Mat lajak deaths: No excuse to drive recklessly on dimly lit road, says High Court

15/4/2022 2:01:00 PM

Mat lajak deaths: No excuse to drive recklessly on dimly lit road, says High Court

Mat lajak deaths: No excuse to drive recklessly on dimly lit road, says High Court

PETALING JAYA: Sam Ke Ting was convicted by the High Court for reckless driving that caused the deaths of eight teenagers on modified bicycles, or “basikal lajak” as she failed to put up her defence at the prosecution stage of her trial.

High Court judge Justice Abu Bakar Katar said the lower court had erred in accepting the 27-year-old’s unsworn defence statement.× Copy URL Sam Ke Ting has filed an appeal against the Johor Baru High Court’s decision to sentence her to six years’ jail and fine her RM6,000 for reckless driving which resulted in the death of eight teenagers on modified bicycles five years ago.Telegram channel for the latest updates.A ZURICH (April 13): Former Raiffeisen Switzerland chief executive officer (CEO) Pierin Vincenz was sentenced to jail for nearly four years on Wednesday at the end of a fraud trial which exposed his huge strip club bills and misuse of company expenses.

“The court had erred when it failed to decide that the respondent’s unsworn statement was a bare denial or an afterthought.“The respondent in her defence stated that she did not see the group of cyclists at the accident site and that another vehicle had hit them and run off.THE woman driver who was found guilty of reckless driving which resulted in the death of eight teenagers on modified bicycles or “basikal lajak” five years ago, today filed an appeal against the High Court’s decision.“This version was never raised by the respondent during the prosecution stage,” said Justice Abu Bakar in his broad judgment.He said a certificate of urgency to expedite hearing of Sam's appeal has also been filed.He also said that not knowing there would be"basikal lajak" activity during the time of the incident could not be used by Sam as an excuse to drive dangerously, resulting in the deaths of the teenagers.Effective July 2018, access to full reports will only be available with a subscription.“The court had erred when it accepted the respondent’s defence that she did not know that there was a basikal lajak activity during that night as her excuse to drive her car recklessly until it caused the death of the victims,” said Justice Abu Bakar.Vincenz had told the court that a near 200,000 Swiss franc expenses bill for strip club visits was largely business-related, while a 700 franc dinner with a woman he met on dating app Tinder was justified because he was considering her for a real estate job.

Sam should have driven carefully and been aware that the accident site was not well lit in the wee hours of 3.It is understood that Sam is under police custody and will be transferred to the women’s wing of the Kluang Prison in Johor today following her sentencing.20am, he said.The lower court had also erred when it decided that Sam's unsworn statement had raised reasonable doubts on the prosecution’s case, he said.“This court is of the opinion that the respondent in her defence had failed to raise any reasonable doubts on the prosecution’s case.Muhammad Faizal had asked the court for a stay of execution since as he planned to file an appeal but High Court judge Abu Bakar Katar rejected the request and instructed Sam to start her sentence today.“Instead, the prosecution had proven beyond doubt the essence of the offence.All seven defendants in the trial, which began in January, had denied the allegations against them.

“This court decides that the respondent is guilty and convicted of the charges under Section 41(1) of the Act,” said Justice Abu Bakar.On Wednesday (April 13), Sam was jailed for six years and fined RM6,000 over a fatal road accident that resulted in the death of eight teenagers in Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, Johor Baru, at 3.Sam had previously been acquitted of reckless driving by the Magistrate's Court here on October 10 last year.20am on Feb 18, 2017, after two Magistrate’s Courts had earlier acquitted her on the charge.She was charged under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.The offence under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333) carries a maximum jail term of 10 years and a fine of RM20,000 upon conviction.20am.Subscribe to Mid-day email alert We deliver news to your inbox daily.

The judge also refused Sam’s application for a stay of execution pending appeal in the Court of Appeal and ordered her to serve the jail term immediately.Meanwhile, Sam’s defence lawyer Muhammad Faizal Mokhtar confirmed that a notice of motion to obtain leave to appeal and to stay the execution of her sentence was submitted to the Court of Appeal via e-filing on Thursday (April 14) morning.Article type: metered.

