interview with this lady, citing that she got over 300 letters addressed to different names from BN - thanking them for voting for BN. She was the 1 & only owner of the premises. It's safe to say consent isn't a requirement under Mahathirism!

partimuda zhenfeng5 Parti pemecahbelah sokongan kepada PH. Ada agenda tersembunyi bagi memenangkan pihak² tertentu dalam PRU15 nanti. partimuda zhenfeng5 Tak ada statement kukuh, akhirnya nanti kata kenahack ler tu partimuda zhenfeng5 Trying very hard to please Atok 😆 partimuda zhenfeng5 Muda-muda dah main kotor ni apa pasal? Siapa cikgu dan mentornya? Si tua bangka kah?

partimuda zhenfeng5 Drp 30k baru 1 je ni yg tersilap? Mesti kes U-turn ni.. Sudahlah tell the truth.. Siapa guna no IC utk daftar? zack_rockstar partimuda zhenfeng5 thats what happen when you rush things. now for sure the party credibility have been impaired partimuda zhenfeng5 Amboi Amboi mcm la govt or other political party never had any IT glitches before. Pls la

partimuda zhenfeng5 Well, that at least partly explains the much-bragged about rise in membership since their registration. If you're just chucking in the names of anyone with a MyKad regardless of whether they registered...sejuta ahli dalam seminggu pun boleh😅

Polis panggil pemimpin PKR isu protes Azam Baki | The Malaysian InsightMereka dipanggil untuk direkodkan kenyataan berhubung demo tuntut Azam Baki letak jawatan, kata pemuda PKR.

partimuda zhenfeng5 Kihkihkih partimuda zhenfeng5 BS. Dont get distracted by such silly statements. If true, zhenfeng can make a police report. Get real partimuda zhenfeng5 DAP/PKR/Muda/Mat Sabu,dead party,full of vengeance!,together with Malaysiakini,GE 15,out you Go. partimuda zhenfeng5 Hoi SyedSaddiq .. desperado sgt ke ?

partimuda zhenfeng5 I dah 7 hr htr application. No reply😅 partimuda zhenfeng5 I must say that they are by far the most technological party in term of getting the sign-ups online and following up through email communications. partimuda zhenfeng5 zhenfeng5 may I know what happened to the randomly collected I.C from hundreds of Kuala Langat Youths back in 2013 collected by PKR_MALAYSIA ? Are we members yet? Any notification? Atleast MUDA sent you an email. We didn't receive anything

partimuda zhenfeng5 zhenfeng5 by receiving an email doesn't make you a member. They don't need name sake members. Muda membership is by heart body mind and soul... muda members are committed full heartedly in person and not numbers by email registrations. It serves no purpose. partimuda zhenfeng5 Tapi mengapa nk mengadu pada ahli PKR.. Kenapa tak mengadu pada ATOK..🤣🤣

partimuda zhenfeng5 The rots start from day 1, and start young, muda, like others.

Cops call in PKR Youth leaders over MACC protest | The Malaysian InsightWing chief says they will give full cooperation during questioning tomorrow.

partimuda zhenfeng5 Hehehe.... Standard answer for all political parties when caught with pants down. Instead of take ownership, blame it on system error and investigate. Nama MUDA, perangai Tua. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 partimuda zhenfeng5 Itu budak tersilap sign up lepastu buat U turn? Hahahahaha kantoi partimuda zhenfeng5 PKR oh PKR. Kalau dah tau lemah jangan sampai ke tahap gini. Jaga ahli anda DSAI. Jangan bodoh sombong. Stop this rubbish!

partimuda zhenfeng5 Looks like muda is desperate for numbers...that's why don't drink alcohol too much,this is the side effect partimuda zhenfeng5 Always yamseng thats why all this kind of thing can desperate ah.. partimuda zhenfeng5 So fast got sneak attacks already. Someone must be afraid of partimuda

partimuda zhenfeng5 Lah sampai macam tu sekali ke ? Tak heran sangat pun pasal sedia maklum tau yg Saddiq ni memang kaki kencing, kuat menipu, dasar drama queen tak guna. Ni lah hasil kerja dari geng2 MUDA mabok tak guna! Tak terkejut pun tengoklah siapa mentor dia... partimuda zhenfeng5 One member with 42 followers. MKini really got nothing else to do but make light of small nonsense to distract us from real issues

partimuda zhenfeng5 They never do is individual willing to join by applying as a member first..then will receive email to notify as a member..MUDA never do this..

Liew reshuffles state PKR leadership council as 16 chiefs want her replacedKOTA KINABALU: Sabah PKR chief Datuk Christina Liew has reshuffled the party's state leadership council to stave off a fresh revolt against her. d beginning of d end of PKR in Sabah...jeng, jeng, jeng.

partimuda zhenfeng5 Ni tweet yang mana eh? Written in mandarin or malay? Bcs I jumpa only one yang he wrote in malay cakap pasal ni. But how boleh terus masuk news walau dengan one quote rt, 0 rt, 0 comment, 0 like? Like curious gila. Usually kena viral dulu ke macam mana. partimuda zhenfeng5 Anjing2 muda ni dah terdesak sangat ke?

partimuda zhenfeng5 Dah la mabok, menipu pulak tu. 🤣 partimuda zhenfeng5 tak terkejut. sebb protege Atok 96... dah biasa buat. partimuda zhenfeng5 perhaps evil cytro members signing up for others using their email addresses partimuda zhenfeng5 Hahahaha. Whattt? MUDA you drop this low ? Hahahaha

partimuda zhenfeng5 If you don’t put your email in the website how to sign up Bodoh partimuda zhenfeng5 LOL NICE TRY HAHAHAHA “ I will create a an email account just for fun , and sign up and then accuse MUDA of signing people as members” Stupid ah ? partimuda zhenfeng5 Lol adik tolong applykan. partimuda zhenfeng5 So desperate for members is it?

Changes to Sabah PKR leadership despite boycott16 division leaders are in protest of Christina Liew's leadership.

partimuda zhenfeng5 😂

PKR Youth wants Azam Baki to step down | New Straits TimesNSTnation A group of PKR Youth members staged a peaceful protest urging Tan Sri AzamBaki to stepdown as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner.

Sabah PKR restructured to prepare for GE15 | New Straits Times中国共产党是这样全心全意为人民服务的!!既要当婊子 又要立牌坊。占着茅坑不拉屎。 2014年4月4日在中国云南发生了一起故意杀人案,受害人从14年至今已经累计向各级政府反映百次以上。由于共产党的渎职、不作为、官匪勾结,当其保护伞硬生生的把一件故意杀人案变为行政案件而且至今任未处理解决。