Man claims wrongly fined RM1,000 after ignoring plainclothes officer's 'hints'

He is one of several claiming to be victims of vague SOPs, unfair enforcement.

29/10/2020 2:50:00 PM

Teoh thought he did everything right. He wore a mask properly, scanned a QRcode before going into a mall. But plainclothes cops claimed he wore his mask too low, and repeatedly said 'okay, we are about to issue summons now...' before fining him RM1,000.

He is one of several claiming to be victims of vague SOPs, unfair enforcement.

That's when four men, who claimed to be plainclothes police officers, approached him. Read more: »

MACC nabs three more Immigration officers in 'Ops Selat' blitz

PUTRAJAYA: Three more Immigration officers, including a deputy director stationed at KL International Airport (KLIA), have been detained by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in connection with a nationwide blitz codenamed 'Ops Selat'.

Wearing mask in Malaysia for 2 reason: 1. Covid19 2. To avoid paying coffee money (pity to them.. What can buy with 50 bucks?) Khairuddin pulak? The reason why i despise cops. PDRMsia repeatedly say “okay we are going to issue summons now...” because expecting the poor man to ask “can settle *another way/outside*?” then bribe RM50? 😏😏😏 come on la, most msian heard or experienced this plot before. X dpt then “act according to law” 🤮

Gestapo. Police state. Semua Salah Rakyat!!! Selective persecution..Two laws. One for PeNipuans and their supporters and another for rest of Malaysia. Sucks No plainclothes cops have any authority to issue summons Overjealous officer or are those office on order to issue certain summon on their day trip? Find fault timing?

zulnine09 As I have said again and again, due to the confusing SOP, the police is now interpreting it according to their whim and fancy 😩😩😩 SOP is good, but certain officers misusing it selectively, it creates bad reputations to whole enforcement team. Maybe that officer only has a biased mindset. I hope they do the job fairly as i still believe them.

One of my friends restaurant have to closed down because of all these so called plainclothes cops went to her restaurant almost everyday to check on sop. Then asking for duit kopi. She closed it since because cannot tahan. PDRM Usually there are CCTV cameras in and around malls. Those involved should try to get the video to check. Police should also take video or photos of the offenders as proof, just like for traffic speed limit summons.

Hv pity on the commoners, esp the non-malays. They hv no surat sokongan, no 'org dalam' to save them. It takes time to educte ppl, though they're more vigilant with this covid19. If you can close eyes on the rich, the politicians n the celebrities, why can't on these few flouters PDRM hypocrite la... So many PN politicians didn't wear their mask properly and so many still didn't get fined

You jangan cakap banyak. Darjat apa? Bayar je lah. Kalau towkey semua dibuat suci dan tak boleh ditegur dan guna duit utk beli undang2... That's the problem when you have taliban-nazi m0nk3ys running this country The cops shld wait outside PWTC everytime UMNO has a meeting and fine on the spot those either without mask or wearing it wrongly

Or could it be that he didn't take heed of the warning as the cops seemed to look like ordinary civilians? This is Malaysia!!! 😂😂 'We are about to issue summons' that's hint for kopi O. He got fined because he didn't catch it, nothing to do with Mask. Sadly 'Make hay while the sun shines' comes to mind

PM tepi Repeatedly said “okay, we are about to issue summons now” hoping to get some coffee money? 🤣🤣🤣

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Six nabbed for cheating a company of RM1.28mil for a non-delivery nitrile glovesPETALING JAYA: Four women and two men have been arrested after they cheated a company RM1.28mil worth of nitrile gloves.

Six nabbed for cheating company of RM1.28mil over non-delivery of disposable glovesPETALING JAYA: Four women and two men have been arrested after they cheated a company of disposable gloves worth RM1.28mil.

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