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Our judge is incompetent for such a statement. She did not drive recklessly! The judge should be sacked !!! Reading the tweets, i am consoled that we still have malaysians who see the truth, dare to speak their mind for justice. I am sad Malaysian high court judge ignore the judgement of 2 lower courts......its two and not 1

All bicycle should have front and rear reflecters front white and rear read.This should be made compulsory The police should ensure that She didn't drive recklessly lah! She did not guilty , Shouldn’t arrest her .. How did they come to determine and asked her to go into defence in the 1st place? Was she proven to be driving reckless in the 1st place? If not then why was she being labelled as reckless driving? So obey speed limit also wrong now? Wtf!

Just Saying: The judge is wrong. The accident occurred because the victims were involved in an ILLIGAL ACTIVITY just like Bickers who occupy the inner lane of highways when it is raining. The accused was driving legally on a public road. It is inevitable than an accident happens She wasn't even driving recklessly wtf do they mean

We want to see video of her that the judge claim she drive recklessly , from what we hear , she was not drunk , an drive with safety belts still on at the material time . They're 'kids' they get in the way. The adult is experienced, 'trained and licensed'. Naturally just by basic assessment adult has the better control of the situation.

Who knows they are having permitted illegal assembly on self organized racing bet at that time… Atleast they died in passion not everyone have such luck RIP salute the berani… Hero Malaysia Obidient genz support

Driver in ‘basikal lajak’ case files appeal against High Court decision | The Malaysian InsightDriver in ‘basikal lajak’ case files appeal against High Court decision We often see and heard about construction falling object that killed pedestrian, motorist and etc... What is this called? Accident or Negligence or Manslaughter? But usually they get away with a fine and warning... But not in this case...WHY? Deny a bail? Its so confusing.. Kalau semua lebuhraya dan jalan boleh lajak bila2 masa, ramai yang akan masuk penjara kalaulah tak mati. Apa perempuan nei balik pukul 3am dan bawak kereta selaju 130km dan jalan Di johor tak le sempitkan sangat tapi kalau mabuk dan ambik dadah mesti le orang akan mati..

Stupid logic Hakim mahkamah tinggi kuat minum ketum agaknya Nonsense! She should be suing the Government for poorly lit roads, incapacitating the young and racial bias. Imagine if the tables were turned? Would the result be the same? Sending wrong signals to young kids and parents that don't really care about the activities of their kids. Well done 👍

if the Mat Lajak not doing this STUPID things, nothing will be happened! and those parents still thinks their kids did nothing wrong! WTF🤬🤬🤬 This is one the kid's parents! Come out face our question la. Educate ur kid according! Ride a bicycle nothing, but in a correct place! She was not driving recklessly as mentioned by the Majistrate court. How do you prove she was driving recklessly?

judge seem to be compromised and bias on his judgement. Dumbass verdict! Next time someone gets drowned in a river; jail the river. dimly lit road, speed limit slow to 10km/h? Just in case?

Driver files appeal against High Court conviction, sentencing over 2017 ‘basikal lajak’ deaths in Johor | Malay MailJOHOR BARU, April 14 — Sam Ke Ting, the driver who crashed into eight teenagers riding modified bicycles on a dark road and killing them in 2017, has filed an appeal against the High Court's conviction and six-year jail sentence and RM6,000 fine yesterday. Her lawyer Muhammad Faizal Mokhtar... Kalau semua lebuhraya dan jalan boleh lajak bila2 masa, ramai yang akan masuk penjara kalaulah tak mati, Hakim tak kasi chan keluar merayau2 macam Najib lagi tu sebelum rayuan. Syok bunuh budak2, populasi doktor barua talibarut pharmaceutical industrial complex terlalu ramai. Malaysia korup

'Drive recklessly'.. this judge must be high on ketum! He surely such a bingai and never been driving on that kind road condition. Buduh!!! So the court is of the opinion that drivers should be vigilant of Kids on bikes at 3am or else they will go to prison Absurd! 🤬 What were these kids doing there after 2am? It's very close to the Muslim cemetery and burial ground during the Japanese occupation. Nobody hangs around in a dimly lit street at that hour.

Silly reason given. 2.6 bil Pencuri you allow bail and return passport. 26 charges Fugitive you allow bail 26 year old Girl in an accident you don't allow bail. Why ? Afraid the innocent girl will run over more Lajaks ? Great logic AGCPutrajaya The high court must define what is reckless driving on dimly lit road.

MCA is good for what ? Tail between their legs now. Buat bodoh weekasiongmp MCAHQ Driving fast and using handphone 💀 2.6 bil you allow bail and return passport. 26 charges you allow bail But 26 year old girl you don't allow bail. Afraid of an innocent girl who is made scapegoat ? Great job AGCPutrajaya

Ok then what the charges for mat lajak at that same dimly lit road?

