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Foreignworkers, Covid 19

MCO: Out-of-work foreigners trying to sneak out of country

#NSTworld: “Based on this trend (of #foreignworkers attempting to sneak out of the country), we are monitoring jetties near the borders… to limit the spread of #Covid19.” #coronavirus #MovementControlOrder

7/4/2020 4:36:00 AM

NSTworld: “Based on this trend (of foreignworkers attempting to sneak out of the country), we are monitoring jetties near the borders… to limit the spread of Covid19.” coronavirus MovementControlOrder

KUALA LUMPUR: Foreign workers made idle by the Movement Control Order (MCO) have been sneaking towards border areas and international entry/exit points in Malaysia in an attempt to return to their home countries.

The PDRM will therefore further tighten security at jetties and ports nationwide, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, who added that several foreign migrants have already been detained for attempting to sneak out of the country.

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“We arrested five men and a woman, from Bangladesh and Myanmar, trying to enter Padang Besar, Perlis between March 19 and March 23, during the MCO.“Based on this trend (of foreign workers attempting to sneak out of the country), we are monitoring jetties near the borders… to limit the spread of Covid-19,” he told a special press conference in Bukit Aman here, Bernama reported.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign workers in Malaysia have been left temporarily unemployed by the MCO, which mandates the shutdown of all but essential services.

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Police to issue fines to MCO flouters | The Malaysian InsightHowever, they still have the right to haul offenders to court.

LETTER | AG, pls end selective policing and prosecution of MCO violationsLETTER | An open letter to the Attorney-General Idris Harun on the imbalanced exercise of powers. Kalau salah tu salah la... Xpayah nak bising2 plak hahaha bodo..... dh salah xnk ngaku AG missing in action!

Woman claims ‘connections’ allowed her to fly from Tawau to KL during MCODISOBEYING Movement Control Order (MCO) is one thing a person should never do during this time of crisis. A woman, however, proudly bragged on her Ins... Should also check private jets coming in and out of the country. This covid-19 does not discriminate, neither should the authorities. Not surprised cos in Malaysia apa pun boleh. Wakakak...must be doraemon magic

Only one in 5 Orang Asli getting aid under MCO | The Malaysian InsightCivil society groups barred from delivering aid to remote communities, compounding misery of tribes stuck without help.

MCO: CJ tells judges to take prison overcrowding into considerationCORONAVIRUS | This comes after the Prison Department says there are 73,000 prisoners being housed in spaces intended to hold 52,000 inmates. Instead of jail or prison, why not community service? Say, mandatory voluntary works? syahredzan zaidibrahim MCO Release non violent offenders and foreigners without documents Rubbish. Why in other parts of the world with 10 times or 20 times higher number of Corvid-19 cases, people can still open their businesses, sit in parks and play games? And why is that none of the tabligh cluster carriers haven't been charged in Court for avoiding arrest?

MCO: 854 arrested so far in Johor for non-complianceJOHOR BARU: A total of 854 people have been arrested in Johor for defying the movement control order (MCO) as of Saturday (April 4). Time you fine them heavily and bar their driving license on the spot , instead of arresting . The system is already overloaded and you want to avoid them being infected together with your officers. They are Malaysians Ya you are king. But don't go with balaclava outfit plz