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Motorcyclist allegedly hits 80-year-old man in head with helmet in Penang

Motorcyclist allegedly hits 80-year-old man in head with helmet in Penang

6/4/2020 1:52:00 PM

Motorcyclist allegedly hits 80-year-old man in head with helmet in Penang

GEORGE TOWN: A motorcyclist allegedly hit an 80-year-old man in the head with his helmet after their vehicles collided in Bandar Baru Ayer Itam here.

“The suspect's motorcycle collided with the victim’s car at the junction, causing the bumper to fall off and breaking the lights on the right side of the car.“The victim got down from his car to check the damage to his car.“He told the suspect to make a police report. The suspect however suddenly hit the victim in his head with his helmet.

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“As a result of the blow, the victim suffered injuries and bruises to the face and head, which required several stitches, ” he said in a statement on Monday (April 6).ACP Soffian added that the suspect was unhappy as he claimed that the victim was the one who hit him.

The 35-year-old suspect, who is a security guard, is receiving treatment at a hospital here.The matter is being investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for causing injury. Read more: The Star »

What kind society we are producing... Need to teach the guy a lesson.. EVEN IF the old man is in the wrong, no one is allowed to take laws into his own hands. PDRM must investigate and take stern actions. Klu keling mmg hal Polis kasi tangkap Masuk jail!!! What's wrong with the Penanglite .. Penang; are you okay?

Did that motorcyclist leave his 3lb grey matter at home? Remember: a baboon knows the difference between a coconut & a peanut. Clearly, he didn't MovementControlOrder StayHomeStaySafe NoToRoadBullies TrustNoOne What he failed to understand is that recovery rate for old man is super slow, a normal accident for youngster may sometime fatal for old folk..

Typical... Hitting a 80-year old man with a helmet is 100% wrong. This dog has no education. Can’t blame him. Haizzz, a man your own age will land u in hospital! I just wrote earlier how come we are having all kinds of funny characters in Malaysia. hard to find educated pariah. Jail them and let them rot in hole. He is an old man if not happy just make police report and let the police handle it and claim insurance no need to hit anyone

Lanjiaooooooooo. Tunjuk kuat kat datuk umur 80. Semoga mati disambar kilat The cops need to tie that motorcyclist up and knock some sense into his head with a baseball bat. anthraxxxx So rude to an old man. Gotta go to a guy like this. Hitting a 80 years old?! Are you a man? You only capable to bully old people? Shame on you!

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