Former Swiss 'banker of the year' jailed in high-profile fraud trialZURICH (April 13): Former Raiffeisen Switzerland chief executive officer (CEO) Pierin Vincenz was sentenced to jail for nearly four years on Wednesday at the end of a fraud trial which exposed his huge strip club bills and misuse of company expenses.After one of Switzerland's highest-profile corporate crime trials in decades, Zurich's district court convicted Vincenz, a former Swiss 'banker of the year' who was charged with making millions through illicit deals while he was CEO of the bank.Vincenz, who

First of all, why is the road dimly lit? Basikal budak2 jahat tuu...mane ade die org bawak pun memang mcm nk menempah maut...kalau mati pun patut... Reckless? Gimme a break MYJudiciary NgaKorMing ayshardzn Reckless how? The HC judge us really a Hai Cunt 50 kmph reckless, modified bicycle not? Woahh, sick goverment....

I just don’t understand the law of M’sia How is she reckless ? Did she drive onto the bicycle lane ? Or the 16 bicycles joyride onto her right of way. Causing her car to flipover over almost killing her. Who has right of road these days? Lajak or Road Tax Paying Vehicles ? Seem like the Judge is very reckless

Having modified’ bicycles shouldn’t be used as excuse. Its common for most boys at their age (Form 2-4) to have them. An innocent early morning ride, which usually have less cars on the road, wouldn’t happen if the car driver was not reckless. At 3am street lights aren’t dimmed. Some said the car overturned due high speed. Speed does not caused cars to overturned.

Court of Appeal upholds death sentence on three friends for 2016 murder in Klang | Malay MailPUTRAJAYA, April 14 — Three friends who were convicted of killing a man three years ago in which the body of the victim has yet to be found had their death sentences upheld by the Court of Appeal today. A three-member bench led by Judge Datuk Hanipah Farikullah unanimously rejected the appeal by... Dapigs not going to protest this verdict? No offer of legal services?

Now you'll see budak lajak berkeliaran Hakim yg clever ini! Buat malu! Who was reckless? Judge had ketum? There’s an abundance of evidence, and testimony, that Sam was not a reckless driver at the material time. None to the contrary provided in the grounds of the HC’s judgement. What gives? The definition of 'Reckless Driving' by this Judge Abu Bakar Katar AGCPutrajaya

Brilliant...jz brilliant!! Thta is a big licence. Only Mat Lajaks allowed 2 run riot n recklessly on any roads. 🏴 A sad day. justiceforskt Please i really feels so bad for her. apa yang reckless nya bodoh

Sky-high Raya flight prices: Transport Ministry seeking solutionWee says air ticket prices fully determined by market. What a lapdog. Pandering to PN's anti-mabuk/driving campaign in 2020, he changed the laws that was used to put an innocent girl in jail. The campaign was seen a veiled moral attack on non-Muslims. And he made a law to legitimize PN's xenophobia. JusticeForSamKeTing Just woke up? only when things start to burn they will start ''seeking'' solution. Kinda like only start building a toilet when you want to take a shit

What about the earlier 46 witnesses who was there ? Where was this Judge Abu Bakar Katar at 3am on 2017 ? Sleeping at home ? What evidence did the high court found that proved reckless driving that the trial did or did not find? The one who is reckless is the judge! reckless = giving birth & then assume everything is auto-cruise without bearing any responsibility

Specify reckless, hitting basikal lajak is reckless? Its like covering buddies Its this Judge who is reckless in his sentencing

Kedah water authority leaves villagers high and dry for 3 years | The Malaysian Insight200 families struggle to live without resource for drinking, cooking, washing.

Investigators found she did not drive recklessly. But somehow this Judge decides to accuse her ? Even a judge has his price 😎 Ehh!!?..50kmph. this speed is reckless..cannot brain!! WRONG judgement by the court! What about the recklessness of the kids on illegal bikes? SPRM needs to do a background check on elements of 'corruption'..I mean corrupted mind of the legal eagles..So every Msian driver on the road needs to go thru obstacle course so they become experts avoiding reckless n unsupervised kids on the NikkeiAsia SCMPNews

GG Wow ! High court actually giving that kind of statement ! Well done the so called learned ! How do they know she was driving recklessly now and not before this TWICE!!...mind boggling 🙄 50kmph is reckless?!!