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Man who assaulted senior citizen with helmet nabbed

#NSTnation A man who assaulted a senior citizen with a helmet in a road rage incident last week was detained by police today.

7/4/2020 3:02:00 PM

NSTnation A man who assaulted a senior citizen with a helmet in a road rage incident last week was detained by police today.

GEORGE TOWN: A man who assaulted a senior citizen with a helmet in a road rage incident last week was detained by police today.

“We have also seized the helmet which was used to assault the elderly man on that day.“He will be remanded tomorrow,” Soffian said in a statement today.A video of the suspect assaulting the elderly man went viral on social media recently.The 26-second video showed four people talking to each while standing next to a taxi when the suspect suddenly lunged at the senior citizen and hit him on the face with a helmet.

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The incident is believed to have taken place following a minor accident between a car driven by the 80-year-old man and a motorcycle near Bandar Baru, Farlim about 5.30pm.The case is being investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for intentionally causing injury using weapons or other dangerous objects.

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I dont see the reason why he hit the old man. Weldone PDRM.. Don't give him face...... Alhamdulillah Good. Hit the idiot back with the helmet first then start questioning him. These 'flies on the road' mentioned one insurer are a daily threat to vehicles. bigcatnergy Take two helmets and whack him twice so he could feel how the old man feels. Muthafakha dare to assault the elderly without mercy deserve to die & rotten in hell.

Looks fair. But before i comment, need to know the full story The force of laws at its meanest! BRAVO PDRM. Just the news we want to hear... Detained only ah? Whack him with the helmet back. nanti dalam lokap memang 🤕🤕 Pijak dulu apapehal pun. Lepastu pijak lagi. Well done and syabas, PDRM Alhamdullilah... you are serve what you deserve

The level of civic mindedness in our Malaysian. For goodness sake the old man is 80 years old. 😭

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