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MOH running digital wristband pilot programme to make sure people under home quarantine don't go out, says KJ

MOH running digital wristband pilot programme to make sure people under home quarantine don't go out, says KJ

20/9/2021 4:01:00 PM

MOH running digital wristband pilot programme to make sure people under home quarantine don't go out, says KJ

SEPANG: The Health Ministry (MOH) is running a pilot programme to ensure those undergoing home quarantine complied with the Home Surveillance Order, by making them wear a digital detector surveillance wristband.

(pic)to Bernama.He said this after visiting the Private Covid-19 Health Screening Centre at the KL International Airport (KLIA) here on Monday (Sept 20), accompanied by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) chairman Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.Fully vaccinated travellers from overseas wishing to undergo compulsory home quarantine can start applying to do so through the Home Quarantine Application (HQA) portal on the ministry's website from Tuesday (Sept 21).

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"The application must be made seven to 10 days prior to arriving in Malaysia,” he said, adding that travellers arriving here from Sept 28 could do so via, he said, travellers’ application for home quarantine was made through email at, causing a backlog of over 6,000 applications.

"With the existence of this HQA portal, the management of applications can be done better. After this, no more emails. Only need to go to the MOH website, then to the ‘Home Quarantine’ section and fill in the form,” he said.Khairy said that through the HQA portal, approval for quarantine application would be received within three days of submitting a complete application.

He said the conditions for undergoing compulsory home quarantine would be stated on the portal and, among them, would be that the home or residence had enough rooms and toilets to ensure there is no mingling with other family members.On his visit to KLIA, Khairy said it was aimed at reviewing preparations for the opening of the country's borders under the Reopening Safely Malaysia strategy.

Reopening Safely Malaysia is a strategy to revive the country from the Covid-19 health and economic crisis."That’s why we made preparations for the Reopening Safely of our borders. We want to see our readiness at our country’s entry points, namely KLIA, and steps that we can jointly implement, especially with MAHB, (such as) what are the safer as well as a more efficient and systematic process flow for those who want to come back to Malaysia,” he said.

He said among the improvements that could be made at the KLIA was facilitating procedures for travellers by reducing the number of forms they have to fill up.He said the matter would be discussed at the Covid-19 Pandemic Management Special Committee level to simplify the procedures either through the MySejahtera application or by reducing the number of stations that travellers have to go through.

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More $$$$$$$$ to spend MOH now and then.. Already knew it doesn't works..... Malaysian don't hv such discipline......past MCO already happened...... Fix the website first la. Wanna apply also loading loading loading………….. Wow!! That's 20-30 million wristbands. Wonder which lucky company gets this tender?🤣🤣🤣

Not just monitor for their movements but also do fine them should they violate the SOP You can waste all the money on technology but you are not solving the real problem - enforcement. You should have penalise offender heavier, put them jail and big fine for violeting. Phone boleh track too kan? Khairykj go ask Taiwan government teach u. They are using that with GPS function to know who get out from the house. Once detected, the police can immediately go catch them

Good. DGHisham After almost 2 years What a joke! Where was all this during peak infections?

Home quarantine application can be made on MOH website from tomorrow | The Malaysian InsightApplications must be made 7-10 days before arrival in Malaysia, says Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin .

DGHisham Just one more avenue to waste taxpayers hard earned money. Did u see the crowds at holiday destinations lately? U really think that this would stop them? Think again. These are all things which should have been done 18 months ago. Now pandemic is already coming to an end. Waste of Rakyat's money to do this now.

It's like the anklet that criminals wear. Didn't the 1MDB guy in the US wear one when he was under house arrest? He's been freed?

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Over 500k missing digital vaccine cert complaints resolved - KJCauses include being vaccine dependents and incomplete PPV documentation. Really? After 2ne dose, no information about what vaccine and manufacturer batch number, after 14 days still listed as partially vaccinated, you called this is sovled? mine is not one of them. Failed system OIC...... it's resolved. But 500k complaints is not a problem?

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