Azalina Othman Said, Dewan Rakyat, Timah

Azalina Othman Said, Dewan Rakyat

Masyarakat perlu berfikir lebih logik isu arak 'Timah', kata Azalina | The Malaysian Insight

Masyarakat harus dididik, kata ahli Parlimen Pengerang.

28/10/2021 5:20:00 PM

Masyarakat perlu berfikir lebih logik isu arak ' Timah ', kata Azalina

Masyarakat harus dididik, kata ahli Parlimen Pengerang.

Salin URLMasyarakat perlu berfikiran lebih logik susulan kontroversi minuman beralkohol tempatan jenama 'Timah’, kata Ahli Parlimen Pengerang Azalina Othman Said. – Gambar fail The Malaysian Insight, 28 Oktober, 2021.AHLI Parlimen Pengerang Azalina Othman Said berkata masyarakat perlu dididik supaya berfikiran lebih logik susulan kontroversi minuman beralkohol tempatan jenama ‘Timah’.

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today is Timah tomorrow will be other things, non Muslim rights will soon be no rights Malaysia has gone in to hopeless, drinking Timah is like drinking malay woman? Pass year Malaysia has been global laughing platform- feel sad check out Malaysia news should rename it Azalina then

Deputy minister agrees ‘Timah’ whisky issue overblown following public furore | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 28 — Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Deputy Minister Datuk Rosol Wahid today agreed that the controversy over the whisky Timah had gone out of control. Rosol, during his ministerial winding up speech on the Trade Descriptions Bill (Amendment) 2021, was interjected by several... Malaysia doesn’t have any other problems that’s why

Timah whiskey manufacturer agrees to consider name, logo change - ministerAlexander Nanta Linggi says the deal was reached at interministerial meeting. C'mon don't cave in to the idiots Why bow down? Bullshit

PKR MP likens drinking Timah whiskey to 'drinking a Malay woman''Can't it be given a different brand name?' asks Rusnah. Wtf?!! :) What did I say about Anwar bringing out beer factory issue at the start of FMCO? I got blocked by him, of course but it seems PKR is the one continuing this Timah nonsense... Is this still a conversation about essential vs non-essentials, PKR cybertroopers? jenuh la PH-PKR Tangga Batu nak divert isu ni utk PRN Melaka....

Timah manufacturer agrees to consider name change, says Domestic Trade MinistryPETALING JAYA: The company manufacturing the homegrown whiskey Timah has agreed to consider changing the name and image on the label of their award-winning product, says the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry. How spineless. I’m guessing Emas is out of the question too.. Change it to Fatimah terus. Lagi senang.

Timah whiskey to change name after meeting with govt | The Malaysian InsightCompany asks for a week to discuss with stakeholders on change of name and image on label. Victory for the apartheid Malays. Congratulations Logically, a rose by any name will smell nice. Change to Rasuah for the ultimate middle finger.

Belanjawan 2020 perlu beri lebih bantuan kepada wanita B40, kata NGO | The Malaysian InsightMereka perlukan bantuan bukan saja dalam bentuk wang tunai, tetapi sokongan dalam memajukan perniagaan.