MCO 3.0 showing positive signs - Azmin

MCO 3.0 showing positive signs - Azmin

18/6/2021 5:24:00 PM

MCO 3.0 showing positive signs - Azmin

Daily Covid-19 case numbers would have been much higher if restrictions were not implemented.


Babysitter, husband and 13-year-old niece charged over abuse of toddlers

JOHOR BARU: A babysitter, her husband and niece have been charged in the Sessions Court here with allegedly abusing two children under their care.

Ketum anjir Gi mamposlah dgn kau punya positive sign Memang banyak kes positive Jeminnn.. U diam la! Yes positive signs are still 4 digits, positive covid ke 🤣 Positive signs as in positive cases? Apa yang positif? HIV positif ke? Ya...i think he is right. So many positive cases everyday. I think you are talking about this right Azmin?

Yup definitely agree there are more positive cases in MCO 3.0

Covid-19: Companies to absorb cost of vaccinations under Pikas, says AzminCompanies will not be allowed to transfer the cost of Covid-19 vaccinations to workers under the nationwide Program Immunisasi Industri Covid-19 Kerjasama Awam-Swasta (Pikas), Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali said on Wednesday (June 16). Read more at

ape yg positive jemin oii kes ? mmg laa byk positive..cbe kabo bila nk negative plak kes tu 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ you meant more positive cases..we what are you gonna do about it fag? ada yang lagi bodo dari aku rupanya Apa kata vaksin kan semua pekerja2 kilang & keluarga mereka yg dikatakan 'essential' tu..

To your pocket asshole! Pala bapak ko AzminAli Azmin showing negative sign..see cucuk langit tu What positive signs I see the signs you masuk lokap. After done a lot of damages & betrayal how dare you say can see positive signs....hishh Positive my lanjiao

MCO 3.0: Paddy, rice industry to operate 24 hours at full staff capacity | Malay MailSHAH ALAM, June 17 — The operating hours for all activities related to the paddy and rice industry have been extended to 24 hours at full capacity. The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry (MAFI) said this was in line with the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0 period for...

AA stop storytelling and confusing the confused, we are all suffering due to the mismanagement of you people. The only thing ramp up vaccination to achieve herd immunity so as people can do their business to ramp up their economy and also the country's economy, storyteller Kepala bapak kau antara mamat sekor ni, Mahi, Tahi, Amzah, Hadi, Jafrul, Hisapudin, Ular, PALING BANYAK RAKYAT AMIINKAN 1000% si sekor nilah orangnya untuk mampus cepat..

Possitive signs when less sampling... If he can't even get uptrend and downtrend correctly, check the covid case graph before/during Emergency proclaimation. And he is a MITI minister? Tell azmin... POSITIVE SIGNS YOUR GRANDMA!!! Someone repeated this 450 days ago. You expect me to trust you ? Come on..don't be lying to all nation..this is ridiculous.all the number of statistic chart every day😔

AzminAliout Of what?

No more warning for factories flouting MCO SOP, says home minister | The Malaysian InsightFactory clusters were found to be among the biggest contributors to the spike in cases lately.

Cheebai Is this gay...errrr...i mean guy, for real ? Yes positive death rate just to fill your pockets Please go away AzminAli All this politicians lives in denial, Maybe their pockets positive sign u must be joking AzminAli can’t u see the daily cases is consistent/hovering around 5k to 6k now, zero improvement and ICU beds are almost at full capacity. in this country u can get away with false data but if ur in America or EU u can get ur ass burn Mate!

Ya positive signs.. in rising covid-19 cases Iyeke.. 6440 tu ape ? Untuk tikam nombor ke Positive signs for PN to go out the back door!!

Heightened safety protocols at airports under MCO 3.0 | The Malaysian InsightThe improved procedure aims to help the country to flatten the curve and mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suruh la dia isap gam...baru dia tau showing pisitive🔱 🤣 Wonder what his data source is and where it is from? Prob the same one used by MOF? 🤔🤔 Positive sign his father. Contradict nak mampus statement. Hari2 kluster tempat kerja. Buta ka apa tak nampak numbers. Banyak kes cluster Kilang...tolomglah tutup kilang tu juga... kalau MITI nak juga izinkan beroperasi make sure boss kilang pastikan semua staff wajib amik Vaksin...kami rakyat ni dah penat MCO tapi tiada penurunan drastic kerana masih lagi ada kilang yang masih beroperasi!!!!!!

Positive covid sign 😂 Byk mati! Masih ramai positive Covid tu betul I'm not sure whether he's delusional, or extremely detached from realities? WTH is this clown talking? Businesses closed and go bankrupt. People out of jobs and pay cuts everywhere. This is positive sign?..

