MP SPEAKS | DAP has never been race-centric or religious-based

MP SPEAKS | DAP has never been race-centric or religious-based

17/4/2021 4:31:00 PM

MP SPEAKS | DAP has never been race-centric or religious-based

The party had also not opposed the NEP meant to help the poor Malays.

Again, this narrative is wrong, baseless and misguided when DAP has never been race-centric or religious-based.DAP was never opposed to policies including the NEP which was meant to help the poor Malays and gave them equal opportunity. However, DAP strongly opposes the dual identification of race with wealth and race with poverty.

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To state that all Malays are poor or all Chinese are rich is simplistic and misleading at best and at worst, divisive and extreme.DAP’s struggle for socio-economic justice is based on the principle that there should no identification of poverty with race, and all Malaysians should be provided equal opportunity and given assistance based on need so that the poor non-Malays are not left out.

Since the majority of the poor are Malays or bumiputera from Sabah and Sarawak, they will still be the biggest beneficiaries.Whether in government or opposition, DAP has never opposed the NEP or policies that provide assistance and equal opportunity for all Malaysians who are poor. Our track record in government in Penang and in Putrajaya speaks for itself.

What DAP fervently opposes are the deviations in the implementation of the NEP by the elites and cronies from all races, which led to widespread abuse of power, corruption and wastage of public funds that continue to bind the Malays and non-Malays tightly in the poverty trap.

The hundreds of billions of ringgit spent could not lift Malaysians out of the poverty trap due to such wrongdoings.In government, DAP Ministers fought hard for the expansion of incentives to lift productivity, create jobs and transition to the digital economy, sometimes successfully, at times not.


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Would be rather difficult to erase such centric views of DAP becoz its true in the first place.If DAP have changed its position,tht wasnt clearly shown in the 22 mths DAP was in govt. So Malaysiakini shd stop being unofficial mouth piece of DAP.Time to play some role for unity.