'Media Council not aimed at restricting press freedom'

'Media Council not aimed at restricting press freedom'


'Media Council not aimed at restricting press freedom'

Deputy communications minister assures that it is only to provide clear guidelines to media practitioners.

Instead, Eddin Syazlee said, the council is aimed at providing clear guidelines to media practitioners.

In commenting on the performance of all agencies under the Communications and Multimedia Ministry over the past year, Eddin Syazlee said he was thus far satisfied.

He also presented contributions to 20 Asnaf recipients from around the village during the event.

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Eddin: The proposal for MMC is not to restrict the media | Malay MailKUALA PILAH, May 16 — The proposal on the establishment of the Malaysian Media Council (MMC) is not aimed at restricting the freedom of the media in the country. Instead of that, Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Eddin Syazlee Shith said it was aimed at providing...

Leicester's Choudhury fined for social media commentsHamza Choudhury posted a series of tweets in 2013 and 2014, some of which had racial references and one which criticised women's football.

65 lemas kapal tenggelam di perairan TunisiaMedia melaporkan, 16 orang berjaya diselamatkan dan dibawa ke pantai Zarzis oleh tentera laut Tunisia.

More media freedom but same old 'irresponsible' coverage, says groupArticle 19 says 'biased and hateful' reporting on minority groups continues while the Centre for Independent Journalism says media-related legislation needs to be removed.

Warisan larang SB hadir sidang media di Sabah, kata laporan | The Malaysian InsightBukan urusan polis untuk hadir majlis politik dan sidang media di Sabah, lapor FMT.

Sri Lanka blocks some social media platforms after violent incidentsCOLOMBO (May 13): The Sri Lankan government said on Monday it was temporarily blocking some social media networks and messaging apps, including Facebook and WhatsApp, after violent incidents in the wake of Easter bombings by Islamist militants.Several dozen people threw stones at mosques and Muslim-owned stores and a man was beaten in the town of Chilaw on the west coast on Sunday in a dispute that started on Facebook, sources told Reuters. Sri Lankan media also reported incidents in

Better media freedom after GE14, hard work remains to improve further: AnalystsKUALA LUMPUR: After a year of Pakatan Harapan (PH) rule, the media in Malaysia is going through some positive developments as the new government repea...

Tiada masalah SB hadir sidang media jika perkenal diri, kata WarisanKetua Polis Negara, Abdul Hamid Bador sebelum ini mempertahankan kehadiran anggota SB ke acara kerajaan dengan berkata tujuan mereka ke situ adalah bagi memastikan keselamatan dan kesejahteraan awam. Habis kenapa masuk tak kenalkan diri? Apa yang nak di sembunyi kan?

Investigate social media posts leading to teen’s suicide, urges Ramkarpal | The Malaysian InsightDAP lawyer questions whether tragedy could have been averted had her followers talked her out of taking her own life.

Siasat akaun media sosial remaja bunuh diri, kata Ramkarpal | The Malaysian InsightBunuh diri adalah jenayah di Malaysia, galakan di media sosial juga perlu disiasat bagi menghalang ia berlaku lagi.

IGP shocked SB personnel barred from Warisan's media conferences'The police officers, who are on duty there, are not enemies of any party,' says IGP baru kena lantik dah terkejut...kehkeh What is there to be surprised? Almost all of the policemen and policewomen in PDRM are Umno militiamen. In fact, the first thing the IGP should do is to replace each and every one of the policemen and policewomen in PDRM with Pakatan Harapan voters.

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