Hearing of 1MDB-linked forfeiture suit against Najib, 17 others vacated due to MCO 3.0A case management will fix a new hearing date.

Too much extravagant confident as usual..u think it will make people live peacefully..the cases still stand over 5 k.. Not 500..CMS 3 outdated with non essentials company still used the MITI letter.. What say u ApaDahjadiNi My assssssss Betol...kes positif makin positif Sudah 3 minggu lock down apa keraan Pn buat...? Kes masih 6 k....sesuatu perlu di buat termasuk memikirkan letak jawatan....

Yes, positively PN going out 4ver. He talking about positive covid cases is it? 🧐🧐 LMAO ye ah tu positive dalam mimpi kau lah. 😒 This guy has lost his credibility and no one should listen to a word he says and not even consider voting for him and his associates. Positive kepala semburit hang siyall

Rest area facilities, petrol stations on PLUS highways remain open this MCO | New Straits TimesNSTnation PLUS head of strategic stakeholder engagement, Syed Mohammed Idid Syed Ahmed Idid said among the facilities that will remain open are the surau and public restrooms. PLUS MCO SOP Highways Facilities

He is a clown 🤡 Ye lah min ye. Waaaah which planet u from min? Oh gosh Pala jemin. Dlm 1 thn ni, bnde ni Naik mcanak lbih kurang 80sen yuhuu What he meant was the swab results of more people tested positive. Pun intended What the hell is jemin thinking Good the start the parliament as per Agong orders ASAP He is showing all the signs of a desperado. U can have Haziq soon. KerajaanGagal

AzminAli masa bagi statement ni tengah minum ketum ke wapushitau cau No Yes positive sign - stupidity symptoms. We can tell What world is he living in ? We used to love high in numbers, money, exam scores and etc but now we just want zero for positive case. Dia ni duduk dlm gua mana ni.. Dok dlm gua ke woi

Yes. True. A lot of “positive cases”! 😒 Oiii jkom!! Hawau btol. Penat² approve bajet bjuta2 last² dpt 11 like n 6 retweet je? Aduuuuhhhh buat la keja skit 🤭🤭🤭

Far queue Far cough 😷 kepala bapak kau lah katak 🐷 'Ya Allah tunjukkanlah kepada kami yang benar itu benar dan bantulah kami untuk mengikutinya, dan tunjukkanlah kepada kami yang batil itu batil dan bantulah kami untuk menjauhinya. Ya... 6000+ POSITIVE cases!!! Positive signs of kicking you out from the govt ...hahahahah

Positive sign? Dude we have been recorded so many daily workplace clusters.. You taking that as positive sign? Admit it. You make a lousy ministry and administrator. You’re just a politician

No. No it's not. AzminAli 🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿👍🏾🖕🏿 Tiba tiba … we wouldn’t be in this situation if … we all know what. Positif kepala bana diaa.. Bodo punya jemin After 1.5 years of this unelected govt, we've lost 50% of foreign investors, 6.4k cases today, Sardin-gate and you have the audacity to claim non existent achievements? Resign and beg Rakyat for forgiveness 1000 times

Lol lol ...... Your words carry no weight anymore among the rakyat. Only for si bodek bodek Jemin ooo jeminn... speechless he need someone cum on his face to make him realise what is happening here More positive workplace clusters you mean?

Amazing. When you've said the whole country will mostly b shut down from June - Nov. Azminomics. Pure fantasy. Oh, like that no need emergency already, lets BukaParlimen Pergh. Ada hati nak bersuara Yes sir u absolutely right! We have more positive cases today U just wait for General election How is that possible..wait, talking about your personal relationship izzit ?

YB, by positive signs you mean more positive cases ah? More positive covid cases not positive sign ! Bloody hell u kitol! positive cases , rakyat positively dying and commiting suicide. Bottom line rakyat will close shop and be in debt positively. Talking through his arse as usual.

You are right AzminAli Everyday 6000 positive cases Dear God! Are they all in the same dumb dumb club?🤦🏻‍♀️ ya right. getting increase the positive number. Thank you PN. ? Kapla butuh la jemin Pengkhianat Mco 3.0 showing positive signs but you're not 🤭 pal but...

Betul tu!!! Ramai positif covid harini… terbaik miti Otak kat lutut 😡🥵 Showing positive signs, or increase in positive cases? Oh really? Open in july then Ape yg positifnya… Yup….Positive cases. You know where you can put that finger

Pelis lah😆😆😆 You mean positive cases?