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Mrt Kajang Line, Kota Damansara

MRT: No reason to worry, gap in concrete guideway is part of the design

MRT: No reason to worry, gap in concrete guideway is part of the design

25/9/2020 4:02:00 PM

MRT: No reason to worry, gap in concrete guideway is part of the design

The concrete parapet piece at the MRT Kajang Line near the Kota Damansara station is properly and securely fixed and the gap which can be seen is part of the design.

MRT Corp said that the gap that can be seen between the parapet pieces are designed as such and placed at an angle to each other to cater to the widened guideway near the station.They assured the public that there was no cause for concern as there is no risk of the parapet piece being dislodged.

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Regular checks are also conducted on all assets of the MRT Kajang Line to ensure that they are in good order and do not pose any danger to the public.MRT Corp thanked the public for the concern raised over the matter.It was earlier reported that a concrete slab from the MRT line near the Kota Damansara station, Petaling Jaya, appeared to be detached from the rest of the structure, causing some concern from the public.

StarMetro received a complaint saying that the structure looked unstable and could possibly come off and hit motorists or even pedestrians below on Persiaran Surian.StarMetro, upon visiting the site, found that the slab did not move when trains plied the line.

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Agree !!! It’s an concrete expansion joint but it must be filled with waterproof materials like tar so the reinforcement is properly protected from corrosion!!! Judging from the replies it seems like many here did not pay attention in science class. Worried? Who's worried? WE'RE F**KING TERRIFIED, GODDAMN IT! MRTMalaysia TrustNoneFearNoOne

What’s the function of the design? Omg. I hope not another structure failure. I was wondering why the On-going Phase 2 MRT has gaps in its concrete. Apparently, this is the answer~ We worry... Show b4 after pictures please

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