MP: Speaker empowered to open PSC on Azam Baki for public viewing

Wong Kah Woh dismisses Azhar's Standing Orders claim.

17/1/2022 4:32:00 AM

MP: Speaker empowered to open PSC on Azam Baki for public viewing

Wong Kah Woh dismisses Azhar's Standing Orders claim.


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As if he would! Talk about dogs Empowered for what when no balls. NgaKorMing I cannot brain this. Gov and people in high places love to sweep dirts under the carpet. No wonder Malaysia is full of filth. Why the reluctance? Let the rakyat know the facts. Speaker is laud but pekak badak… 🤣 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 This speaker is empowered to hide, lie and cheat with / for the thieves! Get real!

Hei AzgarAzizanHarun its best u get lost fr ur post. Incapable, inmoral, lack of sincerity. Best to blahh. Public are watching every move ur making in the parliment. anwaribrahim as OPPO leader u shld be getting tis useless speaker removed. Bare in mind public pays ur salaries. this guy has got no balls.. he is just a yes man to the gomen..

Is the speaker worried that AB will open his file? Something to think about 🤭 Mungkin speaker also corrupt. That’s why scared. The end. Bye.

Speaker has power to make Azam Baki hearing public, says MP | The Malaysian InsightAzhar Azizan Harun should not hold proceedings behind closed doors, says PAC chair. But they are all friends. M’sia is finished. The sooner we realize it the better. Mostly due to dumb uneducated racist voters. The world thinks Malaysians r all that above bcos we voted for these current gov and Najib’s gov before. If PH didn’t win GE 14, Najib would still be PM

This PN dog will display loyalty now First thing first, the speaker needs to find his balls first. What is wrong to make it public. Public deserved to know incompetency as they paid taxes. So far under close door no action also. This is democracy. Is speaker a communist? Is he to veil corruption? DAP worry to much when KP SPRMMalaysia still being KP. Hahahaha. PenjawatAwamBangkit TangkapLGE

Why are we the Rakyat such skeptics? Only in Malaysia can a public servant once appointed to a position in Gov/Dewan Rakyat/Authority, usually gets a brainfart and forgets they are there for the Rakyat. All we asked is some form of transparency and accountability; too much? Rakyat had seen his extreme loyalty to MY & IS (termakan budi) ever since he took office as Speaker. The opposition is suppressed in Parliament. This Speaker cannot be seen bi-partisan, so I don’t hope much the PSC proceedings with AB will be live telecasted. The BN/PN have…..

Empowered but without any sign of courage nor integrity is futility. Selective

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MP urges authorities to look into suspects' court attireCurrent procedures have tongues wagging on perceived double standards. Really? This is what you're fighting for? A good move because they have just been charged but have not been found guilty. Courts are not like social media bigots who punish first before someone is found guilty. Why in the world Najib was not make to wear their famous orange t shirt

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