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MCA raps DAP MP for signing anti-China memorandum

MCA raps DAP MP for signing anti-China memorandum

25/5/2020 5:42:00 AM

MCA raps DAP MP for signing anti- China memorandum

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP MP Charles Santiago has come under fire from MCA for being a signatory of a international memorandum against China .

MCA central committee member Datuk Chew Kok Woh said the DAP should declare whether this was also the official stand of the party."We want the DAP to state categorically whether it has the same position as the MP from Klang."He has signed as the chairman of the Asean Parliamentarian for Human Rights but he is a DAP MP," he said.

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Chew said it was disgraceful of Santiago to join many Western lawmakers and politicians to criticise China as Hong Kong was part of China.He said China could introduce any laws on security it wanted in Hong Kong and it was not for any Western countries to meddle.

"We can see that the security has got out of hand in Hong Kong where violent riots, bomb throwing and vandalism have got out of control."This is not democracy but a threat to democracy which the West has closed an eye and even praised these rioters as pro-democracy," he said in a statement.

Chew said none of these western media had condemned these acts, adding that the DAP must surely be aware of the wrongful actions of these protestors.Another memorandum signatory is lawyer Andrew Khoo, a former Malaysian Bar Council human rights committee co-chairman.

The two joined the last Hong Kong colonial governor Chris Patten and US senator Ted Cruz, both constant critics of China, in the joint declaration which attacked China for its"unilateral introduction" of the laws and claimed"the integrity of the one country and two systems hangs by a thread."

The joint statement also urged governments to raise their voices against China.Chew said China had every reason to introduce laws against secession, subversion and terrorism."The US and western countries have similar laws, so let's not be hypocritical.

"It's shameful that Santiago has joined the others to put his name there and put Malaysia in an awkward position because we have excellent ties with China."The DAP leadership should demand Santiago to retract his name," he said, pointing out that Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai was the previous special envoy to China.

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Chew asked what was the stand of Tan on the position of Santiago and come out openly.He said such laws were badly needed in Hong Kong to restore peace and stability for a conducive business environment.Chew said it was simplistic of anti-China people to say democracy would be threatened in Hong Kong.

"I like to ask when Hong Kong was under the British from 1841 to 1997, (except during Japanese rule) did the British introduce direct elections?"The British then occupied all the top civil service and the police force under the British was hugely corrupt," he said.

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Kenapa dap nak cari pasal. Mereka bukan mewakili kerajaan. A cina friend, pro-China. One day after a “disturbing” discussion, I ended up asking him if we are Neighbours and the Chinese army invaded and threatened to kill me & all his non-cina neighbours, would he speak up 4 us? He stood silent! I told him tat he should migrate to China.

👆can u believe that! And he’s Malaysian!!! The MCA is like GERAKAN... now DAP? Self-interest is the game... Sama je dua2...berlakon je pandai.... MCA PN BN UMNO PAS bersuhabat dgn CCP China Mana maruah Bangsa negara Agama pula Tergadai kah? DAP pro/anti CCP ? PAS Islam Tersesak jalan Mco covid tahap Merz GLC/I robbery Mufti dimana MCA 62 tahun Maruah di seluar UMNO Bongkak Menyalak anjing gila bodoh Diam hidup nyawa

MCA struggles to save whatever scraps of power they have left but still fails to do so. Let's face it, MCA has no relevance in national politics anymore. Any intelligent Malaysians, including my fellow Chinese, know that DAP is still superior despite their flaws. please Support Hong Kong! Mca sold d Malaysian Chinese to dumno n Pnajis. Why balless mca supporting China Chinese. Malaysian Chinese, mca pigs ignore. Now trying to lick China Chinese balls. U bangsats even China won't accept u fools there. Reason no courage dignity or morals.

Apakah pandangan MCA pasal pencerobohan china di laut cina selatan? Who's the communist now? Save this up guys. It's very useful against the 'DAP is a communist' argument! True colours of MCA exposed! Aik China bunuh Muslim. MCA sokong? Apasal tak menyalak? Mca Meresia Communist association Kah kah terang lagi bersuluh. Mca pro-ccp ke ni?

Malaysian politicians should focus on making Malaysian politics and government bersih, cekap dan amanah. Hello you mca want support China your business ok keep quit bastard Takpe MCA kawan Pasumno so dah halal MShuhailRone cai dah baca berita ni ke belum? Ke nak pura2 buta je? 🤭 So point dap parti komunis instead of mca invalid la?

MCA komunis!!! MCA adalah parti dalam kerajaan PN..... hmm so where is the party who always bash dap saying dap is a communist party? why you guys being quiet? Aiyoooo...buat malu saja. With only 2 MP seats and yet talk so big?Just what apps to yoir MCA group chat saja la. No need to make statement. Why waste resources. Rakyat not interested

Now we know MCA is a communist China is a dangerous superpower that abuses other countries and it's own people. How can you defend the evil things they've done to the Uyghurs, Hong Kong, and countless other atrocities? Why the hell is any Malaysian so hard up in defending them? What is your actual allegiance?

Ini MCA Sabah. Dia banyak bisnes kat China. Memang dia akan jaga kepentingan dia sendiri! MCA hasut masyarakat cina protes Jawi, DAP yg kena tuduh anti-Islam, MCA condong ke Beijing, DAP yg kena tuduh komunis Fun fact, China propaganda press is in the MCA office building. PDRMsia mohon siasat, ada anasir komunis dalam weekasiongmp MCA. Kita mesti membentang Malaysia dari fahaman komunis China.

The protests in HK started because China started to meddle in HK's autonomy. China is starting to impose itself on to the rest of the world and the rest of the world won't stand for its bullying. If you think Beijing is right then you are advocating against universal human rights Welp..that really didnt

Of course MCA would be against a fight for democracy. That's how they got back in power after losing two GEs ina row. Hol up... So siapa dasar komunis sebenarnya!? i guess now we know who's pro CCP communist and who's not. MCA = Running dogs MCA Pro China? Where are the PH bashers when PH so called, 'allowed china tourist in'? Not paid to bash MCA too?

Do not interfere with other countries internal affairs. DAP, is this your official stand in this matter? Good job Chew of MCA - Santiago's got his facts & intentions twisted, and needs to be called out on For this i agreed with MCA monetary more important than human rights? Just because u buddy with China then u bash others anti-China. Can't u not be so blind to lick cash-rich China left right centre? Maintaining diplomatic ties doesn't mean u angkat everything they do, every country has its dark side! U think the Hongkies love riots? Kepohchee

MCA weekasiongmp is pro CCP ❓

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