MP who quit PKR appointed MPOC chair

MP who quit PKR appointed MPOC chair

25/10/2021 2:07:00 AM

MP who quit PKR appointed MPOC chair

Larry Sng is an independent MP who backed Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri.

Oct 24, 2021 11:01 PM⋅:11:01 PMJulau MP Larry Sng has been appointed as the new Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) chairperson.The MPOC announced the appointment in a congratulatory message on Facebook."The staff and management at MPOC would like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to Larry Sng Wei Shien on his appointment as the...

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BM should be used by all patriotic M'sians, says PAS leader Awang Hashim

KUALA LUMPUR: Bahasa Malaysia is the national language and should be known by all patriotic Malaysians, says Datuk Awang Hashim.

Katak lompat What ever you want to say, just say it ...i don't care....i get the with the good principles, what do you get back? That is the PH leader think. Penyokong PH kangkang mulut tadah kencing....hahaha bodo SHAME on U LarryS.Happy to work with cruel Deep State Head,Muhyiddin & now with Sabri who is allowing those, on trial for stealing the people's money through 1MDB, to leave the country? Don't pretend you love the people. Be brave & return to PH to topple Umno! xavierjayakumar

The crying baby gets the milk; squeaking Bangku gets the Chair and plenty of Oil.😏 Confirm will loose in the next election Pakatan always say Jeffery Kitingan as King of Katak, but never asmit they r they are Kataks maker. They breed and accept Kataks. Larry was always a Katak. Power shift determined by kataks. Worst, foreign power no need to use army to capture Putrajaya - just money to buy Kataks.

Ah seng cari makan lah sekarang .. . Based on his extensive qualifications no doubt 👎🏿 Make sure he loses his MP seat and his everything come Ge15 ….. time to show traitors power of citizens votes A reward for jumping party. 🙂 Here’s the formula in MY politics. Join Harapan. Get elected by rakyat who have harapan for a better Malaysia. Then, lompat. Get position and reward for a better self.

MP SPEAKS | How was RM100m in Mitra allocation spent?Minister must explain why some of it was spent on debt payment. Semua masuk poker politicians and Middle people! How could Mitra get into such debt situation? Where’s accountability, competence and integrity?

This traitor defected for his own self interest & hopeful he will be voted out in the forthcoming Sarawak state election!!! Politician aka frog gets rewarded. Politician who works hard for rakyat like Fahmi, Hannah and many others get bashed and criticise. Change Malaysian politics today, now and forever.

Aik, sekejap benau masuk PKR. 🌝 Muka sebiji katak Good time to be chairman as palm oil price is over RM5K per tonne 😀🤑 mpocHQ PKR has still not cleaned up cartel Pay Day! Sebelum ini jawatan di MPOC dan Kementerian ini adalah lantikan utk penjilat2 PAS, sekarang geng kartel Azmin pula….

What explanation needed from AG when MA63 bill clear as daylight, MP asksMA63 amendment was to be in upcoming Dewan Rakyat session. U turn coming ! AG org Islam tapi perangai mcm manusia kafir! Fikirkan jawatan dan status, malukan umat dan kaum! Adik beradik plak tu, yg satu pegang parliament dan satu lagi plak jadi peguam! Ada tak org panggil mcm double jeopardy cos of impartial justice.

Strong legs indeed Another blow to PKR thanks to this frog. Tahniah. Joining PKR and then abandoning ship seems to be the surest way to riches in this land That is the purpose when he quit PKR. To get the post In PH era they did the similar thing as inutile Wong Tak dap was appointed Timber board chairman!

Wow dapat Gula2 Kiss me.. Make KY for his own use!! Wah palm oil expert lah now. Katak

Selangau MP Baru Bian looking forward to MA63 debate in support of constitutional amendment | Malay MailKUCHING, Oct 24 — Selangau MP Baru Bian is looking forward to participate in the debate in support of the Bill to amend the Federal Constitution to be in line with the provisions of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63). “I hope the tabling (of the Bill) will not be for too long,” he said in a... You mean heckling as in sangkar berok ? Langkah sheraton...frog

MP calls for inspection of Bangsar hill slopes after landslide | The Malaysian InsightFrequency of such incidents demand urgent mitigation, says Fahmi Fadzil.

Consider Sabah’s MA63 claims in amending Federal Constitution, says CM | The Malaysian InsightHajiji Mohd Noor says state’s views conveyed in a special meeting chaired by PM last Monday.

Brunei to host Asean summits via video conferencing amid concerns of Covid-19 in South East-AsiaBrunei is set to host the 38th and 39th Asean Summits and Related Summits in virtual meetings via a series of video conferences, amid concerns over the unsettled Covid-19 pandemic situation across the region.