Master English to acquire knowledge, Dr Mahathir urges Malaysians | The Malaysian Insight

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Master English to acquire knowledge, Dr Mahathir urges Malaysians

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Time to change the way we teach English in Malaysia, from the 'second language' to 'foreign language' system. Dr M was instructed in English in a way that doesn't fly in today's world.

it's quite laughable when some people keep insisting that a limited language used only in Malaysia (which is 1/1545th part of the total land mass on planet Earth) has worldwide importance over English which is the lingua franca of commerce and science in the rest of the world..

Sidhar3690 We know that long ago. Tapi buat 61 tahun UMNO buat tak tau. Too busy with Tahfiz racism child marriage daylight robbery etc. Maszlee is following UMNO footsteps and maybe going backwards. Cc chedetofficial


Tun, sack Maszlee and put in a more credible person to reform the education system and standard. Urges do not work. It must be part of the education system.

AruPuu We speak about Malaysia being competitive globally and attract foreign investment. Yet the standard of English has been so poor that when an investor decides on FDI, they look at SG or TH. Why? Because workers have proficiency and relative fluency in English.

Martabatkan bahasa melayu sbg bahasa ilmu la dey

Kita bukan filippine lol...kalau kuat pun jadi pembantu rumah tak maju pun..

Then please steam roll this agenda through. No buts , no ifs if the population gets educated and can discern what is right from what is wrong they would be able to kick out kleptocrats and religious nut cases

Gambar macam Dr M tengah troll kita

We had no problems reading , writing and conversing in English and BM back in the 70s when both subjects were compulsory but now we have fallen so far behind that youths nowadays found themselves extremely weak in both these subjects . It's time for a total revamp !

chedetofficial 馬哈迪爺爺每天跟納吉吵架不知道是被他(腦子)笑死還是被他(作為)氣死!

Yes sir

Its better that chedetofficial take over the education portfolio rather than maszlee coming out with stupid ideas but nothing about strengthening and improving education system

anbas5155 In the 80s when I was in school most of my teacher spoke and wrote good english, and those born in the 70s and schooled in the 80s have good written and spoken command of the languange! Its time Msians learn to read, write and converse well.

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